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Nov 27, 2020 • 103 tweets • 22 min read
I've decided to make a gallery for all my encounters with #Brexiters.

I may add the encounters of other Remainers aswell. If you have a screenshot, DM it to me and I'll add it in.

It will be in no particular order.

#Brexit: A Gallery of Evil and Stupidity

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Jul 26, 2020 • 35 tweets • 64 min read
**Public Service Announcement***

I've done a few of these announcements. Their intention is to make people aware of particularly abusive or dangerous trolls.......

#FBPE #StopBrexit #RejoinEU #GTTO #Brexit #BrexitReality #Trolls #StopBullying

Thread below..... I could just block and move on, but then someone else will have to deal with it.
I figure its in the best interests of the Remain/Rejoin movement, and the British people as a whole to be aware of this guy, and block him now so you won't be subjected to his trolling later.

Jul 10, 2020 • 22 tweets • 10 min read
**Public Service Announcement**

Please note #FBPE #Remain #RejoinEU #StopBrexit campaigners.

This will be a thread..

I wanted to warn you all about four individuals that I've encountered on my travels and battles against Brexit.. The first is Roger Powell. First ancountered in 2016. Current Twitter account @E8Powell
Previous accounts;
Apr 11, 2020 • 17 tweets • 3 min read
(Thread from Ryan Lennon Mac Fhiachrá)

The first man (left to right, top to bottom) is Steven Smith. He is a man that died emaciated and alone because, despite being in an appalling state of health he was denied ESA and told he was fit to work. He died weighing less than 6 stone and the DWP repeatedly ignored medical advice on the severity of his condition as a direct result of the Conservatives being intent on slashing the welfare bill at any cost.