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17 Oct
#ReformTheNigeriaPolice: Service No of dismissed officers: Abdulhameed Awodi, AP No 119444, Erhabo Uwagbie, AP No 86180, Idolor Godsent, AP No 158580, Mustpha Abubakar, AP No 119167, Idoko, AP No 85036, Ilya Aliyu, AP 94982, Asabe Luke, AP No, 130296, Angela Akaro, AP No, 50829.
Iyanda Olufemi AP No, 122857, Gajere Taluwai, AP No, 50569, Ehis Oba, AP No, 129595, Edem Michael, AP No, 1256967, Agha AMA, AP No, 119535, Yusuf Lateef, AP No, 36725, Eliaz Casmir, AP No 57688, Oluwafunmilola, AP No, 122864, Mkay Ali, AP No, 111702, #ReformTheNigeriaPolice
Ado Doko, AP No, 46664, Sani Muhammad, AP No, 50679, Adamu Shaba, AP No, 140320, Adamu Bunu, AP No, 42565, Giade Sabo, AP No, 50579, Dattijo Abdullahi, AP No, 87072, Yahaya Shem, AP No, 86216, Tijani Richard, AP No, 46670, Nwamanna Nelson, AP No, 46675. #ReformTheNigeriaPolice
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27 Nov 18
#BokoHaram: Pres @MBuhari Reaction
Shortly after the 157 Task Force battalion came under intense enemy attack, the President activated multiple strategies in restoring the morales of the troops & assuring the citizenry of govt resolve in dealing effectively with the crisis.
The Pres, was able to calm the citizenry & acted in the nation’s defence. In a statement by @GarShehu on Nov 24, he assured Nigerians that “ In the coming days, I am engaging the Military & Intelligence Chiefs in extensive discussions on the next steps we shall be taking”
After receiving situation briefing from the Min of Defence, the (CnC) on Nov 25, deployed the Min of Defence in continuation on consultations with Ministers of Defence of the Multinational Joint Task Force (MNJF) Troops Contributing Countries (TCC) which includes Cameroon.....
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9 Nov 18
People have been holding divergent views on the blurry line between the media on issues of National Security - reason why anytime, @A_Salkida a well respected journalist with access to the current crop of insurgents 🇳🇬 is batting tweets, you get mix reactions from Nigerians.
Will be sharing a thread of my thoughts on this. We would start with a quotation by @JullianAssange_ "If journalists want long term credibility in their profession, they should go in that direction. Have more respect for readers". ~
On April 14 2018, @A_Salkida — a freelance journalist, broke the internet with a 26-tweet thread, which itemised the status, according to him — of the pending 113 abducted Chibok Girls, still in captivity with the Boko Haram insurgents, claiming that only “15” are alive.
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