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13 Apr
What's causing the blood clots? FDA's Peter Marks says this is just a theory, but that it could be an immune response that occurs very rarely after vaccination, causing activation of blood platelets.
Presser available live here:

Woodcock says FDA/CDC have done an extensive review of the reported events and looked at the background rate of these clots.

Marks says these types of clots have a background rate of 2-14 per million people. BUT says there's a pattern of events similar to Europe events.
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13 Apr
👀The FDA and CDC are calling for a pause in the use of J&J’s vaccine after a series of blood clots in six women.

So far, about 6.86 million doses of J&J’s vaccine have been used in the U.S., so that’s a known rate of less than 1 in 1,000,000.
Many of the J&J doses have also been targeted, by the feds, at harder to reach populations. If there are vaccine-hesitant among those, this news may not help.
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30 Mar
We are now tracking U.S. vaccine availability by week, and comparing it with manufacturer projections:

Full graphic here: bloomberg.com/graphics/covid…
We know there's been a lot of interest -- especially recently! -- in "how many shots are out there." Now you can see that, and see what's coming:
☝️This dataset is from the weekly CDC allocations, dated to the time of announcement (our best judgment on when doses are made "available" or "delivered" to the federal gov.). We've also recreated a history of non-CDC-allocated doses, which get announced by the WH.
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27 Mar

📊3.5M doses today; 7-day avg=2.68M/day
🇺🇸US: 140M doses total

☝️Looking like another U.S. inflection point may be brewing, with the 7-day tilting up two tenths after being stuck at 2.5M

Full data/graphic: bloomberg.com/graphics/covid…
This is a one-day record -- the second in a row. (The 4.5M day a big ago is an artifact of CDC's data reporting, which we'll correct if we can but.... it's a bit complicated.)
We're seeing surges in vaccines being shipped, lots more places to administer them, and an expansion of eligibility. No surprise the numbers are going up, here.
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26 Mar

⭐️A record day of vaccinations reported in the U.S., which pushes up our U.S. 7-day average to 2.62M/day.

📊3.4M doses today; 7-day avg=2.62M/day
🇺🇸US: 137M doses total

Full graphic/data: bloomberg.com/graphics/covid… Image
🧵2/ If past trends hold, we could be in for some very big numbers this weekend. (Saturdays and Sundays have been among our biggest days, typically.)
3/ There may also be some catch-up action going on here, so treat this number with a grain of salt. We know there were some states (texas) with some reporting delays earlier this week.

This is one frustration of having to rely entirely on CDC data after their methodology switch.
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14 Mar
Here's why the U.S. reported an absolutely massive 4.6M doses on Saturday (more than 50% higher than any prior report).

The boring answer: It's a one-time methodological bump from a later-than-usual CDC data pull that sucked in more data than usual.

This means (assuming CDC reverts back to it's normal data pull time) that Sunday's number will probably be smaller than it would be otherwise.

Here's my earlier thread taking some guesses at what's going on.

Our methodology blog post also has (from CDC) what the number today *would* have been with a normal pull time. You can find it here (it's still a lot):

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13 Mar

🚨Record day of reported vaccinations, with 4.6M. 50% higher than past 2.9M record. Looking into why (data dump/lag, +capacity, etc.)

📊4.6M doses today; 7-day avg=2.54M/day
🇺🇸US: 106M doses total

Full graphic/data: bloomberg.com/graphics/covid…
⚠️This is a huge number that's 50% bigger than we've ever seen. it's possible there's some sort of data/methodological reason for this. We are investigating and will post a blog/more tweets if we find out something more.

In the meantime, <sportscenter voice> THAT'S A BIG ONE
There are some states here that are all having record days: Take a look at Cali, NY, Mississippi, North Carolina:
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12 Mar

⭐️The U.S. has crossed the 100M-dose mark, less than 3 months into the vaccination campaign

📊2.9M doses today; 7-day avg=2.3M/day
🇺🇸US: 101M doses total
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦66M people w/ at least 1 dose

Full data: bloomberg.com/graphics/covid…
(Deleted prior tweet w/ the XXXX templated material)
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11 Mar

📊2.5M doses today; 7-day avg=2.23M/day
🇺🇸US: 98.2M doses total

⚠️Notes and news in the🧵below!

Full data + all the tables: bloomberg.com/graphics/covid… Image
⚠️Data note: We made a chance to our NYC methodology that brings it in line with the rest of the U.S. The % of people vaccinated now reflects residents, not place of vaccination. The resulted in a change to our NYC %s.
💉J&J doses continue to creep upwards.

J&J delivered: 3,704,500
J&J admin: 638,469 Image
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6 Mar

⭐️One-day record, almost 3M doses reported in the U.S. Mass vaccination sites like FEMA-run centers + stadiums may be boosting numbers.

📊2.9M doses today; 7-day avg=2.16M/day
🇺🇸US: 87.9M doses total

We'll be adding more granular data on J&J doses as we get it. We are hoping that will be on Monday.
For those looking for how many *people* have gotten first/second doses, that information updates with every mini-update here, just above the table:
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3 Mar

⭐️Our U.S. 7-day average is now 2.01M doses/day, the first time above 2M. This appears to be driven by a combo of winter-storm make-up doses + increasing supply.

📊1.91M doses today; 7-day 2.01M
🇺🇸US: 80.5M doses total

bloomberg.com/graphics/covid… Image
If there's a significant pull-back after the storm make-up bump, this could slip back down. But between J&J doses going into arms this week + rising shipments of about 15M doses/week, that seems unlikely/short-lived.

2M+ averages may be the new normal.

👋Our full graphic, all of our data/tables/maps/really cool charts are available here:

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21 Feb

📊1.8M doses today; 7-day average=1.33M/day
🇺🇸US: 63.1M doses total

⚠️Please note our methodological change in the post below! The U.S. rate weirdness is b/c of a significant data switch.
Please read this post on our methodology change, and some very significant changes to how CDC is reporting data:

Also, uh, this happened and we still don't know what it is...

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21 Feb
💉VACCINE DATA (methodology) UPDATE⚠️

We have our usual update coming later tonight, and I'll thread it here. But in the meantime we have a very important methodology update about how we get data + count doses.

Short version: CDC made major changes in how they attribute doses to states, in a way that makes their data non-comparable with state-produced data. Unless something changed, we will be using CDC data for the U.S. going forward. Read the details here:

There are upsides and downsides to this change.

Upside: It places Defense Dept. vaccinations in the place where people reside. That's important -- the 1918 flu is thought to have started in a military base in Kansas. These federal categories aren't abstract.
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20 Feb

📊1.4M doses today; 7-day avg=1.49M/day
🇺🇸US: 60.5M doses total

❄️⚡️We continue to see BIG impact from the storms.

🧵below on a *major* methodological change at CDC that affects our totals tonight

bloomberg.com/graphics/covid… Image
⚠️First, CDC's method change (this is important)

1/ As of this afternoon, CDC is assigning doses given to people in federal entities TO the states where they reside. This significantly affects the CDC's state totals in a way that makes them harder to compare to state dashboards
2/ This amounts to about 3 million doses. This makes it much harder for us to compare what states report to what CDC reports, which is a big part of our model. (Federal entity numbers are not typically included in state-reported vaccine tallies.)
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17 Feb
💉Along with how many vaccines are getting administered, a major question is WHO is getting vaccinated.

Today our team launched a demographics vertical, looking at vaccine breakdowns by race/ethnicity in various states. It's awesome--check it out

You can see how various groups are getting vaccinated vs their populations. Black and Hispanic populations are being vaccinated below their population shares, while some groups are getting vaccinated above.

Because many states don't report the data, on don't have great data completeness, we've integrated state-by-state data quality rankings -- you can explore them here:
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16 Feb

📈1.5M doses today; 7-day avg=1.67M/day
🇺🇸US: 56.1M doses total
👪40.2M people w/ at least 1 dose, 15.6M completed vaccination

❄️Cold in Texas/elsewhere likely pushed daily rate down
⚠️CDC updated today after not yday

New cases in the U.S. continue to fall after the holiday surge. This chart plots total vaccinations vs confirmed cases. More vaccine = more impact on driving down new cases. The leveling off there is (probably mostly) from post-holiday decline.

Our full graphic and data, including our international maps and graphics, are available here.

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11 Feb

🚀Big number day
🧵See thread link below about vaccine deals for 200M doses; good news on supply

📈2M doses today; 7-day avg=1.62M/day
🇺🇸US: 48M doses total
🧑‍🤝‍🧑35.7M people w/ at least 1 dose,🏅11.9M completed vaccination

200 million more doses coming to the U.S. -- these deals are a big deal

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11 Feb
💉The U.S. has just announced deals for 200M more vaccine doses (100M Pfizer, 100M Moderna) for delivery by end of July.

🚀The U.S. has now climbed our ranking of vaccine deals, with more vaccine per capita arranged for than all but four other countries

Here's our table of vaccine deals -- the U.S. now has a TON of vaccine inbound. It's also received more vaccine faster than many other countries with deals for cleared vaccines -- Canada got briefly cut off, more or less, amid a supply interruption

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6 Feb

...🚨U.S. posts *first* 2M+ doses daily total...

🇺🇸US: 40.5M doses total
📈2.1M doses today; 7-day avg=1.43M/day
🧑‍🤝‍🧑31.1M people w/ at least 1 dose, 8.81M completed vaccination

⚠️We did NOT get updates in time today from Maryland + New Jersey, which may have caused a slightly lower total than usual. CDC did report totals, which may compensate.

U.S. leaders:
➕12 states over 1M doses admin
➕4 states over 2M

Data shift tonight thanks to @tsrandall (who you should follow for more analysis of the numbers), and @mariepastora

Global maps/tables and everything else below.

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5 Feb

🇺🇸1.8M doses today; 7-day avg=1.36M/day
🏅Biggest U.S. day of reported vaccinations yet, by our count

📊US: 38.5M doses total
🧑‍🤝‍🧑28.9M w/ 1+ doses, 8.09M completed vaccination

As expected, the number of people completing vaccination is starting to pick up quickly. It should trail the first-dose rate by about 3.5 weeks (assuming supply remains steady)

Our full graphic, all our tables and charts, and lots of global data are available here.

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4 Feb

🇺🇸US: 36.7M doses admin
🧑‍🤝‍🧑28.7M w/ at least 1 dose
➕1.7M doses today; 7-day avg=1.34M

☝️U.S. snow lull appears to be over!❄️

In the U.S., states have started taking unused doses from nursing homes and pulling them back into their state distribution systems -- this should tighten up some of the slack in the system. Per @angelicalavito

In our global rate chart, China makes infrequent reports. Those reports are very big. So it ends up looking...weird. This will likely clean up over time, but the data are the data.

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