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Run by Antony Loveless, former journalist, and Claire, NHS nurse/Health Visitor. #LongCovid sufferers and advocates since 2020 PPI Advisers STIMULATE ICP at UCL
Mar 20 14 tweets 13 min read
THREAD. Claire and I joined our friends @KeyWorkerPetUK last Wednesday in #London for #LongCovidAwaneressDay, travelling from all over the UK.

At great cost to us all health-wise, we did it because it was important. We started with a meeting @theRCN ImageRachel and Cass at the Roya...Claire being interviewed by... @theRCN, we were interviewed by @gemmamitchell92 of the @NursingTimes. Whilst @KeyWorkerPetUK gave an interview to @Channel5N, and @BethRigby of @BBCPanorama, Claire collapsed. 2/ ImageImageImageImage