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11 Mar
Supporters of the LGBTQ community gathered outside of County Square ahead of the controversial re-vote on the sunset resolution. I’ll have the latest tonight on @WSPA7. Here’s my story from yesterday: wspa.com/news/greenvill…
County council is packed. There’s a capacity limit of 227 in this room and we are full. At least 50 people are also in the lobby of County Square.
They are keeping the doors of County Council open so those outside can hear what happens. Seems like more people are pouring in by the minute. Maybe 100 in the lobby at this point.
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6 Dec 19
@mandy_fries @auburnlad @_ErikaLeigh I’m just going to chime in here and add that as I’ve worked on paying off student loan debt I’ve gotten some great advice from very financially-minded people. One thing I’ve learned it’s actually better to have $0 in your bank account and pay off anything costing you interest.
@mandy_fries @auburnlad @_ErikaLeigh The thought behind this is any debt costing you interest will be a bigger percentage than you’d be earning in a bank account or sometimes even a higher interest savings plan. Therefore, you should put that “extra” $25 toward whatever debt has the highest interest.
@mandy_fries @auburnlad @_ErikaLeigh That will enable you to “pay yourself” faster and more effectively as you go down the line.
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31 Oct 19
#HAPPENINGNOW: Several South Carolina Solicitors and U.S. Attorney Sherri Lyndon come together for a press conference on reducing gun violence.
Lyndon says we now have technology that can track gun shots and who is firing them. Says shots are fired by a small percentage of offenders. Just about 5-7%
Lyndon says solicitors with her today face hundreds of reports like this every year. Says we can now use objective data and analytics to identify the worst offenders.
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30 Oct 19
#NXIVM: Suspected cult leader Keith Raniere is set to appear in Brooklyn federal court tomorrow (10/31) for a Curcio Hearing. #update
A Curcio Hearing is to determine whether a conflict of interest exists. #NXIVM #HappyHalloween
This hearing is set for 2 p.m. in front of Judge Garaufis. #NXIVM #update
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25 Oct 19
Sentencing for Will Lewis happening now in Greenville County Court.
Brackett saying Lewis only was able to commit this crime because he had a spotless record when running for sheriff. Says you don't get a second chance to commit misconduct in office. Brackett says his lack of record is irrelevant for sentencing purposes.
Brackett giving examples of other elected officials who have been found guilty of misconduct in office. Brackett says Lewis is difference because he was "in power to deprive citizens of their liberties."
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24 Oct 19
Rauch Wise now giving the defense closing arguments.
Wise saying there is only circumstantial evidence in this case. Says if there is a reasonable possibility they have to find Lewis not guilty.
Wise says if anyone had a right hand person who was female it would be normal to tell everyone else not to have relations with her because she had sensitive information. Says this was not a sinister thing to do.
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24 Oct 19
Closing arguments happening now.
Solicitor Brackett says he's not proving that Lewis committed adultery. Brackett says Lewis was set on Nabors "from the word go." Says that's not a crime, but that the crime was that Lewis used his office to make that happen.
Brackett says the taxpayers pay money for the sheriff to keep the public safe, not for Lewis to "get in Savanah Nabors' pants."
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24 Oct 19
Prosecution calls Sgt. Jennings Autry.
Says he spoke with Lewis about getting a vehicle for Nabors.
Autry says initially Lewis asked to get Nabors a Jeep Grand Cherokee. Says he's in charge of making sure all the vehicles are correct. Says he brought problems with purchasing a Jeep.
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24 Oct 19
Prosecution is now calling another witness. Gene Donahue taking the stand.
Says his brother works for GCSO.
Donohue works for SLED. He's talking about how he knows Sydney Salati. Says she is a friend of his daughter. Says he's known Sydney 8-10 years.
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24 Oct 19
Lewis back on the stand.
"Start off with something easy this morning," says prosecution as they begin their questioning. Lewis agrees that as sheriff he was an elected official and a public officer.
Prosecution starting a line of questioning involving SLED reaching out to Lewis through his attorney. He says he has no knowledge of that. Going back to the Charlotte trip now. Lewis says again that the trip was the county administrator's idea.
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23 Oct 19
#BREAKING: Will Lewis now taking the stand.
Lewis says the whole controversy ramped up with the blog post. He says at this point he directed staff to contact SLED. Says SLED never spoke with him, neither did the solicitor's office or anyone else.
Lewis talking about his background. Says he tried college and it "wasn't his thing." Says he went into the Airforce and then got into law enforcement.
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23 Oct 19
Alexander Stalvey on the stand now. He works at Bannister Law. Nabors was his paralegal.
Says during their time at the law firm Lewis and Nabors interacted professionally. That's the end of direct. Onto cross. Says Nabors did a great job for him and was professional. Considers Nabors honest and ethical, says he trusts her.
Stalvey says Nabors kept his confidentiality during the time she was his paralegal. End of cross. No re-direct. Witness dismissed.
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23 Oct 19
Martine Helou now taking the stand for the defense.
Says she formerly worked with the sheriff's office. Her position was to create programs to reach out to the community and make the sheriff's office more proactive and involved in the community's needs. This was a new position that was created by Will Lewis.
Helou talking about programs she helped create in that position. Says she made just over $60K a year in her position. Says she needed to propose every plan she came up with to Lewis.
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23 Oct 19
Chad Ayers on the stand for the defense now. Testifying to “going out with” Nabors following her separation. He is formally with Greenville sheriffs office.
Ayers now reading messages between himself and Nabors. She accuses him of taking money from Lewis to spy on her. Refers to herself as "his dream woman."
Another text: "You piece of ---- I have every text you've ever sent. I have it all over of you calling Will a stalker and everything." Says this was a reaction of Nabors after Ayers told Lewis he had dated her.
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23 Oct 19
Court starting back up now. Rauch Wise Will now presents his defense on behalf of Will Lewis. Lewis plans to take the stand.
Judge is now addressing defense concerns of double jeopardy. He's referencing some old case file for the matter. Says those cases show a defendant cannot be convicted for the same charges in separate indictments.
Judge saying the events leading to both misconduct in office charges (although a bit different) are the same. Judge saying "at minimum" this would raise questions in the jury's mind on how to separate the two. Says there's no differentiation between the charges in the indictments
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23 Oct 19
The judge speaking to Lewis directly now. He's asking questions regarding Lewis taking or not taking the stand. wspa.com/news/day-3-tri…
Judge explaining that Lewis is not required to testify. Giving him his rights as far as choosing to do so or not.
Lewis says he has talked with his lawyer about whether or not to testify. **WILL LEWIS WILL TESTIFY**
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23 Oct 19
Major Ty Miller now taking the stand. She is with the Greenville County Sheriffs Office.
She has worked with the office for a little over 20 years. Says she is part of the command staff. Reports directly to the sheriff.
Says she first met Nabors during the transition just a few months before Lewis took office. Says they had meetings to determine what the structure would be once he took office. Says Lewis put the team together.
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23 Oct 19
Next witness is an expert in computer crimes investigations. Says he’s qualified in cell phone and computer forensics.
He is testifying to ripping information off of cell phones and how he would go about doing something of that nature. Says only a certain amount of calls or information are stored in a phone. Says because of the amount of calls they didn't see calls from a year ago on Lewis' phone
Direct is finished now. Cross beginning.
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23 Oct 19
First witness on the stand today is former Greenville Sheriff Office PIO Drew Pinciaro. He worked under Lewis.
Says he was responsible with dealing with the media, writing speeches, etc. Defense objects to "yes and no" questions, says prosecution is leading the witness.
Says his job didn't really change when Lewis took over the position as sheriff. Says he saw the relationship between Nabors and Lewis as a brother/sister thing. Says Nabors would always address Lewis by his first name.
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22 Oct 19
Savanah Nabors now taking the stand in the trial for suspended sheriff Will Lewis.
Nabors talking about her time at the Bannister Law Firm. She is visibly upset when Brackett begins asking her about knowing Will Lewis. Says she hadn't met him before that, says she never babysat his kids.
Says when Lewis started talking about running for sheriff and "taking" her with him. She said she wasn't sure if he meant it or not until he filed for campaign. Says she was not involved in the campaign. Says she does not generally follow politics.
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22 Oct 19
Next witness for the state is Spartanburg sheriff Chuck Wright.
Brackett asking questions about a sheriffs school that happens in Reno. Says he believes Lewis reached out to him about attending.
Wright has been the sheriff since 2005. Says he has a secretary who keeps his schedule and makes sure he’s where he needs to be. Says she working M-F from about 8:30-5:15
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