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14 Sep
We all know John Wilkes Booth shot Lincoln, but who shot Booth?

Grab a chair and a strong drink, because it's time for a thread about the wild life of BOSTON CORBETT.

(1/) A portrait card in sepia of Sergt. BOSTON CORBETT. He is seaPicture is identical to the first one attached to the tweet
And as a brief disclaimer, I am not a historian by profession!

Most of the information listed in this thread is from "Legends and Lies: Great Mysteries of the American West"
by Dale L. Walker.

Corbett was born in London in 1832 and moved to Troy, NY with his parents in 1839 (so far so good).

Unfortunately his family was quite poor, and he had to learn the trade of hat-making starting from a young age (it's all downhill from here pretty much).

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22 May
I am on a mission to find out which historical Member of Congress had the wildest facial hair.

The Honarable George Frederic Kribbs (D-PA, 1893-1895) is currently leading in the standings.
The Congressional Facial Hair Competition is heating up!!

The Honorable William Alfred Peffer (Senator, Populist-KS, 1891-1897) enters the ring!
Remember, it's not always about the chin; sometimes it's about the muttonchops.

Left: Hon. Elijah Adams Morse, Rep., D-MA, 1889-1897
Right: Hon. Martin Nelson Johnson, Rep & Sen, R-ND, 1891-1899, 1909
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