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Oct 6, 2020 17 tweets 7 min read
Dear DCM @kdhiraj123,
Is this your personal view?
Or you have multiple identity disorder?
Or you are busy holding positivity 🍭?
Or you have lost the analytical skills of assessing a situation where your tweets just indicate "Gross Negligence". Do you guys know how such careless tweets by you DCMs spoil so many lives of students?
Do you even give a thought about what is the value of years of young students who's years & months gets wasted because of your carelessness?
Or just you are confused like this DCM in the pic ?
Jul 2, 2020 25 tweets 5 min read
Aisa bolna nahi chahiye !!!

Lekin Aaj Mujhe hamare CCMs k Nithalle pana par bohot Gussa aa raha hai !!!

Since 23rd of March 2020 till 2nd July 2020 almost for 101 days how can a group of 24 Chartered Accountants be so Dumb to decide that in a situation like this where
gathering of more than 4 people is restricted in many parts of the country how can they conduct a Pan India Exams of more than 3.5 lakh plus students !

I seriously doubt their decision making skills with this respect as they didn't bother to give some peace to their students