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The Pessimist See's difficulty in every Opportunity. U learn more from failure than from Success. Crazy & Mad Love of Siddharth Shukla #SidharthShuklaliveson💖
Apr 10, 2021 22 tweets 26 min read
#SidHearts its a thread abt all those iconic characters done by our king @sidharth_shukla.I tried my level best to cover all those major roles.Commercials,award's&achievements r nt included.Included only iconic characters which helped him to curves his own place in our hearts1/22 @sidharth_shukla debuted in 2008 Babul Ka Aangaan Chootey Na opposites @aasthachaudhary mam. Subh and Aastha with their sizzling chemistry won everyones heart❤ He proved Passion is the beginning of success.From here he started his undisputed journey.
#SidharthShukla #SidHearts