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6 May
Breaking: Ron DeSantis signs Georgia-style voter suppression bill #SB90 restricting mail ballot drop boxes, making it harder to vote by mail, criminalizing giving food/water to voters in line & expanding partisan challenges to vote counting. Only Fox was allowed to cover signing
It’s extremely telling that DeSantis claims new Florida voter suppression law intended to boost “election integrity” but barred all media except Fox News from covering bill signing. It was a Fox & Friends “exclusive” Image
DeSantis called Florida a model for election integrity but just signed new bill rolling back voting access after 680,000 more Dems than Rs voted by mail & Black share of mail voting doubled in 2020…
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30 Apr
Breaking: Florida legislature passes Georgia-style voter suppression bill #SB90 criminalizing giving food/water to voters in line, restricting mail ballot drop boxes, making it harder to vote by mail & expanding partisan challenges to vote counting…
For two decades GOP cited Florida as model for mail voting. Now they’re rolling back voting access after 680,000 more Dems voted by mail in 2020 & Black share of mail voting doubled. Republicans changing rules the minute they don’t advantage them
Most ridiculous part of new FL voter suppression bill: instead of being available 24/7 every mail ballot drop box must be staffed by an election worker at all times & election officials will be fined $25,000 if they don’t comply. Absurdly punitive
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22 Apr
Congress split the Dakota territory in half in 1889 to admit two new states with 4 Republican senators

So spare us the fake outrage over DC statehood
Read @HC_Richardson: "In 1889 and 1890, Congress added ND, SD, MT, WA, ID & WY-largest admission of states since original 13. This addition of 12 new senators & 18 new electors was a deliberate strategy of late-19th-century Republicans to stay in power"…
This is how undemocratic US Senate is:

-15 states with 38 million people elect 30 GOP senators

-California with 40 million people elects 2 Dems

-By 2040, 30% of America will elect 70 senators. 70% of America will elect only 30…
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8 Apr
133 mass shootings in US already this year: let's make it easier to buy guns

2 cases of voter fraud in 2020: let's make it harder to vote
Tennessee requires voter ID to cast a ballot but no background check to buy a gun
Hours after I tweeted this US had its 134th mass shooting this year, in Bryan TX

How are Texas Republicans responding to gun violence?

By making it harder to vote & requiring sports teams to play national anthem
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8 Apr
There’s been ridiculous attempt by GOP to claim new Georgia law isn’t voter suppression

It restricts voting access in more than a dozen ways

It gives GOP unprecedented power to subvert election results

And it’s based directly on Trump‘s Big Lie…
Republicans have introduced 361 bills to make it harder to vote in 47 states in 3 months & we’re supposed to believe they’re not engaged in voter suppression?
The Georgia law will make it harder for voters to cast a ballot, harder for organizations to mobilize voters & harder for election officials to run smooth elections. And if all that fails to help GOP candidates, election boards can disqualify voters & decline to certify results
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8 Apr
Joe Manchin represents a state that is 1/22 the population of California & 92% white yet he can singlehandedly block policies supported by 70-80% of Americans. This is why the US Senate is so broken
US Senate ridiculously undemocratic:

-split 50-50 but Dems represent 41 million more people

-15 states with 38 million people elect 30 GOP senators

-California with 40 million people elects 2 Dems…
After Sandy Hook massacre in 2012 Manchin wrote bipartisan legislation requiring background checks for gun sales. It was supported by 86% of Americans & 54 senators but blocked by 46 senators representing just 38% of country. This is consequence of filibuster Manchin supports
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2 Apr
Thread - all the ways Georgia legislation makes it harder to vote:

-makes it crime to give food & water to voters in line

-severely limits mail ballot drop boxes

-allows GOP legislature to appoint majority on state election board & suspend county election officials

-allows unlimited challenges to voter eligibility

-adds strict new ID requirement for mail ballots

-gives voters less time to request mail ballots

-prevents election officials from sending out mail ballot applications

-bans mobile voting centers

-throws out most ballots cast in wrong precinct

-prohibits election funding from nonprofit groups

-makes it more difficult to extend voting hours when problems arise

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1 Apr
Stunning new data from @brennancenter: 361 bills to restrict voting rights introduced in 47 states as of March 24

That’s up from 253 restrictive bills as of Feb 19, a 43% increase in a month

55 restrictive bills in 24 states moving through legislatures…
At 2 AM last night Texas Senate passed voter suppression bill banning extended early voting hours & drive-thru voting, closing polling places in minority areas & allowing partisan poll watchers to record voters who receive help filling out ballots…
"In a backlash to 2020’s historic voter turnout, and under the pretense of responding to baseless and racist allegations of voter fraud and election irregularities, state lawmakers have introduced a startling number of bills to curb the vote"…
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31 Mar
Breaking: Virginia Governor Ralph Northam just signed state-level Voting Rights Act. First Southern state to do so after SCOTUS gutted VRA in 2013. Big contrast to GOP voter suppression in Georgia & other states
“At a time when voting rights are under attack across our country, Virginia is expanding access to the ballot box, not restricting it," says @RalphNortham, who calls Voting Rights Act of Virginia a "model for how states can strengthen democracy"…
"The Voting Rights Act of Virginia prohibits discrimination in elections administration, requires local election officials to get feedback or pre-approval for voting changes, and allows individuals to sue in cases of voter suppression"
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25 Mar
This is insane: Georgia Dem rep @Cannonfor58 was arrested for trying to watch Brian Kemp sign new voter suppression bill. Look at how she is treated by police. This is straight out of Jim Crow
H/t @stphnfwlr for posting this. Full video via @hannahjoyTV
Dem state Rep Erica Thomas to Georgia capitol police: "You arrested a sitting state representative for nothing! She didn’t do anything but knock on the governor’s door. I’m so done. Protect and serve who?”
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25 Mar
Mitch McConnell yesterday: "states are not engaging in efforts to suppress voters whatsoever"

Georgia House today: passes 95 page voter suppression bill
Georgia Senate is now taking up House passed voter suppression bill #sb202 & Brian Kemp could sign it as soon as tomorrow. This is how desperate they are to suppress votes
One of most dangerous parts of GA voter suppression bill allows state legislature to appoint majority of state election board & take over county election boards in order to challenge election results

"It will make what we all lived through in 2020 child’s play" says @gwlauren
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25 Mar
Breaking: Georgia House passes 95 page GOP voter suppression bill allowing GOP takeover of state/county election boards, unlimited challenges to voter eligibility, restricting drop boxes & making it crime to give voters food & water in line
Georgia House voter suppression bill includes massively undemocratic power grab giving GOP legislature control of state election board, allowing them to take over county election boards & stripping power from GOP sec of state after he stood up to Trump…
"What I'm worried about is how un-American this whole initiative is” Biden says about GOP voter suppression efforts. “It's sick. It's sick”

He calls out “not giving water to people when they’re in line to vote” referring to Georgia House bill passed today
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24 Mar
Senate holding first hearing today on For the People Act, most important democracy reform bill since Voting Rights Act

S1 + John Lewis VRA would stop GOP voter suppression

"This is once-in-a-century moment to protect right to vote" says @amyklobuchar…
Dems can abolish filibuster to pass For the People Act & John Lewis Voting Rights Act or they can allow GOP to undermine democracy for next decade

"With so much at stake, we need to not just protect & defend voting rights, we need to grow them" says @SenAlexPadilla
41 GOP senators representing 21% of US can block bills like S1 supported by 68% of Americans that would expand voting access for tens of millions

If Dems don't end filibuster to pass S1 & John Lewis Voting Rights Act minority rule will get much worse

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23 Mar
2 cases of voter fraud in 2020: let’s make it harder to vote

38,000 gun deaths a year in US: let’s make it easier to buy guns
It should be easier to vote than it is to buy an assault weapon
In wake of two mass shootings in a week, Georgia Republicans are literally trying to loosen gun restrictions & pass many more voting restrictions… Image
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18 Mar
Arizona Republicans introduced more voter suppression bills than any state except Georgia

But @SenatorSinema wants to keep Jim Crow filibuster instead of stopping new wave of Jim Crow 2.0

AZ activists say it's "matter of life or death for democracy"…
AZ Republicans have introduced 40 bills to undermine democracy & 22 to make it harder to vote

Voting rights activists have message for Sinema: abolish filibuster to pass HR1 & John Lewis Voting Rights Act or watch GOP eviscerate fair elections
AZ Republicans moving bills to purge 200,000 voters from vote by mail list, throw out ballots if not postmarked by Thursday before election even if arrive by Election Day & require access to copier or printer to vote by mail. “It’s legislating by conspiracy theory”
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17 Mar
38,000 gun deaths a year in US: who needs gun control?

2 cases of voter fraud in 2020: let’s pass 253 new voter suppression laws
One day after mass shooting Georgia Republicans introduce 93-page bill to make it harder to vote, released just one hour before hearing on it
In Texas you can vote with a gun permit but not a student ID
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15 Mar
56 years ago today LBJ introduced Voting Rights Act before joint session of Congress & said, "It is wrong — deadly wrong — to deny any of your fellow Americans the right to vote." It was known as "We Shall Overcome" speech, one of greatest ever by US president
After gutting Voting Rights Act to unleash wave of new voter suppression in states like GA & TX, GOP now trying to kill what's left of law & pass 253 new voting restrictions

This is why Dems need to pass HR1 & John Lewis Voting Rights Act…
John Lewis & MLK watched LBJ's speech introducing VRA in Selma, where Lewis brutally beaten 8 days earlier on Bloody Sunday. First time he'd ever seen MLK cry

"To hear Lyndon Johnson say, ‘And we shall overcome,’ it was beautiful" Lewis told me when I wrote Give Us the Ballot
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10 Mar
New: @staceyabrams tells me Senate Dems should exempt bills protecting voting rights from filibuster in order to pass HR1 & John Lewis Voting Rights Act

“the right to protect democracy should not be thwarted by minority imposition" she says…
Wave of GOP voter suppression bills in states like Georgia makes it all the more urgent for Dems to pass HR1 & John Lewis Voting Rights Act

“if we do not protect the participation of voters in our election system, we will find ourselves losing our democracy” says @staceyabrams
Here’s what @staceyabrams had to say to Dems like Joe Manchin & Kyrsten Sinema who want to keep filibuster

"we have to make certain that a minority of people cannot be in power in the Senate, and therefore deny the basic principles of citizenship to millions of Americans"
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8 Mar
Breaking: Republicans in Georgia Senate just voted to repeal no-excuse absentee voting, which 1.3 million voters used in November, including 450,000 Republicans

Georgia Republicans wrote mail voting law & defended until Dems & Black voters started using in large numbers
Georgia Republicans passing largest rollback of voting rights since Jim Crow, targeting mail voting, early voting & automatic voter registration

"every single metric of voter access that has been a good in Georgia is now under attack” says @staceyabrams…
It’s more important than ever for Dems to pass For the People Act & John Lewis Voting Rights Act to stop GOP voter suppression

“Republicans unchecked are creating an existential crisis for democracy” @staceyabrams tells me…
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7 Mar
On March 7 1965 John Lewis brutally beaten marching for voting rights on Bloody Sunday in Selma

56 years later Republicans have introduced 253 new voter suppression laws in 43 states

This is why we need to pass John Lewis Voting Rights Act & For the People Act
At time of Bloody Sunday in March 1965 only 2% of Blacks registered to vote in Selma. You had to name all 67 county judges to get on voting rolls 

Because of incredible courage of John Lewis & civil rights activists, LBJ introduced Voting Rights Act 8 days later
On anniversary of Bloody Sunday Biden issues executive order making it easier to vote

“elected officials in 43 states have already introduced more than 250 bills to make it harder for Americans to vote. We cannot let them succeed”…
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3 Mar
New: @amyklobuchar tells me she supports ending filibuster to pass For the People Act

"we have raw exercise of political power going on where people are making it harder to vote & you can’t let that happen in a democracy because of old rules in Senate”…
HR1 would be largest expansion of voting rights since passage of Voting Rights Act in 1965:

-Automatic & Election Day registration
-2 weeks early voting
-Expand vote by mail
-Stop voter purging
-Independent redistricting
-Public financing elections
Dems can eliminate filibuster to pass HR1 & John Lewis Voting Rights Act to stop GOP voter suppression

Or they can allow GOP to undermine democracy for next decade

Stakes couldn't be higher
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