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Father of two grown daughters. Active in non-profit Creative Fresno. Husband to lovely Karen. Live tweeter of City Council and Board of Supervisors’ meetings.
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29 Jul
July 29, 2021 Fresno city council meeting! Among the items include Club One Casino transfer to Granite Park; Sierra Sky Park roadways; Redrawing Election districts; Vote to Support Farm Workforce Modernization Act of 2021.; a variety of Fresno Air terminal consent items;#Fresno
Add two new Tower District Specific Plan committee members;
@FLDocumenters @fresnoland
Among the Consent Items: 1-B Approve the Third Amendment to Airport Lease Agreement between the City of Fresno and Federal Express Corporation, at Fresno Yosemite International Airport, extending the term of the lease by five years. Amount of revenue generated by agreement
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15 Jul
Fresno City Council July 15, 2021! Among the items Free swimming for children at City pools;Urban Water Management and Drought;Club One Casino move from Downtown to Granite Park;Redrawing Council Districts @fresnoland @FLDocumenters #Fresno #California
Among the Consent Calendar: 1- B
*A Resolution of the Council of the City of Fresno, California, concerning Measure C Extension Local Transportation Purposes Pass-Through Projects and Program Funds annual allocation for Fiscal Year 2021-2022
1-C RESOLUTION – Adopt the 1st Amendment to FY 2022 Salary Resolution No. 2021-176, amending Exhibit 2, Unit 2, Non-Represented and Confidential Classes to reclassify the salary range for the City Clerk position from E5 (9588-13460) to E4 (11398-16344), effective July 15, 2021.
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13 Jul
Hey! It is Tuesday so it must be the Fresno County Board of Supervisors meeting! On the Agenda includes agreement with voting machine company Dominion ; New case management system for DA’s;Removal of the 120-hour minimum leave use requirement of Annual Leave;update on American
Rescue Plan Act (ARPA);DECREASE in Library damaged materials fee; #Fresno Some select Consent Calendar Items:CONSENT CALENDAR
22. Proclaim July 12-16, 2021 as Eligibility Workers, Job Specialists, and Appeals Specialists
Appreciation Week; 23.Adopt a resolution commending the
the North Fresno Rotary, East Fresno Rotary, Fig Garden Rotary,
Cultural Arts Rotary, Fresno Sunrise Rotary, and the Central Passport Rotary clubs who replaced
Personal Protection Equipment for three volunteer fire departments. 24. *Adjourn in Memory of Martha Ailanjian Balakian
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24 Jun
June 24th ,2021 Fresno City Council meeting as well as a Special meeting! ! Among the items is the final Budget vote; SB1 road projects ( as the budget hearings showed there is never enough to satisfy the $1 billion in needed work);Low income Tax Credits for several affordable
housing projects; Terrence Frazier and Central Valley Community Sports Foundation and Management Visions closed and open session items; @FLDocumenters @fresnoland #Fresno
On the Consent Calendar: -B Authorize the Chief of Police, or designee, to enter into an agreement with Fresno Unified School
District wherein FUSD will pay $1,862,495 annually to FPD in exchange for FPD providing eleven
Student Resource Officers (SROs), one Sergeant and twelve
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22 Jun
City of Fresno’s Budget hearings continued today at 9 am! The Fresno County Board of Supervisors will be meeting at 10 am so I will only be able to Live Tweet one the meetings. Drumroll, please And the winner is...the always popular Budget Hearings !
Here are the budget proposals “in the pot” as Council Chair Luis Chavez said a lot the past week.
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17 Jun
After a week of Budget Hearings a regular Fresno City Council meeting PLUS Special Emergency Closed Meeting. (Probably about re-opening City Hall ) @FLDocumenters
Some of the Agenda items include 1-E Approve an Agreement with Economic & Planning Systems, Inc., in the amount of $140,600 with a $30,000 contingency, to prepare an updated nexus study for the Citywide impact fees for Regional Streets, New Growth Area Major Streets, Police Fa-
-ilities, Fire Facilities, Quimby In-Lieu Parkland Dedication and Park Facilities. (Citywide wide)
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16 Jun
City of Fresno Budget hearings (in progress).
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15 Jun
that is giving what department needs. However crime is up. Some of the costs are from 80 officers on long term absences. State needs to change law that allows officers to make more by staying home. 120 new officers make public think changes are coming. Are you lowering standards?
Absolutely not. That would be a mistake. Officers that are cited for being drunk while off duty will need to be treated case by case. DUI case will need to go through process.Arias:use of social media. If arrested you get put on Social Media.But if John is arrested for human traf
-ficking is not as they may have a family and lose their job. Chief: we put those with felony charg on social media. Traffic Unit has 38 motors now split into day/evening shift. They are also first to show up for riots. Unless Council gives more money we won't be back up to 80 #
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15 Jun
Georganne White: A detailed memo was sent out and why an audit wasn't made. Ombudsman person may have been too chummy with the officers.In looking back that is exactly what ombudsman is supposed to do in getting officers claims through. ADR program keeps the $11 M is
not actually higher. We are looking what traditional workers comp v. ADR and look at what the differences were. Esqueda:Audit was more about process of ADR. We are doing that correctly. Next: effectiveness. Is the increase from $4 M to now $11M effective? Arias:this department
sells us on "A" but when it doesn't work they double down on "A". Soria:If we demonstrated people were going back to work and absences go down this program is good. If not and not effective we need to move in another direction. White:Actuarial should be done soon. Lots of savings
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15 Jun
Second day of City of Fresno's Budget meeting. Departments today are Police, Public Utilities, Transportation (FAX),Airports,Public Works,Personnel Services. I am not seeing any documents or Power Points on City Website to share (but I imagine it will be used)@fresnoland #Fresno
You can watch the Budget meeting beginning at 9 am
Meeting beginning 9:05 with Police Department. Chief Paco Baldaramma begis first.@kmkarbassi calling in by Zoom. Rest of Councilmembers present in person. Chief:$206 million which is a slight decrease from last year. Increase to General Fund for 850 sworn Officers & Professional
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14 Jun
Fresno City Council budget meeting continues this Monday afternoon. PARCS up first. Is the ie $20 million of Measure P baked into this asks @Maxwell4Fresno? A: YES. Sloan: you can make changes without going in front of Measure P Commission. City Manager: Parks Master Plan but we
Don’t have a Cultural Arts Plan so only $20 m of the $29 M can be used. @kmkarbassi makes budget amendment on FIre. Back to PARCS.
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10 Jun
June 10,2021 Fresno City Council meeting! Among the items today are Workshop update on our Water Supply/Drought AND Anti-Slum Enforcement Team and Code Enforcement; Two trail segment items;Ten acre park;Valley Inn purchase; Youth Commission changes;adding potentially 7 more
cannabis stores;Infill incentives;Illegal fireworks;@FLDocumenters @fresnoland #fresno You can watch beginning at 9 am @CMACTV
Among the Consent Calendar items: 1-B Approve the First Amendment to the Service Agreement between the City of Fresno and Hands On Central California to extend the current agreement for the Retired Senior Volunteer Program at Fresno Yosemite International Airport for a term of
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8 Jun
June 8, 2021 Fresno County Board of Supervisors meeting! Among the items are:Homelessness Liaison position in the County Administrative Office ; declaring County-owned property surplus and declaring County’s intention to sell
the surplus property located in the north east corner
of E. Kings Canyon Road and S. Cedar
Avenue, Fresno, , approximately 30 acres, commonly known as the former University Medical for minimum $6 million (NOTE:property was once sold for 9600 gold coins so quite a bargain!);June 8, 2021 Fresno County Board of Supervisors meeting!
@fresnoland @FLDocumenters On the CONSENT AGENDA includes:

16.1 *Proclaim June 12th as "Tomasa V. Arenas Day" in honor of her 100th birthday
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27 May
May 27, 2021 Fresno city Council meeting! Among the items today are Mid-year budget review; Notario Publico fraud;80-ft cell tower dispute;Workshop extravaganzas today! On CARES Act,Water Supply; Mayor’s proposed budget and Soccer Stadium!; Also Mobile Home Park code enforcement
as well as Tower district Specific Plan update committee;@fresnoland @FLDocumenters #Fresno Among the Consent Items:1-K Actions pertaining to Commercial Cannabis Activity:This bill amends FMC Section 9-3316(f) to specify that full copies of cannabis applications will be on
website once the interview process is complete for that particular application process. The
ordinance was previously silent on when cannabis applications would be posted on the City’s website. The amendment also states that applicant names and addresses will post at the close of
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25 May
May 25th Fresno County Board of Supervisors meeting! Among the items are Covid Update; Approve appointment of eleven commissioners to the 2021 Advisory Redistricting Commission;Public Voter Outreach;Donation of Bullet-Proof Vests by the Sheriff’s Office to Advance Armenia Found-
-ation; Appointment of Hollis Magill, effective May 31, 2021, to the position of Director of Human
Resources. ( they must like her as she is already negotiating the CLOSED SESSION 19. Conference with Labor Negotiator Agency Negotiator: Hollis
21. *Proclaim June 2021 as Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse Awareness Month

22. *Proclaim June 2021 as Family Reunification Month
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13 May
May 13, 2021 Fresno City Council on this already warm/hot morning! Among the items today are Housing Element Annual Report;Emergency Rental Assistance Program Workshop;Creating the Eviction Protection Program; 2 Planning Commission appointments @fresnoland @FLDocumenters #Fresno
1-C *Approve the First Amendment with Make Green Go LLC, and increase the contract amount by $20,000 for a total of $69,900 for the Provision of Cannabis Social Equity Business Technical Assistance @JePahl_White
1-D *ID 21-0374 ***RESOLUTION - adopting the 77th amendment to the Annual
Appropriation Resolution No. 2020-159 appropriating $50,000 for the Economic
Development Administration (EDA) CARES Act Revolving Loan Fund Program
(RLF) (Requires 5 affirmative votes)
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11 May
May 11,2021 Fresno County Board of Supervisors meeting!Among the items include: Appeal of Planning Commission decision; Founder of Reedley ‘s Home register of Historic Places; Homeless and Community Development grants Annual Action Plan. #Fresno
17. Proclaim May 3 through 9, 2021 as "Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week"
18. Proclaim May 10 - 14, 2021 as Juror Appreciation Week
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28 Apr
Wacky Wednesday?? Fresno City Council on a Wednesday this week?? Yes! April 28,2021 Among the items:After feeling left out of last week’s Mayoral Measure P Committee announcement, Bredefeld &Karbassi ask for the Brown Act to apply to subcommittees too;Workshops:Downtown Partner-
-ship Annual Report; City of Fresno Homeless/Housing Strategy. @FLDocumenters @FLDocumenters #Fresno You can watch live 9 am @CMACTV
Among the Consent Items: 1-B Reject all bids for the Fresno Yosemite International Airport Residential Sound Insulation Program
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27 Apr
April 27th, 2021 Fresno County Board of Supervisors regular meeting! Among the items is Juvenile Justice Realignment Black Grant. (However some feel plan falls short of the codified SB 823 law, which aims to REDUCE youth incarceration and REDUCE THEN ELIMINATE racial
and ethnic disparities); Redistricting Commission Commission application being accepted with the 11-person to be presented at Supervisors May 25th meeting; Speed limit changes; #Fresno
Some selected items from CONSENT CALENDAR
17. *Proclaim May 2021 National Foster Care Month
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22 Apr
April 22, 2021 Fresno City council meeting! Among Agenda items include Annual Action Plan; Mayor Dyer’s Measure P Appointments;Returning formerly “Surplus Land”to create Broadway Park; Concrete firm replaced due to only working 2 weeks since November;Fresno Unified School
School District naming the property at Ventura and 10th Street in Southeast Fresno in honor of Francine and Murray Farber;Closed Session on possible soccer stadium at Selland Arena land; Unscheduled Public Comment portion is rumored to have homeless advocate asking for $50,000
for camp security; Some CONSENT CALENDAR items:
1-B authorize a new
Airline Operations Agreement with Southwest Airlines Co. to
provide Commercial Air Service at Fresno Yosemite
International Airport
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13 Apr
April 13th, 2021 Fresno County Board of Supervisors meeting! IMPORTANT item #6 on how to Redistrict Supervisorial districts with 3 possible types of commissions to draw those line:more independent, more directed by Supervisor or a Hybrid version;Liquor license; letter requesting
surface water for Westside farmers;TRUTH Act which speaks on communications between Sheriff Office and ICE. #Fresno Watch beginning at 10 am…
Among the items On the Consent Calendar: 24.*Proclaim April 18 through April 24, 2021 as National Crime Victims' Rights Week in Fresno
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