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Education, activism and science. Director of The TransFormations Project, @StepUp4Trans. Trans 🏳️‍⚧️, disabled and #BiInSci🏳️‍🌈 Venmo @AlexPetrovnia
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3 Sep
It's been a rough day for everyone so please give me the absolute worst pictures youve ever taken of your pets
Here's one I just took of the Madam while she was considering whether or not to accept a boop
She is beauty she is grace I love her silly face
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3 Sep
Just let people fill in a blank it is truly not that hard
You can even have "man" and "woman" as options! Just let people describe themselves uniquely if they choose!
I actually wrote an entire thread on this!
Please read to make your gender surveys actually inclusive of trans and intersex people.
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1 Sep
If you're like me, you like to get your spooky season started early. I got you! Starting TODAY, my etsy shop is having a 40% sale on spooky mask patterns, as well as plants (help me sell them before it freezes!)
Check it out here:…
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11 Aug
A lot of why I run this account, with as much honesty as I can muster, is because I truly believe that by being openly and passionately myself, I can help humanize trans people against the literal armies of those who want to dehumanize us.
I make myself vulnerable, often to those exact people who want to dehumanize and villify me, in order to show you that trans people are real. We aren't a hashtag, or a wedge issue, or a fetish. We're living, breathing human beings, with hopes and fears and lives we live.
I try to keep this account positive. I try to showcase trans joy, and success, and how much love trans people have to give.
But I'm afraid.
We're all so, so afraid.
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10 Aug
Don't use the acronym "LGBT" if you're going to ignore transgender people.
Most recent example I've seen, although this phenomena is incredibly common.
"LGBT" is NOT synonymous with diverse sexualities only. It also includes gender diversity, and ignoring this fact actively harms and marginalizes transgender people.
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3 Aug
I'm happy to announce my first piece for the MacLane Library, on the historical case of Thomas(ine) Hall, as an ongoing part of my #NoMoreRevisionistCistory series.…
Other entries in this article series can be found here:…
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3 Aug
If you are interested in doing work (a few hours a week, ideally) to organize against the legislative efforts against trans people in the United States right now, when would you be able/willing to attend a zoom meeting on the topic?
I’ve been given an opportunity to formalize work like this, but will need help from those willing!
If you are genuinely interested in assisting with this work, please dm me!
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3 Aug
This whole drama about Matt Damon is overlooking a fact that many seem to not realize — usage of the word “faggot” by cishet people, as an insult, is still rampant. By making it an issue of Matt Damon as an individual, we ignore the systemic and cultural roots of this issue.
Yes, it’s still used and directed at visibly queer people as a slur. It’s also used as a casual insult in many online communities. It’s very plain by the shock so many people have at the Matt Damon news that the conversation has been dominated by affluent queer people + cishets.
Homophobia isn’t over because marriage was legalized (for some people). Homophobia isn’t over because affluent gay people can shout “yaaaas” at Pride without fear. Queerphobia isn’t over just because the most affluent among us have escaped being regularly called slurs.
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31 Jul
Quick reminder than until midnight tonight, I’m still having my Summer Succulent Sale in my shop, here!
Some examples of friends you can get in my shop!
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31 Jul
Listen. Every effort to further politicize trans identity succeeds in pushing TERF rhetoric. This is because the goal of TERFism is to make trans lives, trans bodies, and trans autonomy an issue that other people feel they have the authority to decide on. They’re dehumanizing us.
Trans people are not public property. We deserve autonomy, privacy and respect. That’s what we’re fighting for.
What are you fighting for? Because the as trans people are politicized, your “neutrality” is being heard as support for TERFism.
It’s too late for neutrality. You either fight with us, or you are willing to watch us die.
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30 Jul
It's a question I hear often, rife with misunderstandings, and one that matters to a huge number of people every day. So let's talk about it.
Why can’t we cure cancer? 🧵
In short, because it’s not a single disease. Cancer describes a mechanism of disease, not a specific disease. This would be like asking “why can’t we cure viral infections?”
So a better question is “why are cancers so hard to cure?”
That answer has a lot to do with the way cancers work, and what makes them cancers. A cancer is categorized by cell growth that’s unregulated. This means that a tumor will appear, and create a blockade to normal bodily functions in tour body.
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26 Jul
I’m sure you’ve heard plenty of alarms about invasive species, maybe even about specific invasive species in your area. But I bet no one has taken the time to explain what it means for a species to be “invasive”. 🧵
To understand what makes a species "invasive", we must first understand the opposite. This is usually described as what makes a species "native", but as this term is co-opted from indigenous people, I will use the term "endemic" for this thread.
What makes a species "endemic" is that this species has existed in a specific area for a long period of time. How long? Well, that depends.
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26 Jul
The wedding industry is so cisheteronormative that a caterer I reached out to just replied to me and called me “Alexandra”. My full name is on the message.
I have my full name, Alexander, listed because when I went by Alex on the site every vendor assumed I was a woman, because heaven forbid a MAN have any investment in his own wedding!
And then I get to correct them when they assume I’m marrying a woman. Once they meet us, I can watch them calculating which is “really the woman” in the relationship. They usually decide it’s me bc I’m friendlier/more talkative with strangers and I handle the communications.
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26 Jul
If your “advocacy” for trans men involves competing with, ostracizing or further marginalizing trans women, it’s not advocacy, it’s transmisogyny.
And yes, it is ENTIRELY POSSIBLE to advocate for trans men and transmasculine people without doing this. In fact, it’s absolutely integral, because the oppressive forces that marginalize trans women marginalize trans men, and vice versa.
Transmasculine oppression and transfeminine oppression are two sides of the same coin. It is only by acknowledging these perpendicular axis of oppression that we can understand the necessary solidarity that will get us through.
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20 Jul
Hey researchers, listen up!
Here’s a crash course thread on writing gender questions from a trans person who has designed surveys before.
We criticize this a lot, but rarely do we show what is correct, so in this thread I’ll do my best to do that. 🧵
Firstly, do you want to ask your research question about sex, or about gender, or about something else entirely? The best advice I can give is this: be specific.
If you’re asking questions about uterine health, ask if your participant has a uterus, not for their gender. If you’re researching gender bias, ask about gender. If you simply need sex statistics, ask about sex.
Think critically about what information you want.
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19 Jul
If you consider yourself a radical or an opponent of colonialism or United States’ ongoing imperialism, stop financially supporting Marvel.
Firstly, I'll say this; all media is propaganda. Every piece of media is made with purpose, and without critically thinking about what that purpose is, and who it benefits, we as consumers are being influenced.
So let's ask the question; why was Marvel created? Or, let's go even further back, and ask, why were comics created?
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16 Jul
My thread recently made it to the front page of Twitter, and had nothing to do with my transness. I had the same experience.
@Twitter @TwitterSupport Is hate against trans people ever ruled a violation against your policies? Or are you perfectly content to profiteer off of trans creators while not even doing the barest amount to protect us from abuse?
My inbox this morning was full of accusations about my mental state, accusations that I was a child abuser, and more. I reported these messages.
Every. Single. One. Was ruled not in violation of your policies.
Why are trans people not a protected group? @Twitter
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16 Jul
Hello everyone! 👋 There are a LOT of you who are new, so I wanted to take a few minutes to introduce myself! Here's a brief thread on me and what content you can expect to find here. 🧵
Firstly! I'm not actually a geologist!
I do love geology dearly and studied it for a while, but my professional/scientific expertise is in the intersections between environmental equity, freshwater ecology, environmental management, hydrology and public health.
Put simply, my scientific mission is this; to keep shit (sometimes literal) out of your drinking water.
This field means that I dabble in a lot of sub-fields that are tangentially related, and have a decent understanding of a wide range of scientific disciplines!
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15 Jul
Reminder that “transgender” is an adjective, not a noun.
This means someone can be a “transgender person”, not “a transgender”.
@Twitter You may want to correct this in your demographic survey.
Other notes @Twitter:
“Gender non conforming” refers to gender presentation, not gender identity.
“Male” and “female” are sexes, not genders.
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15 Jul
Have you ever wondered why we don’t find fossils in the Appalachian mountains?
The truth is, we do, they’re just not the kind of fossils you might think of—there are no mammals, no dinosaurs, no reptiles. There’s something else entirely. 🧵
See, the Appalachian mountains are old. Yes, all mountains are old, but the Appalachian mountains are *incomprehensibly old*.
They mostly look like this, which leads a lot of people to say they’re pretty lame, as far as mountains go. They aren’t dramatic. Image
For those unaware, the Appalachian mountain range extends over what is now the eastern US, reaching up into Canada. Image
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14 Jul
The system where you must renew your meds every month, often with doctors “check-ins” is incredibly ableist and classist.
My meds work great as long as I have all of them, but if even one is late my life spirals apart, making it EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to keep up with my meds.
Especially when I have 10 different prescriptions with 5 different doctors that all renew on different intervals.
I have ADHD and memory issues from PTSD and I have constant anxiety that I’ve forgotten to refill or pick up something critical. 😥
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