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12 Feb

If your wife lives perpetually with your parents , siblings or relatives, without a privacy of her own (a separate room, convenience and kitchen) it will only be a dream to think she will be comfortable in that arrangement, and it is unlikely she will be happy in it.
If any of your relatives live in the same house with you, it will take the grace of God and your maturity to ensure peace and justice in that house. Make sure you clearly spell out everyone's limits, "This is my wife, and this is my blood" without putting one down for the other
If your parents are old and need support, then it is your duty as a Son to take care of them like they did you while you were young. If that is not possible then get them a maid.
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9 Feb
Having Sexual Intercourse with Jinns.
Why Jinn Possess Humans?
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8 Feb
A French woman took her 14-year-old son to the Islamic Center, holding his hand, wanting him to convert to Islam. When they arrived at the center, the boy approached the imam and said: "My mother asks you to help me convert to Islam."
The imam asked the boy: "Do you want to convert to Islam yourself?"

The boy replied, “I didn't think about it. But my mother wants me to convert to Islam. "

The imam was surprised by the boy's answer and asked: "Is your mother a Muslim?"
The boy replied, "No, I don't even know why she wants me to convert to Islam."

The imam asked him: "Where is your mother?"

The boy replied, "she is outside."

The imam told the boy, "Go and call so I can talk to her."

The boy went out and returned with his mother.
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13 Jan

A man from the tribe of Banu Nawfal Ibn 'Abd Manaaf married a second wife who was fair and pretty.

Umm Mahjan, his first wife, who was dark in complexion, was upset when she heard the news. Jealousy and disappointment drove
her to confront her husband, but he explained,

"By Allaah, Umm Mahjan, there is no need to jealously guard me anymore. I am an old man. You too are old and there is no need for me to be jealous over you.

Nobody can be more honoured in my sight than you; neither does anybody
enjoy a greater right over me than you.

I, therefore, advise you to accept my decision and avoid bad thoughts from taking hold of you." These words pleased her and she felt comfortable.

A few days later, he said to her, "Wouldn't you like to live together with my new wife?
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13 Jan

You see that your fiancee that is making your blood hot, you wish you could hold her hands, you wish you could hug her, you wish it was allowed to kiss her even once, you wish he could peck or cuddle you,
you wish he could sing his love for you, you can't just wait till your guardian gives the green light, so that you can jump into his arms.

Just chill, when the knot is tied, half of these cravings and feelings will vanish immediately, after the honeymoon,
the remaining half will start withering away. He texts you 'I love you' thrice a day now, but after marriage, saying it for even once becomes a problem, and he can't just explain why he doesn't say it anymore. It's the work of Shaitan.
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3 Jan

1. Make friends with successful people and occasionally buy them gifts and surprise them with lunch because successful people always give and hardly get, so when you give them, they value the gift a lot.

2. Get a mentor and follow his instructions
and respect the relationship. Never beg your mentor for money or disrespect his or her privacy.

3. Make new positive friends as often as possible and ensure you keep the communication line open. Create a network of friends and not just connections.
5. Show kindness to everyone. Some small boys today will be big boys tomorrow. The biggest dog in the neighbourhood was once a puppy. Keep the information/secret to yourself.

6. Always plan ahead and be proactive. He that plans the future works less in the future.
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3 Jan

At the time of Khalifa Umar bin Khattab, three people came to him dragging a young man with them and said to him:
Oh leader of the believers, this man has murdered our father.

Umar: Why did you kill their father?

Young man: I'm a guardian.
My camel ate from his farm, and their Father threw a stone at the Camel and the Camel died. I also took the stone and threw it at their Father and he also died.

Umar: Because of this, I will pass judgment (charge you with murder).
Young man: I ask for 3 days before you pass the judgment. My late father left me some wealth and I have a sister to take care of. If you kill me now, the wealth and my sister will have no guardian.

Umar:Who will stand for your bail?
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2 Jan

People seem to think that the matters of proposal and all the hurts, pains, betrayal and separation that sometimes happens in it, will not be judged on the day of resurrection. For real? People misbehave with the feelings of others and
move on with life as if it's nothing. Don't employ the nollywood style or the soap opera style of calling off engagements with people.

Some brothers would propose to two or three sisters at a time, focus on one of them, while toying with the feelings of the rest, eventually
he marries one and abandons the rest in tears. Yet, tomorrow he will be wondering why his marriage is filled with problems, perhaps one of the sisters you betrayed and abandoned might have reported you to Allah and supplicated against you before the Lord of the worlds.
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25 Nov 20

My wife and I decided to play hide and seek yesterday. It was quite a fun game to play. But this time, we set a price. If I find her, she gets to cook me what ever food I desire. And if I don't find her, I get to cook for her
and my visiting parents, for two whole days, while she takes a break.

My parents were upstairs sleeping by then. Ever since they arrived from the village three days ago, they have been sleeping and resting.
According to mama, she said she had come for a vacation in her son home
We rang the bell to signify the start of the game. And if eventually I do not find her, I will ring the bell to signify that I have given up.

My wife ran to hide, while I shut my eyes tight. When it was time, I opened my eyes and began searching for her.
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15 Nov 20
Again I am asking. Why does it always have to be Igbo names?

News: Sultan urges Muslims to look for the new moon

Ikenga: Misplaced priority. How does new moon affect hunger in the land. Yeye fanatics.
Chinedu: Why is the Sultan always asking his brothers to look for Moon that we see everyday.

Chibueze: The old one was stolen by the APC Government (this particular idiot may have an MSc, but he does not know what new moon is)
Uchenna: You are trying to claim ownership of the moon. They will soon start killing people over moon. Illiteracy and barbarism.

Again, I am asking. Why must comments like these always come from Igbos?
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15 Nov 20
The Best Kayan Mata

Last week, I was requested to intervene in a marital brouhaha gone awry. The couple are relatively young and their marriage is still very fresh - just about three months old. I met the couple separately, and also talked to some of their closest associates
who are well acquainted with the issue. The outcome of my investigation is that their case is as simple as it is complicated. Unfortunately, not only were the couple too naive in the way that they handled their differences, their case, in fact,
is a classical example of the proverbial “too many cooks spoil the broth.”

Some of the issues revolve around personal hygiene, lack of discipline and home training, lack of culinary skills, stinginess, wickedness, bad communication strategy, sexual exploitation, et cetera.
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14 Nov 20

Dear sisters who didn't get married yet and afraid of what people may say about her.
Don't worry. Marriage is Rizq from Allah and He will surely grant it to when He wills it and not when you want it.
Don’t care of what people may say about you, remember that Maryam 'alaiha as-salam not got married and she is the only woman who has a whole Surah with her name.
So if not having a husband is a defect, she wouldn't have been mentioned in Qur’an.
Not getting married is not a flaw or a defect but not maintaining chastity is.

The real defect is that a woman doesn't preserve her purity and chastity.

Be patient and be sure that Allah will reward you greatly for your patience at the end this Dunya is not about men or
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8 Oct 20
Ladieswhy??? Why this kind of wickedness to a poor innocent baby, if you don't want the baby, kindly take the baby to an orphanage!

🚫Stop this wickedness.
My Beloved Sister in Islam, if unfortunately you were to abort your unborn child for any reason whatsoever, we assure you in the name of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala that on the Day of Judgment the Lord Most High will put life back into that innocent murdered soul and
you will have to present an answer to the Lord All-Knowing for what crime was it killed!!!
Fear Allah and abstain from this most heinous of sins. Keep your full trust and faith in Allah and remain constant in your supplications towards Him to have mercy on you and your child,
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7 Oct 20
While in a public transport today, a woman on my row started begging people for financial assistance.

The man sitting directly in front of me dug hand in his wallet and gave her N500, then others followed, she eventually got over a thousand naira within that short period.
Not long after that, the same man that gave this woman N500 then wanted to buy a bottled water, and the hawker had to run to catch up with us because the man wanted to give him N100 and he had to collect his N50 change first before handing him the N100.
The scenario touched me!
Immediately, I requested for a bottle too and gave the guy 200. A woman beside me shouted...Ahh, let him give you your change first before giving him money😳💁🏻!!

She looked at me as if I'm a "mutula", a new person in Lagos wey dem never show😀.
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6 Oct 20
When I was a kid, my Mom liked to make breakfast food for dinner every now and then. I remember one night in particular when she had made breakfast after a long, hard day at work. On that evening so long ago, my Mom placed a plate of eggs, sausage and extremely burned biscuits
in front of my dad. I remember waiting to see if anyone noticed!

All my dad did was reach for his biscuit, smile at my Mom and ask me how my day was at school. I don't remember what I told him that night, ....
but I do remember watching him smear butter and jelly on that ugly burned biscuit. He ate every bite of that thing...never made a face nor uttered a word about it!

When I got up from the table that evening, I remember hearing my Mom apologize to my dad for burning the biscuits.
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5 Oct 20
Reminder to my sisters!

You are all beautiful and perfect and enough. Don't let anyone ever make you feel otherwise.
When someone tells you, you would look more beautiful with blue eyes or long hair or if you lose 8kgs or..
if you take care of your skin then please realise they aren't complimenting you, they are insulting you and concentrating on the things "they think" you lack according to their "limited understanding of beauty". Don't laugh away such backhanded remarks.
Be brave and confident enough to say I think I am pretty perfect and awesome the way Allah made me.
And so are you the Creator.

Show them to not make such comments about you while also lifting their morale and confidence by complimenting them.
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26 Sep 20

Ladies keep asking if it’s good to provide for a to - be husband ( A man who wants to marry you ) . Whether to give or lend them money, rent accommodation for them, pay for the bride price on their behalf, etc.
Helping someone is for our own good. It’s like sowing into our future. It’s not an act of business relationship but it’s an act of love; what God expects from us.

This is far different from ‘growing’ a man for marriage,
or investing into a man in order for him to marry you in the future. You only give as a friend without expecting anything in return, so even if they leave you, you don't feel cheated.

Yet some ladies run a relationship like an investment,
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26 Sep 20

When we are preoccupied with the wrongs others have committed against us, we lose focus of one of the most beautiful ways to get closer to ALLAH.
@Denikekhai @faisalbabadudu @tenithetailor @aa_drs @FotoNugget @Iraadat_ @its_hammadrabiu
The Prophet (SAW)Said “There was a merchant who used to extend credit to people. If he found one of his customers to be in difficulties he would say to his assistants: “Forgive them their debt, perhaps ALLAH will forgive us.” ALLAH did forgive him.” [Bukhari/Muslim].
There is a direct correlation between the ways we treat others and how ALLAH (Subhanahu wa Ta’ala) treats us. We all know the Prophet’s (sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam) famous saying “Have mercy on those on the earth, and the One in heaven, ALLAH will have mercy on you” [Tirmidhi].
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25 Sep 20
Marriage is not just about love. It entails a lot. Before you marry, make sure whoever you're choosing can perform proper #Ghusul, #Ablution #Salat.

Many a times lots of us lack the knowledge and principles of the #Deen.
All we care about is the fancy dresses and parties we are going to have on our wedding day, forgetting marriage is also an act of worship which needs to be given much attention to.

All we know is we're marrying the love of our lives and we're going to live 'happily ever
after' (we don't marry based on Deen anymore). We don't marry to please Allaah anymore, we marry because we feel we're being left out of the race,we marry because we want to put our enemies to shame;


What then is the essence of the marriage if both..
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22 Sep 20
A Teacher wrote on the board,
36x + yx, 2/3yx + 3x (66y + 12x).b =0

He turned to Agabus and said, "Solve the problem."

Agabus picked the duster, cleaned the board and said, "Problem solved!

Some of our lives problems require such solutions.

Just clean it off and move on.
Someone wants to give you a naughty problem, just clean it off your head and move on.

Someone comes with a demoralizing and discouraging news to spoil your day, just clean up your mind and move on.
Someone just picking up useless quarrel with you because you are doing something constructive, just clean it up and move on.

Someone wants to obstruct your move to success just brush them aside and focus on your goal.
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21 Sep 20

To speak gratitude is curteous and pleasant, to enact gratitude is gorgeous and noble, but to live gratitude is to touch heaven and make it a save haven.
Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues after Piety, but the parent of all others including Purity. For it paves way for a host of other very positive qualities to emerge.
Gratitude to Allaah makes a good sense of our past, brings peace for today and promises a better tomorrow for us.

Which of Allaah's favour would you deny?

If He had created you a Monkey, would you have had a choice? If He had made you a Donkey, would you have complained?
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