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Apr 21 4 tweets 1 min read

As much as I speak to Men in Matrimonial Disputes (specially where kids are involved), I can tell you, Men are fighters👊

Women get sympathy from society, police, judiciary, love & sole custody of of kids + lifelong money from ex husband to sit idle Husbands are kicked by the system labelling them as Criminals on mere complaint by Wife, deprived of child's love, cannot leave job because he is Ultimate Patriarchal Provider, Fall, Cry, BUT get up to RESTART LIFE again for his child & parents

Jan 15 4 tweets 2 min read
Aap Chonology Samajhye!

🔹️1983: #498 Introduced | Criminalization Of Cruelty to Wife. Husband & All Relatives included

🔹️Women went on a drive to extort, threaten, imprison husbands & their families, because arrest could happen on mere complaint by wife


#MaritalRape 🔹️Men were picked up by police unannounced from their offices on Friday 6pm, courts closed, spend 2 days in jail till bail

🔹️2014: SC, after terming #498A as legal terrorism, gives Arnesh Kumar judgement, curtailing arrests w/o basic checks & balances


Jan 15 12 tweets 6 min read
Dear @CharuPragya

"100s of girls thrown out, burnt for dowry"

Pls quote this data with source, because acquittal by courts in #498A data shows a different story

Now, go through the thread below, which you may choose to conveniently ignore

#MaritalRape Supreme Court | “False #498A Amounts To Cruelty On Husband & A Ground For Divorce”…