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26 Mar 19
Please listen and listen carefully It has helped me a lot
My worse day with depression (when I wanted to commit suicide) was also my best day. I couldn't take anymore. It was a beautiful sunny summers day the sun was beaming down, not one cloud in the sky everyone in their
Summer dress. Yet I sat looking out the window all I could see was darkness, cold, everything was bleak everything was horrible but the radio played summer jolly songs, I could take no more.
So I left the house to walk up to my mother' grave 3 mile away out in the country
I had water with me and enough pills to cure a city. I was going up to talk to my mum and dad, take the pills and lie down on the grave beside them and wait for the sadness, the gloom and darkness to be all over once and for all. I had left notes in the house for care of my pets
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