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17 Nov
"The audience for the film's screening at YBCA included white children. White children watched black adults calming discussing why they didn't kill more white people."

Well this thread was shocking. 😬
It doesn't really make me feel better about the video, but, here is a piece from the artist explaining his art:
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17 Nov
Today from the American Medical Association House of Delegates:…
"American Medical Association officially recognizes racism as detrimental to health in ALL its forms" Image
"Specifically, the new policy recognizes racism in its systemic, cultural, interpersonal, and other forms as a serious threat to public health, to the advancement of health equity, and a barrier to appropriate medical care"…
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12 Nov
" do you infuse [antiracist curriculum] across all of the learning in medical education so that it’s not this sort of drop in the bucket one-time thing....Above all, courses that delve into Systemic Racism need to be required."…
"AAMC has organized a committee of experts to develop an anti-racism curriculum for every step of medical education. They hope to share their work publicly this month and talk to the LCME about developing and implementing these standards."
LCME = Liaison Committee on Medical Education, the official accrediting body for medical schools in the United States and Canada
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11 Nov
I am seeing so many tweets with takes like this: "the president's rhetoric is incredibly damaging to our sacred norms of a peaceful transfer of power". This should really stop.
I am not completely dismissing the idea that Trump's rhetoric can be inflammatory (it is one of his known faults). He has been loud and often obnoxious his entire presidency; he doesn't have a socially accepted filter. That does not equate with undermining democracy.
The fact is that he has until the Dec. 8 deadline to resolve election disputes at the state level. This is a part of due process. If after that point he is still tweeting about election fraud, then it is a concern.
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9 Nov
Bo says later in his thread "if Trump has evidence of fraud, then the courts should look at it and decide. Everybody agrees. But that's not what Trump is doing. And everybody also knows that. He will likely never fully concede".
What? Do you have proof or just hyperbole?
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9 Nov
Geoff says Pfizer head of vaccine development Dr. Kathrin Jansen told the NY Times “We were never part of the Warp Speed ... We have never taken any money from the U.S. government, or from anyone.”

Well, NYT is as credible anymore as those rags at the endcaps in grocery stores
What happened to NTY credibility? For starters read this:…
Here is a thread on how NYT memory holed 1619 project
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16 Oct
The future of medicine....Woke. Introducing: The Institute for Healing & Justice in Medicine and The Freedom School for Intersectional Medicine & Health Justice. The "programs are generously supported by the UC Berkeley Center for Race and Gender and UCSF PRIME program"
"The Institute for Healing and Justice in Medicine is a refuge grounded in critical race theory, Black liberation studies, Third World and transnational feminism, community organizing, ethnic studies, somatics, decolonization studies, Healing Justice, and Ancestral Healing."
"Our current medical system is violent and unjust."
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4 Oct
L did a really good thread on the origins of the BLM organization. If you haven't seen it:
This thread follows up with a focus on an excerpt from the ‘Dazed’ article in her thread. “We spent the year reading, anything from Marx, to Lenin, to Mao, learning all types of global critical theory and about different campaigns across the world”…
What is global critical theory?
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3 Oct
Thanks Bill for once again highlighting what is going on with many of those in the medical field.
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3 Oct
Because I cannot stand hypocrisy and the media in the US is broken....I'm actually over here defending Trump tonight.
Have you ever watched the video? Watch it past the 1:13 mark. At the 2:03 mark he condemns Neo-Nazis and White Nationalists and at the 2:31 he says Neo-Nazis and White Nationalists are rough, bad people
2016 with Wallace:
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2 Oct
Statement from the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) in opposition to the EO on Combating Race and Sex… ImageImage
Association of American Medical Colleges statement against EO on Combating Race and Sex Stereotyping:… ImageImage
American Association of Directors of Psychiatric Residency Training statement against EO on Combating Race and Sex Stereotyping:… Image
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1 Oct
There are far too many people not taking the threat of Critical Race Theory, and the other critical theories that are tagging along right beside it seriously. Too many believe it is simply hysteria to worry about critical theories.
However, it is not mere histrionics. Look at the following from just the past 24 hours alone:
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28 Sep
In 2010 Robin DiAngelo co-authored “Addressing Whiteness in Nursing Education-The Sociopolitical Climate Project at the University Of Washington School Of Nursing”. The paper described using an antiracist perspective to change the climate of whiteness in academic nursing.
Here is a link to the paper:…
Fast forward to this summer when many schools of nursing updated and/or created Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committees and pledged to undo racism. Many schools of nursing use critical theory as a lens. This thread highlights a few nursing schools and their commitments.
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17 Sep
Critical theory is infecting everything. I’ve seen threads covering the impact on education (k-12 and university), the military, and the federal government. This thread is going to highlight the impact on medicine and the medical field.
On September 15, 2019 the JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) posted the results of a poll showing that 68.9% of respondents disagree with the following statement: “Medical school should produce physician scientists, not physician social justice activists”.
It is important to stop here and look at social justice in terms of critical theory in order to better understand social justice activists. has the following notes on social justice:
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16 Sep
Just some interesting information on one of the organization's co-founders, and an article discussing black Marxism and critical theory of racial capitalism.
BLM co-founder: “It’s not possible for a world to emerge where black lives matter if it’s under capitalism,” Garza said in 2015. “And it’s not possible to abolish capitalism without a struggle against national oppression and gender oppression,”
"It is noteworthy that BLM reaches back to Robinson’s (2000 [1983]) Black Marxism, rather than drawing on more recent high-profile accounts of neoliberal capitalism by scholars such as David Harvey (2007, 2015a) and Wendy Brown (2015, 2016)."…
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9 Sep
Let's make this a permanent change!! School Choice for Americans!!
Most states have increased real education funding since 2008, time to let parents take control!
Families are more likely to spend money wisely!
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8 Sep
Christopher Rufo's new thread exposed that a Department of Education-funded organization hosted a conference on "abolishing the United States." It is a good time to retweet some of the work by Wokal Distance. First, here is the thread by Christopher:
The change from teacher to activist began in the 1970's when the teaching field was radicalized:
The radicalization of educators has lead to activists who want to DISRUPT! DISMANTLE! DECONSTRUCT! This thread has specific examples of teachers and their activist ideas:
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7 Sep
Critical Theory curriculum has been created and is being used in many districts. Thread:
Direct link to California Teacher's Association anti-racism (code for Critical Theory) page:…
For CA: The NEA and the CTA gave their stamp of approval to BLM curriculum resources. Those resources will be added to the resource library of every district in the state, leaving the decision to teach the agenda up to individual schools and…
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6 Sep
I have been inspired to do a thread on the 1619 Project.
Someone asked if the Project has been discredited. First I want to point out what NHJ herself says about it:
Here is more from NHJ:
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5 Sep
"President Trump directs federal agencies to immediately halt training on “white privilege" and "critical race theory". For those who are wondering what this is referencing here is a thread with examples of what was uncovered by @realchrisrufo and @TomFitton:
Critical Theory in the Pentagon:…
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29 Aug
Believe them when they tell you their message:
"I went through a year-long organising programme at the National School for Strategic Organising (NSSO), and it was led by the Labour Community Strategy Centre. We spent the year reading, anything from Marx, to Lenin, to Mao"…
"most importantly every day, five days a week we were out on the ground actively recruiting people into the organisation we were in, as a way to learn how to bring people in, how to keep them in an organisation. There’s an entire skillset to this."…
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