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18 Oct
Lots of words to say "because he's a man". It's a serious bummer. Everyone loves a little "girl power", so long as it's not a serious threat to male dominance.
That said, I do think Clinton was a unique lightening rod for sexism, because she was known first as a wife who acte like an equal. It caused massive panic, because that is what so many men, even those who claim to be "feminist" fear: Treating the women in their lives as equals.
I do hold out hope that other women, whose "wife" status is not so prominent, might do better, because they provoke less men's fears that they might have to start treating their own wives like equals, which means, gasp! doing the dishes.
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18 Oct
Important thing to understand about antis is that they tell you not to have sex if you don’t want a baby, it they also don’t believe you have a right to say no to sex, aka rape.
They really do see women as merely vessels who have no say in the use of their bodies, who are expected to treat every pregnancy like a precious gift bestowed on them by a benefactor, even if he raped them.
Barrett went out of her way and misinterpreted law to deny this girl her money. Because the “gift” of a baby is compensation enough for rape, right?
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17 Oct
Listening to Pod Save America this morning, and they were really convinced that Trump's town hall performance — where he was lying, defensive, incoherent, etc. — was bad for him. I, sadly, am less convinced.
The reality is that a lot of people aren't bothered by Trump because he sounds like your average conservative white man over 50. Most of them are full of shit and their minds have gone soft from decades of no one challenging them on their shit.
Every man over 50 in my family sounds like Trump: Talks a lot and reacts to the slightest challenge with a blizzard of bullshit stated in the self-assured tones of someone who believes he is always right, simply because of who he is (white, male, old).
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16 Oct
Trump claimed QAnon "fights" "pedophilia" during his town hall last night. Not only is this flatly untrue, but the reality is QAnon's conspiracy theories make it harder for those who are actually fighting the real sexual abuse of children.…
Let's be clear: QAnon claims to oppose sex abuse are utterly, thoroughly insincere, which we know because they support Trump, a sexual predator. They only pretend to care about this issue as cover for their real purpose, supporting Trump and neo-fascism.
In fact, by promoting lurid and fantastical ideas about what child sex abuse looks like, QAnon is making it harder for actual victims seeking help to be believed.
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15 Oct
I've seen folks lament that impeachment was a waste of time, because the Senate failed to convict. In reality, it keeps paying off dividends, for instance, scaring journalists away from treating Giuliani like a credible source.…
Giuliani's scheme is just a repeat of the 2016 conspiracy against Clinton: Launder disinformation, likely Russian in origin, through cut-out into the mainstream media. And it would have worked, if it weren't for that meddling whistleblower and the House Democrats!
Impeachment, by exposing the extent of Trump and Giuliani's plot to smear Biden with false accusations, made it so any journalist who tries to run with this bullshit Ukraine story immediately looks like what they are, which is a stooge of Trump and Russian disinfo.
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15 Oct
Trump's insinuation is that deaths don't count if they're from blue areas. But even by that standard, he's wrong. The death rate is skyrocketing in red areas, due in large part to Trump making it a loyalty test to risk getting the coronavirus.
Trump is talking like it's still May, when the coronavirus was still concentrated in dense urban areas, which are indeed blue. But here's the most recent chart showing the case rate per million. This disease is hammering red states.…
I've been watching that NXIVM documentary on and off, and on the question of how these women got so snookered they allowed someone to brand them, I just say this: Millions of Americans got a potentially deadly disease to show their love for Trump.
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14 Oct
With Barr shutting down the phony "unmasking" investigation, another effort by Trump to abuse federal powers to cheat in the 2020 election falls apart. But don't get complacent. Trump is an idiot, but he's gotten lucky before.…
The "unmasking" scandal follows the same formula as every other GOP-faked smear campaign against Democrats, from "Benghazi" to "emails": It's deliberately dense and confusing, so people don't bother to learn the details and instead just assume whatever it is must be bad.
It really is remarkable how the entire GOP strategy on every front relies heavily on assuming their voters are too stupid or uninterested to bother learning what's really going on.
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14 Oct
Sigh. 99.999999% of feminists have made it clear we don't care how many kids Barrett chooses to have. We just want her to respect other women's choice to have few, or even no children. But one person says something out of line, and we're all castigated for it. Don't fall for it.
I wrote at length about Barrett's big family. Not a single, solitary word judged her for having one. You do you, lady. The problem is that she rejects the use of medical technology to allow those of us who prefer smaller families to live our best lives.…
Even people who made crass jokes don't really care if Barrett has a big family. They resent how the big family is being used to bully the vast majority of women who want smaller families, to imply we're stupid or lazy or slutty. And sometimes they express that frustration poorly.
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13 Oct
And under Cory Booker's questioning, Barrett is refusing to agree that the president should honor our long tradition of a peaceful transfer of power. Some "originalist". She can't even commit to the most basic tenet of the Constitution.
And now she's arguing that your racist boss's racism doesn't count if he's a) mad and b) fires you before he calls you the N-word.
This kind of reasoning is why it's so wrong to let conservatives argue that a white person can't be racist if they adopt Black kids. Unfortunately, it's very common.
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13 Oct
I cannot reiterate enough: Doing what Barrett is doing, which is lying under oath about her intentions, violates the 9th of the 10 commandments. You know what's not forbidden by the 10 commandments? Being gay, having sex, having an abortion.
Why did Joni Ernst go to so much trouble to try to trick voters into believing that Barrett will uphold Roe, even though she is clearly there to overturn it? Because most Americans — and 47% of Republicans — support Roe.…
This is who Republicans are: They know people like abortion rights. They know almost half of *their own voters* like abortion rights. So instead of just doing what the public wants, they are going to use anti-democratic means to force an abortion ban on the public.
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13 Oct
The obsession with Amy Coney Barrett's big brood from Senate Republicans just confirms it: She was chosen above all other cookie cutter right wing nuts, for the purpose of trolling feminists. (Revenge, in part, for the Kavanaugh hearings, I'm sure.)…
The Barrett hearing is just Republicans hyping, over and over again, a preposterous but long-standing anti-choice claim: That women don't need to be able to control their fertility to control their lives, and any women who say otherwise are either liars or deluded.
Note how Republicans, hyping how Barrett supposedly has "work/life balance", elide the fact that she's a millionaire who can afford the fleet of nannies unavailable to the rest of us.
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13 Oct
Remember: Amy Coney Barrett is not "pro-life". She is actively fighting to dramatically increase the abortion rate, by stripping women of contraception access through the ACA. That contraception access reduces the abortion rate.…
Antis like Barrett don't want to reduce the abortion rate. They want to force women to get pregnant to punish them for having sex. And they want things like forced childbirth or dangerous illegal abortions for women, in order to increase the punishment.
None of this is about "life". It's about maximizing women's pain. Antis know women get illegal abortions when it's banned. That's what they're counting on — they slobber with joy at the idea of women maiming themselves with hangers, believing it serves them right for having sex.
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12 Oct
The grotesque sadism of forcing a woman to give birth to baby that will live in excruciating pain for a few minutes before dying is what anti-choicers want. Women’s suffering excites them. But it is true that a huge % of GOP voters bury their head in the sand about this.
Republicans are hiding Barrett’s truly sinister views because they know even many of their own voters flinch in shame at the idea of forcing childbirth or taking away marriage from people whose only “sin” is to have sex for pleasure instead of duty.…
Democrats should not hesitate to speak bluntly about the sadism of homophobes and anti-choicers. Most Americans believe being gay is normal and 99% of us who have had heterosex used contraception. Barrett hates nearly all Americans and wishes to punish us. Highlight this.
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11 Oct
I laughed at this ad, but I do have to say, it's just more confirmation that @ProjectLincoln ads are more about appealing to people who already plan to vote Biden, and not about persuading Trump voters to change their minds.
It uses a word you should never, ever use when trying to convince someone to change their mind: Mistake. The word tends to trigger a defensive reaction, especially in conservatives, who tend to be very thin-skinned and flip out at the very idea that they could make a mistake.
This is doubly true in face of evidence that liberals aren't just right, but were right all along. To admit that a liberal was right all along and that you made a mistake is far too ego-bruising for conservatives. They will die of COVID-19 rather than admit it, as we've seen.
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9 Oct
Ah, fake leftists arguing that a guy who owns two pick-up trucks and a house is “poor” because of their condescending stereotypes of rural people.
Of course, same dudes love to tell me I’m “elite” even though they would have assumed I was impoverished as an adolescent because I lived in a small town and drove a genuinely shitty, old pick-up.
If you see a Confederate flag and a pick-up and automatically assume someone is poor, that says way more about you than about them.
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2 Oct
Folks, there is no reason to think Trump being Donny Superspreader is going to help him politically. It just is a visceral reminder of how reckless he's been with the health of Americans.…
Trump pretends he's not balding, that he doesn't need glasses and that he's not fat. His refusal to take the coronavirus seriously was more of the same: Born out of his fear of looking "weak" by admitting he has a human body. Image
Trump getting COVID-19 after repeatedly mocking and discouraging efforts to contain the coronavirus only underscores how reckless his approach to the pandemic has been — and how little regard he has for other people's health. Image
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2 Oct
I see the people who overthink everything are hard at work concocting some truly asinine "game theory".
I continue to be especially thrown by people who think Trump would come up with excuses to avoid a debate. The man thinks he's smart and loves a camera. He's probably arguing with aides right now about how he can totally do the other debates.
Folks. Of course this is true. Trump brags and brags about his "good genes". He hides that he needs glasses. He hides that he probably had a stroke. He pretends he's slim and athletic when he's medically obese. The man would never admit to having coronavirus if he could help it.
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1 Oct
Trump is trying to steal the election, and folks keep asking what they can do to stop him. The good news is there's a lot you can do! I put together a five point list on what you can do to help stop Trump's wannabe coup.…
First of all, don't panic and don't despair. That's what Trump wants you to do, because he knows that will lead you into giving up. We need to be calm, strong, and determined. Repeat to yourself: We can do this. Because we can. He is a loser and we can beat him.
Second: Vote early. The earlier the votes are banked, the safer they are. If you applied for a mail-in ballot, look into your options for turning it in by hand. Many states have in-person absentee balloting.
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30 Sep
Why did Trump act like that? Because he's a coward who is so scared to death of the truth that he talked over Biden all night rather than let Biden say true things.…
Trump and his minions like to imagine that he's acting brave and tough, but like all bullies, Trump is a coward who uses shouting and abuse to keep scary things like accountability and facts at arm's length.
As a general aside, it's really stupid the way conservatives are puffed up like they're tough. In my long life of dealing with these supposedly "tough" guys, I find they are ruled by fear, as Trump is: Afraid of difference, afraid of novelty, afraid even of smart women.
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30 Sep
Fascist apologists really hold the people they claim to speak for in contempt. The notion that people like me, who grew up in working class Texas, were raised without manners is grotesque.
White working class people who vote for Trump did so not because they're a bunch of inbred hicks who wipe their mouths on the tablecloth and burp in each others faces. It's because they're racist. You know, just like the rich white Republicans who also voted for Trump.
I'm sick to the fucking teeth of so-called "leftists" who are really just Trump tankies telling me I don't know anything about how the people I literally grew up are. Fuck off forever. You're just making excuses for rising fascism, which is not charming or "salt of the earth".
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30 Sep
Look, I know Trump’s behavior and threats last night were scary. But he wouldn’t be acting like this if he thought he was winning. Be strong. We got this.
I see the fake "leftists" are out in force, trying to discourage people from voting Biden. Don't let their fake lefty politics fool you. They're just white guys who want Trump to win, but are too cowardly/too interested in still being invited to the good parties to admit it.
Don't be a sucker, folks! Just because someone slaps a red rose on their profile doesn't mean they aren't a full-blown fascist, doing everything they can to get a fascist elected.
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