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10 Apr
Stop casting hearing actors as Deaf characters. 😖
It takes me out of the movie so quickly when the Deaf character so clearly isn't, and it's almost always really easy to tell, so miss me with the whole "ANYBODY CAN ACT ANY PART" because that's not working.
We're watching The Silence on Netflix even though it has a hearing actress as a Deaf character AND the plot is bonkers-bread, because we thought it could at least be good ASL practice for me. IT IS NOT. 😭😂
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10 Apr
I wish there were more mainstream pandemic articles about the experience of being disabled and learning that American society really doesn't care if you live or die.
There's a lot of articles about how this is affecting kids and teens--and that's an important subject, don't get me wrong!--but I've seen far fewer about the existential depression that has set in for a lot of us now that we *know* we're disposable to most of our peers.
So many people were like "if you die, you die, but BY GOD I am not going to miss Hot Yoga" and "stay inside forever if you want, but I refuse to skip spin class" and it's fun to learn that most of society doesn't value our lives.
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9 Apr
I realize this is discourse from the 1980s, but Kissmate showed me Scream and Friday the 13th for the first time last night, and *how* did Drew Barrymore's character (a) watch Friday "20 times" and yet (b) think the killer was Jason and not Mrs. Voorhees???
Like, (a) the fact that she watched Friday "20 times" is fucking unbelievable because that movie is on a burn so slow it's like a lit match under a swimming pool, but (b) Mrs. Voorhees is not a blink-and-miss-it thing!! It's a pretty major part of the movie!!
Also, Jason Voorhees lore is fucking banana-nut-bread, like, if you look up ANYTHING about the series lore it's suddenly Necronomicon and Magic Knives, which is disorienting when the first movie is a pretty down-to-earth slasher.
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9 Apr
Health insurance companies are actual evil.
The pain medicine that works for me--the ONLY pain medicine we've found that works for me--is relatively expensive, so the insurance is always looking for a reason to deny coverage of a thing I've been on for FIVE YEARS.
In 2020, they announced that they wouldn't cover my medicine unless I had "failed" 3 other alternatives first.

I'd "failed" 1 of the alternatives already, so I had 2 months of agony "failing" 2 other meds, because you have to give it 30 days to try.
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9 Apr
I'm a ridgemouth! Kissmate is a flatmouth! I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH THIS NEW INFORMATION.
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8 Apr
Nicole Byer is a goddamn treasure and I love her.
I'm watching the Nailed It episode with Adam Scott as the guest ("Howdy, Failure"?) and she just explained feminism as "ladies rooting for ladies".
Adam: "Is that what feminism is?"

Nicole: "It's also about pushing men down stairs and yelling 'I'M THE BOSS NOW.' That's how I got this job! They had hired a man. He's dead now."

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8 Apr
"Please listen closely as our options have changed" and other automated phone system lies.
"Thank you for calling PHARMACY. Our hours of operation are 8 am to 6 pm on Mondays; 7 am to 5 pm on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Mardi Gras; 6 am to 9 pm on every third Wednesday and Lent; and 5 am to 6 am on Fridays when it's overcast. Please listen closely as our options have cha-
"If your call is an emergency, please hang up. If you are calling about a prescription refill, please call your doctor. If you are calling about covid, please know that we care very much but can't do anything about *gestures* ALL THAT. If you'd like to speak to a person, *click*
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8 Apr
*walks outside and screams*
Really love going to a doctor that was really great about Trans Stuff but today we instead see a nurse who ISN'T.
She kept calling Kissmate "she" and when we gently were like "oh, hey, he's a trans man and his pronouns are he/him" she got really defensive and started almost *yelling* at us.

"I didn't know! How was I supposed to know! I can't tell by looking at you! It wasn't on PURPOSE!"
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15 Mar
This is ableism and I am tired of it.
Every time someone has an issue, no matter how dire!, with a service like Instacart or DoorDash or Uber or whatever else, ableists tell us to just exist without accessibility services.

The implication being we're a burden for not doing everything for ourselves.
Some people CAN'T just do their own shopping/driving/whatever, and folks need to stop assuming that we're all able-bodied.
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15 Mar
Kissmate is doing so well! He was able to sit up during a short D&D session today. I wanted to cancel, but he really misses our old DM.

It's going to be such fun. You know that Futurama where Bender inherits a haunted house? It's that. That's the campaign. We inherited one.
My Paladin has mentally renamed the Bard "Dead Meat", though. 😣 That guy doesn't have a survival instinct in his elfy body.
The elderly master of the manor left the house to us in his will "provided we cleanse it of the evil that resides within" and the bard, like, jumped on a table and started hip-thrusting at angry relatives and gloating about his "new house".

And then wanted to split the party.
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9 Mar
Dreamed I was a confusing assassin.

Like, when the Cardinal wants the 3 Musketeers "alive or dead", I'd bring the bodies back but dressed in elaborate scuba diving costumes and Mardi Gras beads.
Occasionally I'd steal a dead body on the way back out, then charge double for bringing in the "zombie" that must be wandering around.
" 'e must've been one of those foul undead, Your Eminence," I'd growl helpfully. "Very dangerous, those are."

Then I'd bring D'Artagnan back in two pieces (you gotta behead your undead, you know!) and inexplicably dressed like Bo Peep from Toy Story.
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9 Mar
Oh god, it feels so good to be home in our own bed and my comfy threadbare pajamas and the Store Bought Neurotransmitters correctly queuing neatly up in my brain curls. ☺
I swear, I appreciate my anxiety meds so much but if I miss a dose by even a few hours, it's like my entire head just STOPS. Which is weird.
Tonight's Columbo has Johnny Cash in it as the murderer. ☺
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8 Mar
So in case you missed it last night, we had our third Emergency Room adventure for the year last night. Long story short: They still don't know what's wrong with Kissmate or why he keeps collapsing in pain.
His doctors want to move forward with gallbladder surgery (on the grounds that it needs to come out anyway), and while in there they want to look at the state of his appendix, ovaries, and fallopian tubes via a scope. Since they're already in there.
This doesn't seem to be a bad plan, but it was explained to us very poorly and under conditions of extremely high stress, so we're trying to get a second opinion as quickly as possible, while dealing with the reality of him being in barely-bearable pain Right Now.
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7 Mar
Welp, HAHA, we're going to the ER a third time. Kissmate collapsed and his doctor thinks his appendix might be bursting. (Please pray for me? I'm so scared.)
We're checking in. If his doctor hadn't given us her cellphone number to text I don't know what we'd have done.
We're in the waiting room because their beds are full. Maybe 6 other people here.
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6 Mar
Here's that attention you ordered, I guess.
Here's my unpopular opinion: Manchuck isn't "good" by any goddamn metric of that word.

He might arguably have some modicum of value, but that's not what "good" means.
But what do I know, I'm not a fancy-pants journalist, I'm just someone with strong feelings about not defining politicians as "good" when they're making choices that will almost certainly end with at least one innocent person dead.
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6 Mar
Yeah, but they don't want to say "some girls like girls" because that would imply it's natural and ok.

What they mean is "I'm not ready to instill bigotry in my child when their peers and the media will be pushing this new movie as something they must love; I might lose."
It's really really hard to hold the line on "no you can't watch Frozen" when it's EVERYWHERE and all their peers love it. Those parents want to raise their kids to be bigots and they fear they'll lose that fight to the powerful Mickey Mouse.
There absolutely are parents who isolate their kids from all popular/secular culture--my parents managed it--but I suspect it's getting harder.

And anyway this is coming from the Christian "middle" who want the convenience of Disney+ as a babysitter but want to raise bigots.
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6 Mar
I wish these people calling the Dr Seuss thing "censorship" would help me find an uncut, widescreen, CAPTIONED version of Leelee Sobieski's Joan of Arc miniseries because I loved it and I want to show Kissmate, but the only streaming copy isn't captioned and our DVD isn't either.
The dvd box SAYS it's captioned, too, but it was bought used and I think they put the wrong DVD in the box, but it's hard to be sure.
And yes there are other Joan of Arcs, but I liked THAT one and I want to show Kissmate but the sound balance is shit and we need captions. Anyway, if the Seuss people aren't too busy, this is definitely censorship or cancellation or memory holing. Yup.
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4 Mar
On a covid paper at the doctor's office:

"Have you experienced any of the following symptoms in the past 48 hours?" and one of the symptoms is "fatigue".

Have I experienced fatigue in the past two days. No. I am a magical pixie forest-child who never sleeps. 😒
Other symptoms I have experienced but have to lie about:

Congestion / Runny Nose
Muscle Aches (this is at my PAIN DOCTOR, by the way)
I really hate that the forever-covid Republicans have signed us up for means that these perfectly normal symptoms of chronic disease are now this weird shameful stigma you have to lie about or be denied care.
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3 Mar
So "this $1400 is meant to turn the old $600 into $2000 for everyone" is now, at last, officially a lie. Yes?

Because many people who got the $600 won't get the $1400. (And many who will get the $1400 didn't get the $600.)
I don't see any wiggle room on this; the entire *premise* of the $1400 was that it was going to the SAME people who got the $600, and therefore would add up to $2000.

But now they're removing people from the previously established recipient list.
Good to know that the campaign promise a lot of us *felt* was being broken has now been *officially* broken.

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3 Mar
Jan 2021~
Me: "I need to move for my own safety."
Twitter: "No! We need you to stay there and help turn Texas blue!"

Feb 2021~
Twitter: "Ha! If you die from cold, your fault for living in Texas."

March 2021~
Twitter: "Ha! If you die from covid, your fault for living in Texas."
Looking forward to what April brings!! 💕

(and to be crystal clear: no, not ALL Twitter, but I ran into character limits on that one.)
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