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Dec 15, 2020 • 10 tweets • 3 min read
📚 An idea: how about a card to a loved one saying “A month from now, I’m going to buy you a present from AvidBookshop.com. Stay tuned!” And then you can put your feet up and wait to shop with us during the January-February-March doldrums, when we need that 1/x cash (and when we will be caught up on orders and well rested, able to serve you better and faster)? Delivery systems are so mucked up right now and Xmas delivery is not guaranteed. We are so grateful for the support, but might you consider pledging to spend money with us in 2/x
Oct 7, 2020 • 16 tweets • 8 min read
Big news: yesterday it was revealed that Athens' own Claudio Saunt is a National Book Award Finalist. This is a HUGE deal no matter how modest Claudio is about it.
#avidevents @ClaudioSaunt (1/x) 2/ You can e-meet him on 10/22. He'll be in conversation with @WillsonCenter director Nicholas Allen, aka @dedalusdenaries