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The ASF preserves & promotes the history, traditions, & rich mosaic culture of Greater Sephardic communities. We represent the Sephardic Voice in @Conf_of_Pres
30 Mar
As Jews remember our liberation from persecution during #Passover2021, all Jews are not free. Iranian-regime backed #Houthi terrorists just expelled & made refugees of almost all of Yemen's last Jews & continue to illegally imprison Levi Salem Musa Marhabi Image
In every generation #antisemites curse 𝙗𝙚𝙛𝙤𝙧𝙚 they attack the Jewish people.

Houthis expelled Yemenite Jews b/c Houthi ideology endorses the "eradication" of Jews & "elimination of their entity"

See @sbaafi2020/@YemenEmbassy_DC's Sept 2020 report: The Attacks on Jews Al-Hout...
Historical example: on 31 March 1492, King Ferdinand II & Queen Isabella signed the Alhambra Decree, compelling Sephardic Jews to convert to Catholicism or suffer persecution & expulsion. For centuries after, the Inquisition targeted, tortured,& murdered converts,incl crypto-Jews Spanish Inquisition Depicti...The execution of Mariana de...
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12 Nov 20
Two Jewish leaders, Malcolm Hoenlein (Vice Chair of the @Conf_of_Pres) & Jason Guberman (Exec Dir of @AmericanSephard), who have worked closely with the Kingdom of Morocco & the Moroccan Jewish community, issued the following statement on Morocco's groundbreaking new curriculum:
The Kingdom of Morocco’s recently released school curriculum is the latest assertive action by His Majesty King Mohammed VI to perpetuate the Judeo-Moroccan legacy as an integral part of the Moroccan identity. The inclusion in the Arabic-language primary school curriculum of
Moroccan Jewish history & culture, encapsulated in the city of Essaouira & the Royal inauguration of Bayt Dakira, represents the King’s enduring commitment to recognizing a pluralist past & assuring continuation in the future. At the core of this effort is enhancing understanding
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30 Jun 20
1⃣ The latest #SephardiWorldWeekly is dedicated in honor of Professor Ephraim Isaac (@eisaac5), an Ethiopian-Yemenite Jewish scholar, Ethiopian Elder & “Father of Peace,” Founder of the Institute for Semitic Studies, 1st Professor/Co-Founder of @Harvard’s Department of African & ImageImage
2⃣ African American Studies as well as namesake of @HarvardAAAS' Award for Excellence in African Studies, recipient of the #JewishAfricaConference’s “Moses, The African: Jewish Leadership Award,” Image
3⃣ & Distinguished Member of the American Sephardi Federation’s Board of Directors, whose contributions to knowledge, understanding, peace, literacy, & love have touched millions of people.… #GreaterSephardi #Yemenite #AmericanSephardi #Sephardic
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