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19 Jul
I find it interesting that certain segments of the American population have to feel special before they will act right
All of this American exceptionalism, manifest destiny, america fuck yeah nonsense is all about getting a certain segment of this population to act right.
I was going to tweet a bunch of stuff, but i just don’t care anymore. Lol
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19 Jul
Religion is going to get corn rows and say really inappropriate shit
religion be like
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14 Jun
Glenn Greenwald is lost in the sauce. It’s equal parts highly amusing and utterly pathetic
Yes, noted authoritarians such as *checks notes* Black people protesting literally for our lives.
A trump campaign rally is not a protest.

Not sure why that even needs to be said, but here we are
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12 Jun
144 days to go.
143 days to go.
142 days to go.
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9 Jun
You TERFs are honestly some of the worst people on the planet.
“Waaaahh. Someone being trans is destroying my womanhood. How can I be a woman if someone else is also a woman!”

God god shut up.
Honestly. You sound like self absorbed dipshits.
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28 May
People out here crying about a fucking Target. Is that Target your brother? Shut up about the fucking Target.
Did a Target raise you? When your parents were tragically killed in a car crash, did a Target adopt you? Are you the tiny Pizza Hut in Target?

Is that why you’re on god’s green internet crying about a goddamn Target?
Target told me last week it never really loved you. You can stop crying about the fucking target
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11 May
Just keep shoving Obama in trump’s face.

he might just break.
Someone should make an ad mocking trump for running for president just because Obama clowned him at the White House correspondent’s dinner in 2011 or whenever it was.

We’re living through that man’s temper tantrum.
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6 May
Can’t even spell her name right while trying to elide the differences between the conservatives and liberals on the court.

Truly pathetic.
It says a lot when you go after Ginsburg for not retiring when Breyer is practically the same age.

But she’s gotta perform for her fans and her fans are primarily white dudes.
Also, stop telling the woman when to retire and blaming her when she doesn’t. It is horseshit. This, from @hegemommy. |…
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23 Apr
I need 17,000 people to give me five dollars.
I know you already gave me money for my OTHER project, but this is the most important tweet I have ever sent.

I can’t even hit “send tweet” without you. I need 18,000 people to send me 6 dollars so I can send this tweet.
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31 Mar
My aunt has epilepsy and mental health disorders and has been institutionalized for most of her adult life. The conditions where she is are terrible. She’s had a fever for 5 days and the ny dept of health says they’re not coming back.

Everyone is going to die in there.
They really are just going to cull disabled people right out of the population and not look back
Thanks for the kind words, everyone. Not much else to say really. This is really shitty for a lot of people and it’s only going to get worse.

I can’t fathom leaving people to die alone. I can’t fathom how 200K Americans dead is a good job.

Fuck donald trump to hell and back.
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21 Mar

Baby, can’t you see
I’m sneezin’
A germ like you has got me wheezin’
You’re dangerous

There’s no vaccine
I can’t wait
I need a test
But trump won’t give me it
He’s dangerous
Why is he president?
Too sick
Can’t leave home
But that’s ok
I prefer to be alone

Please don’t call me now
Oh, I just touched my lips
Now I’m gonna die
(You’re toxic I’m slippin’ under)

And I think I forgot to hand sanitiiiiize

Damn, I just touched my face
And the ‘rona is toxic
Wish I had Lysol spray
Cuz the rona is toxic
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15 Mar
One of these days you numpties will understand that the reason Bernie is losing is because of ding dongs like you calling everyone who doesn’t bow down to the High Sparrow a centrist.

Get bent.
Bernie Sanders does not have a monopoly on progressivism. One would have thought that lesson would have been learned in 2016, but here we are.
I swear this dude is sitting in Vladivostok somewhere.

Which is fittting since I’m drinking vodka right now.

Sergei and I are MFEO
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11 Mar
this election is more important than a couple old white dudes.

it's about your children's future. if trump replaces RBG and breyer, nothing progressive will get done for the next 50 years. So take the day to be upset and gnash your teeth, but then vote for the goddamn nominee.
even if joe biden does NOTHING ELSE besides appoint two supreme court justices, that is enough for me.

he can sit in his underwear eating banana pudding for all I care.

We cannot allow trump to continue to shape the federal judiciary.
And if you're honestly threatening not to vote for the nominee because it's not Bernie, then take every tweet you've ever posted accusing a non-bernie supporter of hating poor people and wanting millions of people to die and shove it directly up your own ass.
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