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Accessibility expert. Award Winning Disability Rights Campaigner.Parrot Mum. Guardian of guide dog Tudor. views are mine. CP/SSI. she/her/Sir 😜
Nov 9, 2022 • 11 tweets • 3 min read
On Saturday night I was forced to leave the @premierinn Enfield, in the middle of the night. staff didn’t believe my dog was a guide dog. Despite being given proof (my ADUK, harness and lead!). Legally I do not have to provide proof. This is a thread. Get comfy. Aduk post saying assistance... I stayed at a premier inn Enfield Saturday 5th Nov. I checked in Tudor with me in full guiding gear. No issues. I get to the room, and took my medicine which can make me tired. About 9:30pm my partner took Tudor-with his guide dog lead on so he could still be seen as a guide dog