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17 May 20

Pray for red price action if you love altcoins🙏
#Bitcoin Update

Is this nostradamus art or not?! ✅
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8 May 20
$ETH/BTC Update 6 (1/2)

I remember shaking my head on that day because crypto twitter was overly excited entering $ETH/BTC on my exit level
$ETH/BTC Update 6 (2/2)

Basically faked out from there and dumped.
Now look who is talking about $ETH/BTC.. nobody.
Although the chart looks much better after a 20% dip.
$ETH/BTC Update 7

Perfect reentry 💯
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7 May 20
Bitcoin Dominance almost at 69%

This number is no coincidence. I know market makers and they like to fuck with you. 666 and 69 is what we get.

If the 69% $BTC.D resistance holds this is the best possible BUY for bullish #Altcoins
Bitcoin Dominance Update at 69% ✅

I am not a big fan of the TD 9 indicator, but..
@tayloraaronnz1 made me aware of how well it works with the $BTC.D chart

Only one red circle for continuation instead of a pullback.

#prayforaltcoins & a $BTC.D pullback
Bitcoin Dominance Update

- 69% acting as resistance and we got our pullback Fettes weißes Häkchen
- #altcoins bouncing like expected

Now you need to pray that this is no small pullback but a pullback to 59%
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5 Apr 20
$ETH/BTC Update

I tweet.. instant pump into resistance cause market makers are my homies
$ETH/BTC Update 2

I forgot how bullish a tweet by myself can be #joke #dontgetsalty
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