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Father of two grown daughters. Active in non-profit Creative Fresno. Husband to lovely Karen. Live tweeter of City Council and Board of Supervisors’ meetings.
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22 Sep
September 22, 2020 Fresno County Board of Supervisors! Among the items: Annual TRUTH Act a public forum on Sheriff Dept and ICE; Contact tracing hires; Various CARES spending on 14 smaller County cities; Adjourn in Memory of Tom Seaver and Bob Spencer (who was my bowling coach
coach for a semester at Fresno State! Funny, short and good shoot the breeze with between frames).
Selected items On the CONSENT CALENDAR

18.Appoint Bill Pierce to the Broadview Water District Board of Directors, for the term expiring December 2021, to fill a vacancy
19.*2021 Board of Supervisors’ Meeting Calendar Image
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17 Sep
It is Thursday morning so it must be time for Fresno City Council!
September 17, 2020 Fresno City Council via Zoom! On the Agenda are several commercial Cannabis related bills (Including one labeled 80-420!); Workshop on Homelessness; Esparza’s Enhanced Infrastructure Financing District ; the "Business is Essential to Local Economies Act;
“Bredefeld’s “Open City Hall to the Public Act”, “End the Snitch Hotline Act" ,Adopting the "Anti-Oppressive Government Act" and “Adopting the "Business Freedom Act," and a Closed Session item :Leadership Counsel for Justice and Accountability v. City of Fresno. @LCJandA
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1 Sep
Fresno County Board of Supervisors September 1, 2020! Among the items is Supervisor Brandau to allow special needs to students to return to onsite school instruction; EOC COVID-19 Equity Project; Planning Commission Denial of Coalinga Flea Market; Closed Session item: Lawsuit v.
Immanuel Schools and Consent item:
Unidas Por Un Cambio Under the recommended Settlement Agreement, the County would pay $130,000 in legal fees to @LCJandA. #Fresno

16.Proclaim the week of September 6-12, 2020 as National Suicide Prevention Week, and
September 2020 as National Suicide Prevention Month in Fresno County

17.Proclaim the month of September 2020 as National Alcohol and Drug Addiction ImageImage
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27 Aug
Fresno City Council August 27, 2020. Establishing a $100 fine for parking in EV charging spot ; Workshop on Homelessness; Downtown Fresno mixed use project that includes partially blocking the iconic Fresno Postage Stamp mural;#Fresno $500,000 contract to Pardini’s Catering to
provide Senior meals; Grant opportunities Electric vehicles for Code Enforcement. Watch the his morning’s Council meeting on @CMACTV beginning at 9 AM.
Some selected items from the Consent Calendar: Actions pertaining to Marjaree Mason Center:
1. Approve agreement with Marjaree Mason Center awarding CARES funding for emergency shelter and food services
2. Adopting the 23rd Amendment to the Annual Appropriation Resolution
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20 Aug
Fresno City Council August 20,2020! Agenda includes a few items on towing and storage of police evidence; Rejected Bids for Protected Bicycle Path and Scramble Pedestrian Crossing ; KABOOM! Park construction ;Actions related to conversion of motels to permanent housing; #Fresno
Workshop on challenges of homelessness on Santa Clara St; Special meeting on CARES Dollars also Scheduled. You can watch this morning’s meeting on @CMACTV
1-B Actions related to a parking garage at Fresno Yosemite International Airport: 1. Approve Phase Two of a Progressive Design-Build contract with C Overaa & Co., to construct a parking garage at Fresno Yosemite International Airport in an amount not to ex-
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18 Aug
Fresno County Board of Supervisors August 17, 2020 ! Second look at limiting the campaign contributions to $30,000 (down from unlimited but up from state law $3000); CARES Act dollars for farmworkers housing retention as well as grants for minority female owned small businesses;
policy changes regarding Encroachments on County Right of Way; CONSENT CALENDAR
18. Adjourn in Memory of John "Jack" Woolf, a 102 year old Fresno County farming pioneer who played a major role in development of farming on the west side of the Valley and was founder of Woolf Farms
*19. Adjourn in Memory of Manjit Singh who sacrificed his life on the Kings River to save three children from drowning
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4 Aug
Fresno County Board of Supervisors August 4, 2020. Among the items fence height ordinance; allow $30,000 campaign donation limit v State law that states $3000; add Chief Operating Officer under the CAO; several Covid related items as well such as jail testing and more
communicable disease specialists in nursing homes. #Fresno Among the Consent Calendar: 23. Proclaim the week of July 19 - 25, 2020 as Pretrial, Probation and Parole Supervision Week in
Fresno County.
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28 Jul
July 28th , 2020 Covid workshop between City of Fresno and County of Fresno at 2220 Tulare St in the ballroom Watch here…
Councilmember Caprioglio is driving somewhere in a Montana canyon so he may be dropping in and out of cell coverage. Buddy Mendes says “since this is the County we start on time “.
Starting at 9:04 am. Mendes hopes this workshop will help give clarity to Covid in Fresno County. This workshop is only for facts. No pontificating. Up first:
Department of Public Health Update (Director Pomaville and Dr. Vohra).
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16 Jul
Fresno City Council July 16,2020!Some of the items: probably an “only in Fresno item”to allow aircraft to park on public streets! ;old Hotel Fresno; Closed Session items include Police shooting of Isiah Murrietta-Golding as well as Fresno Building Healthy Communities case in
Superior Court regarding parks @FresnoBHC ; increase grant amount to micro farmers; Councilmember Karbassi @kmkarbassi wants to be assured any current annexations will proceed even without agreement in revenue sharing with County ; Councilmember Bredefeld @GarryBredefeld in
favor of overriding Planning Commission unanimous denial of Johnny Quik Type 21 liquor license. #Fresno Watch live on CMAC! @CMACTV
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7 Jul
Fresno County Supervisors July 7, 2020
More CARES Act dollars expenditures; Closed Session item involving a lawsuit on behalf of Comunidades Unidas Por Un Cambio against the County of Fresno. (See below for extensive article on it); Several County Service Area (CSA)items;
Background from Leadership Counsel 2018 article:”Last week Leadership Counsel for Justice and Accountability @LCJandA and the Public Interest Law Project filed a lawsuit on behalf of Comunidades Unidas Por Un Cambio against the County of Fresno.
more than a year, the county has failed to take mandated actions necessary to secure safe housing for its families; for three years it has violated state policy by refusing to assess the severe lack of water and sewer service in disadvantaged communities; for 10 years it has
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30 Jun
Fresno City Council June 30,2020
Final Budget Votes as well as CARES funding decisions. Due to Council President Miguel Arias’s son contracting COVID-19 today’s hearing will be done via Zoom.
Special meeting on Covid 19 expenditure approved. Mayor’s Chief of Tim Orman explains it. (Sound garbled) (documents Sent out early this morning) $45.5 million in community investment. $10 million for health clinics in SE and SW Fresno; UCSF $5 million mobile testing , testing
in SE and SW Fresno; 75% of the expenditures in SE and SW Fresno, Save our Small Busisness loans, beds for Homeless; Child Day Care Vouchers for Essential workers, Small Farmers to donate goods; Retrofitting City Hall; City Hall Teleworking networks, Protective equipment;
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25 Jun
Fresno City Council June 25, 2020! Among the items are possible more budget motions as well as votes on them; Allow Concealed Weapons into City Hall by Mayor and Councilmembers; 9 AM Recognition & Appreciation of Police Department Ceremony;Solar projects for both Bus stops and
Sewer Treatment facilities;
travel By Trail, Fresno!;Hiring freeze; Vehicle Miles Traveled Thresholds pursuant to Senate Bill 743. Watch on @CMACTV #Fresno
1-D *BILL (For introduction) -  Fresno Municipal Code, relating to Franchise Tow Agreements.(List of Exceptions)

1-D RESOLUTION - Authorizing submission of funding requests to the Low Carbon Transit Operations Program for bus service operating support,
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23 Jun
Board of Supervisors June 23, 2020 #Fresno Among the Agenda items:approve stopgap budget between July and September; continue to have board members participate by “telephonic” means.Among the Closed Session are two separate cases where churches are suing: 1)UU Church v Registrar
of Voters Brandi Orth 2) Cross Culture Christian Center v Gavin Newsom. Some selected Consent Calendar items: 22. Adjourn in Memory of Francis Correia, a long-time resident of Caruthers and farmer who will be
remembered by many as a man who lived and worked to better his family
and community;
28.Agreement with VMS Family Counseling Services, Professional Corporation which is an established vendor that understands the unique stressors associated with the law enforcement community.
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18 Jun
City of Fresno Council June 18, 2020!
Among the items are banning restraint chokeholds by Police officers; Mobile Covid testing;Vehicle Miles traveled debate leading up to state law that began a next month;Freeze on new hires at City;Central South East Specific Plan; #fresno
Closed Session: possible lawsuit City v County. Watch today’s City Council meeting beginning at 9 am on @CMACTV
Some of the Consent Calendar items: 1-J**Approving the Final Map of Tract No. 6214, Phase 1 of Vesting Tentative Tract Map No. 6214, and accepting dedicated public uses offered therein except for dedications offered subject to City acceptance of developer installed required
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16 Jun
Continuing City of Fresno Budget hearings! # Fresno Watch on @CMACTV Scheduled are Public Works, PARCS, Convention Center, Mayor/City Manager and Council Offices as well as General Purpose which includes retirement.
SEFCEDA (South East Fresno Economic Development Association) is building a regional park and soccer field. They are asking City Council for $90,000 to prepare an up to $8.5 million application for Prop 68 Grant.
All Councilmembers are here this morning! Arias says they all got some sleep and have a pulse and are not Russian bot.
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15 Jun
City of Fresno BudgetJune 15, 2020 Budget Hearing (continued) Airport, Fax , Fire and Police Departments will be discussed today. Live on audio but having video technological issues. Councilmembers joking they will need to pre-order dinner as it will be a long day.
Meeting beginning: City Manager Wilma Quan introduces Airport Director Kevin Meikle. He says CARES act allows Airports to use funds however they choose. Coronavirus effected passenger numbers a lot but slowly coming back. @LisaYFlores1 wirh first public comments: can’t find
Line item Budgets online for airport or any other departments. Why not? Staff: can go to finance department there is a subsection where you can find each departments line item info. Next: Jonathon O Brien: (racial slurs shouted by caller) Next: david (racial slurs again)
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11 Jun
Fresno City Council June 11,2020
Among the items besides budget hearings at 1 pm are: 10:30 AM WORKSHOP on Building Community Trust and Accountability While Protecting Social Justice, Presented by Fresno State and National Association for the Advancement of Colored People;
; parklets in Tower District; proposed SB1 Road work;
1-B Approve a Sub-Recipient Agreement with the Youth Leadership Institute for the Leadership Development Community Partner component of the Transform Fresno Community Engagement Plan as a part of the Transformative Climate Communities
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9 Jun
City of Fresno’s budget meeting ( in process) Motion to add $100,000 to City Attorney’s office for research into Community Policing. City Clerk’s office: a small 6 person staff. Do a lot of small important tasks and compliance. Managed the current Zoom meetings due to COVID.
Future: updating agenda management software , digitize historic data; 246 resolutions and 83 ordinances this year. Requesting $174,000 this year ( compiled pre-Covid.) @Esmeralda_Soria is there any savings? A: only from an unfilled employee spot. Soria: clerk’s office is the hub
for connecting to our constituents. Digitizing records shows transparency. Lighting work in Council chambers begins this week. Zoom will be continued after opening chambers to public. Jim Schaad: Social distancing improvements are being done as well. Motion to do ADA and Micro-
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9 Jun
Fresno County Board of Supervisors June 9, 2020 Among the items are changes to animal code; Reedley affordable housing; new engine for Sheriff Dept’s Cessna airplane ; Remembrance for long time Fresno State Baseball Coach Bob Bennett; extend escrow on Old VMC Hospital purchase.

14. *Adjourn in Memory of Alice Machado Mendes, a long time resident of Riverdale, a working partner on the A. F. Mendes and Sons Dairy, and very active in the Riverdale community and a number of Portuguese fraternal societies Image
14.1 *Adjourn in memory of Bob Bennett, longtime Fresno State baseball coach

14.2 *Adjourn in Memory of Eleanor Yazijian 1926-2020, community member ImageImage
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4 Jun
Special Fresno City Council meeting at 2 pm. One item is requiring ALL Councilmembers and other Charter Officials to abide by health and safety emergency order while at City Hall. Also Includes two Closed Session items: conferences with all labor negotiators &Public Security.
Also on agenda is appropriation for safety masks for small businesses; Amend contract with EDC related to COVID-19; and Housing Retention Grant.
@MiguelArias_D3 Council President Miguel Arias just announced this will be beginning at 2:30 rather than 2 pm.
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26 May
Fresno County Board of Supervisors May 26,2020 livestream
Among the items are letter requesting State Senate to delay bill that would tax vehicle miles traveled v gallons used; two appeals of Planning Commission including allowing more days and hours for horse arena near Friant;
Covid relief of $40 million as well Covid CDBG grants ; CONSENT AGENDA Items:
Adopt Resolution recognizing the month of June 2020 as Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse Awareness Month in Fresno County
Sponsored by Chairman Mendes and Vice Chairman Brandau
20.1 Adopt Resolution Delaying Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) requirements of SB-743

Supervisor Magsig
21. Adjourn in Memory of Terry Tuell, owner of Terry Tuell Concrete, Inc.
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