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Bold and Clean craft beer in a can from Austin, Texas. Beer-To-Go 12pm-8pm every day! Order at the link below.
21 Feb
Just a quick note about getting water from our brewery. Lots of people have been apologetic about needing to pick up free drinking water.

We just want y'all to know that literally nothing makes us happier than to be able to help out anyone who needs it right now. (1/3)
Breweries are basically clean water factories. Giving it away doesn't hurt us one bit. We had thousands of gallons on hand before the storm hit, so we're not pulling anything out of the system as @AustinWater tries to build reserves to reestablish sufficient pressure. (2/3)
If the only thing preventing you from coming by is guilt, we hope this will help change your mind. Please stop by if you need water.

We couldn't exist without your support, and we're happy to support you when we can.

Also, it's gonna be a really nice day for a beer. (3/3)
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31 Jul 18
Lots of talk about brewery non-competes lately. Here's our experience: (1/12)
A few years ago, Bryan and Tim, our head brewer and taproom manager at the time, called the 4 owners of Austin Beerworks into a meeting. They were leaving to start their own brewery in Austin. (2/12)
If you've ever been broken up with, their news felt a lot like that. Two of our most valuable people, who we had spent so much time, effort, and capital to train, were leaving. (3/12)
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