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Jun 2, 2023 9 tweets 5 min read
The thread where I name replacement characters on shows. Someone left and they filled the void with another character. Now here's a picture of Michael Evans Behling for no reason: Image Chase replacing Nathan on #GH. Ryan Paevey decided to leave and they didn't want to recast Nathan so they hired Josh Swickard as Chase. Nathan and Chase are essentially the same character. The kind cop with abs and dark hair. They perform the same function. ImageImage
Nov 15, 2021 72 tweets 43 min read
This is the 2021 Best and Worst of Soaps thread. Now here's a picture of Lamon Archey knowing exactly what he's doing: Image Best Actress in a Shitty Story: Camryn Grimes. She wins this over Stacy Haiduk because Kristen was the focal point of the shitty story she carried. Camryn had to carry "We Are The World" Baby which was really about Abby. And she made that story watchable which is a miracle. #YR
Jul 7, 2018 136 tweets 91 min read
It's time for the #Cin thread. #Days #DOOL Let's start with Ciara mentioning to Julie that Tripp was making a romantic dinner for her. #Cin #Days