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4 Jul 20
I arrived in the USA as 4-year-old immigrant Muslim girl from India. America gave me freedoms I could have never lived in any Muslim country, to run with my dog 🐕 Lily, my hair free in the wind, my mind free, my voice free. #HappyFourthOfJuly 🇺🇸
Im the 1st post-colonial generation born after my dada, my grandpa, a lawyer, defended India’s freedom fighters to win liberty from the British. The shakti (divine feminine) & sukhoon (peace of mind) of my beloved motherland of India🇮🇳courses through me when I hear this song🇺🇸...
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26 Jun 20
A week ago, I asked @fcpsnews school board to protect my son's magnet school, TJ, from a race war. Ive since learned our K-12 kids are in the crosshairs of Woke Inc., selling snake oil activism of "critical race theory." And our school board is complicit. This is what I told them
Exhibit A: @fcpsnews board & superintendent turned renaming of Robert E. Lee High School into a partisan plan to teach k-12 kids “true history” at “whatever cost” to taxpayers, with Barack Obama & César Chávez on the roster for new names. Watch.
Exhibit B, The activist @fcpsnews school board returns two days later with a plan for a “work session” on racism in schools. Meanwhile, parents are losing sleep over the failure to put together a viable plan to EDUCATE our students. Watch.
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1 Jun 20
I did 1 search of @DSA, to which Muslim American radicals Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Keith Ellison, Linda Sarsour belong. They are lock-step with Antifa.
DSA & Antifa have hijacked justice for George Floyd.
I predicted it in 2017. Their violent intifada has begun.
Wake up!
Sorry @dsa, I didn’t mean to spam you by listing the acronym as handle. The love here should be going to @DemSocialists, the dangerous arm of Antifa.
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2 May 20
🚨thread BREAKING NEWS. MUST WATCH. Daniel Pearl's parents, Ruth & @YudaPearl, file appeal in Pakistan's Supreme Court, challenging a ruling that would free 4 men convicted in their son's murder 18 years ago. They make their plea in heartbreaking video that is courage incarnate.
Daniel Pearl's parents appeal a Sindh High Court ruling, overturning the conviction of Omar Sheikh, Salman Saqib, Fahad Naseem & Sheik Adil for Pearl's kidnapping and murder. Download the appeals here. Read their statements here. Download their video here.…
Daniel Pearl's parents are standing up for a free press in Pakistan and elsewhere, so no journalist has to fear losing their lives. And all journalists can live and work in safety.
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26 Feb 20
You asked for it, so I wrote it @JewishJournal: "Uncle Bernie's Anti-Semitism Problem."

"...when you cheer a plan to destroy the state of the Jewish people, it is anti-Semitism. Hate of the Jewish state is anti-Semitism."

Let's discuss! #Antisemitism…
Thank you @DavidSuissaJJ for being the kind of brave editor we need today! As I wrote in my piece, I voted for Bernie in the 2016 primary. Then I saw him accept Linda Sarsour & her bigotry & I thought: oh no. When he spoke at @ISNAHQ in 2019, I saw this book sold in the bazaar.
Any extremism scholar can tell you this book is a Muslim extremist’s nightstand reading. What is Bernie doing speaking at a conference where it is sold? Look at the index entries on “jihad”: “objectives of,” “obligatoriness of,” “raising armies for, by the Islamic state...”
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21 Feb 20
Remembering Danny Pearl. This day, Feb 21, 18 yrs ago, Captain arrived at the door to my Karachi home & said to Danny’s wife, “I’m sorry. I couldn’t bring your Danny home.” The heavens poured rain upon dry city streets the next morn, as if angels were weeping. We miss you, Danny.
🎻🙏🏽 @UNSRCulture for your memory of Danny. He gave me my 1st intro to music. He sent me to the music store on Connecticut Ave in DC to buy my 1st CD. I came back so proud.
“What did you get?”
“I’ll do anything for love but that.”
He grimaced & said, “That’s not music!”
It was...
...Meatloaf! If you have a memory of Danny Pearl, would you share it here? Let’s put together the memories #RememberingDannyPearl. This is the last photo I have with Danny, introducing him to Merve & Blink, stuffed animals. He called the photo “Clueless in Karachi.”
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22 Sep 19
Let this immigrant kid from Uttar Pradesh finally be useful, live tweeting a translation of #HowdyModi speech by @narendramodi in Hindi. He apologizes to the Indian Americans who couldn't make it into the venue.
It's live here:
@narendramodi "Houston is strong," ha ha in English. "The name of this event is Howdy Modi. Howdy Modi. However, Modi alone is nothing."
@narendramodi "Everything is fine," again LOL in English. All is fine in the liberal democracy of India. Everything is moving forward....
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24 Jul 19
Hijacking of Debate 101
@cnn @guardian: @Ilhan scolds “audience member” who asks Q on FGM,clitoris cutting
@nowthisnews: Q“biased”
✅Sarsour, CAIR, AlJazeera Mehdi Hasan #honorbrigade: launch attack
✅She’s “Islamophobic”etc
👉🏼 She’s brave MUSLIM @AniZonneveld @mpvusa
The @DNC must rethink its dangerous choice to take up the cause of the radical Muslim lobby, which shuts down critical debate over questions like FGM, homophobia, Islamism, terrorism & gender apartheid among Muslims, even berating brave Muslims like @AniZonneveld @mpvusa.
What @Ilhan expresses with her disrespect of a progressive liberal such as @AniZonneveld @mpvusa is the hate by the radical Muslim lobby (including CAIR, Linda Sarsour & AlJazeera proxies) against Muslim reformers who challenge Islamists. We live it everyday.
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23 Apr 19
321 innocents dead due to extremist ideology of Islam that Muslim lobbyists deny exists. LSarsour, Women’s March, CAIR flood Twitter, condemning Islamic extremism? No. They stage #WeMarchWithIlhan campaign to defend honor of 1 woman. Study their info ops
1) the call to action
2) the kickoff “NOW”
3) the “truth to power” refrain
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22 Mar 19
FYI 1) 2 lobbying orgs MoveOn & Linda Sarsour’s MPower Change team up to push rabid CAIR anti-Israel agenda
2) MPower celebrates that DNC candidates caved to #skipAipac
3) & tags its anti-Israel pals CAIR, Mehdi Hasan, Imraan Siddiqui, Jewish Voice for Peace, MoveOn, IfNotNow etc
And of course the Muslim orgs & leaders that MoveOn teams with do not espouse “progressive” values. CAIR supports purity culture, gender apartheid, anti-LGBTQ hate, patriarchal power, to name just a few.
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16 Mar 19
Dear @ChelseaClinton, You are now in the crosshairs of the dangerous & anti-Semitic #honorbrigade. They shame to silence criticism. Their agenda: destroying Israel. They came after @MeghanMcCain. In @TheMuslimReform, we oppose their hate. Read more here:
@ChelseaClinton @MeghanMcCain @TheMuslimReform PS You should never have apologized to the #honorbrigade. They are bullies who exploit every tragedy to further their agenda to 1) destroy Israel & 2) use the shield of "Islamophobia" to silence criticism of extremism & hate expressed by Muslims. @TheMuslimReform opposes them.
#honorbrigade is coming after Dems like the Clintons now
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11 Mar 19
Dear @SpeakerPelosi, I'm a journalist. In 2002, militants slayed Danny Pearl after my pal left my home in Karachi. His last words: "I am a Jew." Last week, I reported on CAIR & Linda Sarsour lobbying for Ilhan Omar. Here is what happened, via CAIR footage. World: What do you see?
@SpeakerPelosi Below is the video from the angle of my phone. In my video, you can hear Linda Sarsour's order to her CAIR-affiliated aides, as well as their taunting. In the CAIR video, you can see their clearly aggressive body blocking. From any angle, it's wrong.
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15 Jan 19
Of course! @womensmarch names @rallouch, leader at anti-Israel, sexist CAIR, as its🧕🏽steering committee leader.
Qs, Roula.
Do you believe...
✅ ☪️🚺can lead🚹in prayer?
✅ 🧕🏽is a symbol of a 🚺 purity?
✅ ☪️🚺can wed non-Muslim🚹OR 🚺?
✅1☪️🚺=1☪️🚹 as witness?
✅🇮🇱may exist?
1) the rise of hateful Linda Sarsour first, then the draping of American flags as “hijab,” giving of a platform to CAIR’s anti-Semitic Zahra Billoo to speak at the 2017 march and now the naming of a CAIR leader to the steering committee of Women’s March...
2) it’s all emblematic of the unholy alliance between some “liberals” and the Muslim religious right. While feminists reject the purity culture of Christians, they appropriate & celebrate the purity culture of Muslims.
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8 Jan 19
#FirstAntiSemiticExperience was 2002 learning Muslim extremists had murdered my pal Danny Pearl for the crime of being Jewish. 2nd was 2011 being called a "Zionist media whore" by a Muslim physician-troll because I'm a Muslim who doesn't hate Jewish people…
2. We have a serious anti-Semitism problem in our Muslim communities, with Israel used as the excuse to hate Jews. I spent 10 yrs hunting the terrorists who kidnapped & killed Danny. We found all 27 of them. I've spent 7 yrs hunting my troll. I know who he is. He's a US physician
3. Want to see the roots of anti-Semitism in the Muslim community? Go no further than this website where lazy imams worldwide download sermons on Thursday night to read at mosques on Fridays. Search "Jew." Find jihad.…
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30 Nov 18
#FollowTheMoney thread. How much did @womensmarch make in 2017? How much did its co-chairs make? I'm working on an @esquire column on the controversy of the Women's March & just received its 2017 IRS filing. I share here the top 10 findings.
1) This filing is for "@WomenMarch Inc." @neodifference is the fiscal sponsor for "Women's March Network & will not reveal financials. Women's March Inc. had total revenues of $2,544,074 in 2017.
2) The four co-chairs Linda Sarsour, Bob Bland, Tamika Mallory and Carmen Perez made a total $261,611 in income.
✅ Mari Lynn Foulger aka "Bob Bland" - $73,404
✅ Tamika Mallory - $70,5730
✅ Linda Sarsour - $69,927
✅ Carmen Perez - $47,710
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14 Nov 18
Thread 1) Jewish-American voters who support Israel should feel betrayed. After waffling during the election, new US House member @IlhanMN tells @muslimgirl (aka #MuslimMeanGirls) that she "believes in and supports the @BDSmovement." the "exclusive":…
2) For Muslim Americans, like me, this is no surprise. @IlhanMN is allied with @lsarsour and @CAIR_National, all virulently anti-Israel...and yes as a result anti-Semitic, despite their protests that being anti-Israel is not anti-Semitic. It is.…
3) No surprise to us 2 @MuslimGirl publishes pro-BDS spin. Palestinian-American editor Amani Al-Khatahtbeh @xoamani tries 2 #girlWash her anti-Israel pro-BDS rage w/collabs with naive @TeenVogue. But her anti-Semitism traces back to her Rutgers' days…
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14 Nov 18
1)Liberal German think tank, Friederich Ebert Foundation, rescinds award to @womensmarch for anti-Semitism of its leaders. So heartening as a Muslim reformer & feminist that so many are finally seeing through the smoke-and-mirrors of Linda Sarsour et al…
2) Preach it: "An organization that may support feminism, but discriminates against Jews and Zionists and denies Israel’s right to exist should not be honored by a democratic foundation that advocates diversity and speaks out against discrimination." Full:…
3)"We believe that the @womensmarch USA does not meet the criteria of this award, as its organizers have repeatedly attracted attention through antisemitic statements, the trivialization of antisemitism&the exclusion of Zionists&Jews since Women's March USA establishmentin 2017"
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8 Nov 18
FYI if you see reporting on “grassroots activists”with #TrumpIsNotAboveTheLaw protest @WhiteHouse & nationwide today 5pm EST, here is back story: protest is “powered” by @MoveOn with a “nonpartisan” 501(c)4 lobbying org that acts as defacto @DNC. #transparency #followthemoney
2) Hi @CNN @wolfblitzer @CillizzaCNN you are reporting the protests at Time Square without telling viewers that @MoveOn, a partisan lobbying group organized the protests nationwide. See my thread. It’s no secret.
3) FYI you should know the organizer too @JFKucinich @thedailybeast and report it’s partisan @MoveOn that organized the protests. They are not “grassroots.” They are AstroTurf via a lobbying group.
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5 Nov 17
1)HUGE Bin Talal has funded Saudi beachheads in West like @Georgetown @bridgeinit attacking @TheMuslimReform-ers…
2) Efforts like @Georgetown @bridgeinit at Saudi Bin Talal beachheads push "Islamophobia" memes that fuel anti-West hate & divides people
3) Complicating matters, these beachheads now also get #Qatar money. They prop up academics that also give Muslim Brotherhood access to West
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