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10 Jun

So, you mean to tell me that someone down your ancestry line survived being chained to another human bodies for several months in the bottom of a disease infested ship during the middle passage, lost their language, customs and traditions,
picked up the English language as best as they could while working free of charge from sunup to sundown as they helplessly watched their babies sold out of their arms and women raped by ruthless slave masters.
They took names without last names, no birth certificates, no heritage of any kind, braved the underground railroad, survived the civil war to enter into sharecropping, learned to read and write out of sheer will and determination, faced the burning crosses of the KKK,
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6 Jun
Studying Law in a lawless country,
Studying History in a country that lacks knowledge about their own history,
Studying Political Science is a country where its politics is an absolute mess,
Studying Educational Courses in a country that doesn't prioritize its educational system,
Studying Medicine in a country whose medical practitioners are not well treated,
Studying Geography in a country that doesn't give a damn,
Studying Engineering in a country that can't singlehandedly produce its own day to day commodities,
Studying Mass communication in a country whereby fundamental human rights and freedom of individuals are being trampled upon,
Studying Arts in a country where creativity and talents are being killed daily,
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22 May
How Queen Gudit Took Revenge On Ethiopia In 960 AD For Chopping Off Her Breasts.

The kingdom of Axum existed in modern day Ethiopia from 100AD to about 970AD. It was a prosperous kingdom until it was destroyed by a Queen driven by rage and revenge.
Queen Gudit or Yudit is said to have invaded the kingdom from the south, destroying not only the city but also its countryside, including churches and monasteries, as well as usurping the king and ruling for 40years.
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4 May

Idia was the mother of Esigie, the oba of Benin who reigned from 1504 to 1550. She was portrayed as a great warrior who fought tirelessly before and during her son's reign as the oba(king) of the Edo people.
Following the death of Esigie's father, Oba Ozolua, Queen Idia was instrumental in securing the title of oba for him. To that extent, she raised an Army to fend of his brother Arhuaran, who eventually defeated in combat. ASA result, Esigie becomes Benin's 17th Oba.
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17 Feb

Are you asking yourself who these women are? Majority of us wouldn't know them because we've been busy learning about Mother Theresa and the Fraudulent story of Mary Slessor.
In the morning of November 18th 1929, A man called "Emereuwa", Upon the directive of his boss okugo the warrant chief in Aba District walked into the compound of a widow called "Nwayereuwa", ordered her for a cencus of all her livestock and household.
The widow, Nwayereuwa knowing the census will determined how much she will be taxed by the British colonial government. She shouted on Emeruewa, "was your widowed mother at home counted?". An angry exchange ensued. Nwayereuwa resentfully rushed down to the town and market square,
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14 Feb
Y'all, My Babe just sent me Huge cake with a 300,000 Alert in my back account and he sent this as a message;

"My love she speaks like silence,
Without ideals or violence,
She doesn't have to say she's faithful,
Yet she's true, like ice, like fire.

People carry roses,
Make promises by the hours,
My love she laughs like the flowers,
Valentines can't buy her.

In the dime stores and bus stations,
People talk of situations,
Read books, repeat quotations,
Draw conclusions on the wall.
Some speak of the future,
My love she speaks softly,
She knows there's no success like failure
And that failure's no success at all.

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10 Feb
Meet Dr. Mae Jemison, The First Black Woman To Travel Into Space.

Mae C. Jemison is an American astronaut and physician who was the first African American woman to be enrolled in the NASA training program on June 4, 1987. Eventually on 12 September 1992, Jemison and six others flew into space on STS47,
onboard Endeavour making her the first African American woman in space. Jemison received many distinctions and honorary doctorates in recognition of her achievements.

Jemison was born in Decatur, Alabama, on October 17, 1956.
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9 Feb

Kingdom of Carthage Founded In 814 BC In North Africa, Fought Wars With Rome.
Known primarily as the Punic Wars competitor of ancient Rome, Carthage was a trading city in N.A hat existed for over 500 years.

From its foundation by the semi-legendary Queen Dido in 814 B.C the Kingdom of Carthage became the dominant power in the western Mediterranean.
The Phoenician cities were highly dependent on both land and seaborne trade, and a number of major ports in the area were included in their cities.
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8 Feb
My old sent me on an errand this morning to help her get a bundle of Ankara at a fabric store in ikeja. I got to the store, walked in and saw a woman there. Probably, she's the owner of the store because she looks like one.

Me: Ekaaro Ma

S.W: Kaaro Oko mi. Se Daada lo wa?
Me: Adupe ma. Mofe ra bundle aso yi (showing her the fabric picture from my phone)

S.W: (Looking at my face now). Mabinu o, She omo idile suraka ni e ni ijebu-ode?

Me: (smiled).... Yes ma.

S.W: Odi-olowo abi?

Me: Beeni ma
SW: Ahn Ahn, Mo so na. (This time, hugging me and saying, "Omo Baba mi"

S.W: Bawo ni gbogbo nkan? Se Alafia lo wa?

Me: Adupe lowo olohun ma
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7 Feb
2020 was a year of so many challenges and difficulties for me but yet, It was the best year ever for me. I met people, Opportunities came knocking at my door, I explored different places and the most interesting was working with some particular people who I call "LIFE". ImageImage
These particular people reshaped my view about life. I heard their different stories and their struggles for freedom and it left me wondering and asking, "Is this what life truly is, People really go through terrific things like this?" Image
You know there are things worse than death?

One of these people told me, "In my next life, I'd prefer death rather than go through this ever again". Image
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6 Feb
‘Iron Lady’ Ellen Johnson Sirleaf: Africa’s First Elected Female President

Internationally known as “Africa’s Iron Lady,” Nobel Laureate Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is a leading promoter of freedom, peace, justice, women’s empowerment and democratic rule.
As Africa’s first democratically-elected female head of state, she has led Liberia through reconciliation and recovery following the nation’s decade-long civil war, as well as the Ebola Crisis, winning international acclaim for achieving economic, social, and political change.
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5 Feb
Buganda Kingdom, The Largest Of The Traditional Kingdoms In East Africa.

In Uganda, Buganda is a kingdom. Buganda, the kingdom of the people of Ganda, is the largest of the traditional kingdoms in present-day East Africa, consisting of the Central Region of Uganda, including Kampala, the Ugandan capital.
The 6 million Baganda (singular Muganda; also simply referred to by the root word and adjective, Ganda) make up the largest ethnic group in Uganda, comprising about 16.9 percent of the population of Uganda.
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4 Feb
Ubang: The African Community Where Men And Women Speak Different Languages.

Generally speaking, the difference between a man and a woman around the world is their gender, but it’s more than that in Ubang, a rural community in southern Nigeria. Men and women speak different languages in the farming community
situated between two mountains in Obudu Local Government Area, Cross River State, Nigeria, and they understand each other perfectly.
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3 Feb
I want to drop gist for you people ooo😆😆😆
Army wanted to collect my Army jacket ooo😆😆😆
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1 Feb

Yes, they're richly melanated people( Aborigine, Melanesians, Jarawas) who have lived in Asia for tens of thousands of years.

Don't limit black people to Afrika or take away their divine description (Black).
Society puts a negative spin on black, but if you think deeply about it, and understand nature and the cycle of life, "Black is King".

Because, everything originated from blackness and eventually returns to blackness.
Life is conceived in pitch darkness (The womb). Seeds germinate in darkness underground. Carbon, the most essential element to life, is black. Stars are formed in black clouds in outer space, and when they burn out, what are we left with?... Blackness!
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31 Jan
Did You Know That These World’s Darkest And Lightest Men Are Both “BLACK”?.

In terms of skin color, Papis Loveday and Shaun Ross are said to be the darkest and the lightest men in the world.
And they’re both black men. While Loveday has a very dark skin, Ross is a high-level albino. In Chaos Magazine, the duo appeared in a stylish photo shoot. Both of them are models.
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31 Jan
Okay, let's learn this morning😊😊. Quote your replies.

1. What is the pronunciation of "SUITE?"
2. What's the difference between Homonyms, Homophones and Homographs?
3. Words Denoting Places, Profession/Trade.

A. What's a house of an Eskimo called?

B. A place for the collection of dried plants is called?

C. A place where spirituous liquors are produced is?

D. One who is skilled in the care of hands and feet is what?
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29 Jan

When Fela Kuti arrived in the United States, He was a British educated Nigerian. He met Sandra Isadore who was at the time entrenched in the Black Power Movement. Sandra was hoping to learn more about Afrika from Fela, but instead, she ended up educating him on Afrika.
Fela also read the Autobiography of Malcolm X, which encouraged him to drop the name Ransome) An European name from his full name.
Fela Kuti later said, " We were even ashamed to go around in national dress until until we saw pictures of black wearing danshikis on 125th street".
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27 Jan

Samora Machel, Patrice Emery Lumumba, Kwame Nkirumah, Thomas Sankara, Steve Biko and Amilcar Cabral had one thing in common which was the ideology of self determination and Independence of the whole Continent. Image
They also had a striking similarity in their course of life. That similarity was "Assassination".
You see, many Pan Afrikanist & Afrikan Nationalists were one way or the other tortured, oppressed / killed. They were killed because the white men knows the power we possess if we become united. We are still and will forever clamour for a one and unified borderless Continent.
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26 Jan
Kalulu, The 12-Year-Old Slave Boy “Kalulu Falls” (Congo River Falls) Named After Him.

Kalulu, the 12-year-old salve boy “Kalulu Falls” (Congo River Falls) named after himNdugu M’Hali or Kalulu born in 1865 and died on 28 March 1877.
He was an Afrikan boy enslaved and adopted by the explorer and journalist Henry Morton Stanley. Kalulu died young, but he visited Europe, America and the Seychelles throughout his short life.
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24 Jan
There's nothing like tribalism here. Here it is; We know we are different tribe of a nation and we all can explore in our different communities but when a particular tribe starts to inconvenient and threatening the daily existence of the other tribe,

the right thing to do is take precautionary moves!

We simply don't want you in our land anymore. Our life is in danger. Our properties are not safe anymore.

All we want is to coexist peacefully and if the other party can adhere to that, then they should leave. This isn't suppose to cause violence!

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