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17 Sep
TODAY at 9AM ET, @HomelandDems convene for its annual worldwide threat hearing. Acting DHS Secy Chad Wolf was subpoenaed to appear but he's on track to defy that subpoena today. FBI director Chris Wray and Christopher Miller, dir of the Nat'l Counterterrorism Center to testify.
Wolf was subpoenaed by chair Bennie Thompson after whistleblower Brian Murphy claimed sr political appointees at DHS directed officials to alter intel & downplay threats to US elections from Russia and threats from white supremacists.
The complaint:…
Brian Murphy is sr. official within the Office of Intelligence and Analysis at DHS and you can read a little more about the whistleblower complaint here.
Background via my colleague @ErikaKate5…
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16 Sep
Remember Steve Linick? The State Dept watchdog ousted during probes into Secy of State Pompeo’s alleged misuse of funds? The man Linick accused of "bullying" him, under Secy of State for Mgmt Brian Bulatao testifies before Congress today. Story to come.
Background here via my trusty former colleague Tim Ryan:…
Live-stream available here, hosted by the @HouseForeign Affairs Cmte:
In addition to Brian Bulatao, also testifying today:
Marik String, acting legal adviser for the State Dept &
R. Clarke Cooper, ass't Secretary of State for Political-Military Affairs
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11 Sep
My unsolicited advice to young reporters: don't listen to fellow reporters who tell you that you cant change the world for good or people's minds for the better through your work. That view? Narrow.
Stop listening to overly cynical voices like they are the only ones that matter.
People have laughed at me when I say this. People tell me I am wrong all the time. People tell me I am "dreaming" when I consider the options for a better future and they offer their negativity to me as if I haven't already spent years of my life knee deep in ugly reality.
And that is kind of the thing. The hyper cynical "You Cant Do That Nothing Matters" people of the world - they arent telling anyone anything new. Their insight isnt innovative but tired and stale.
And if you're a reporter, is that really what you want to invest in? Old news?
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9 Sep
Hello and welcome to Wednesday.

Today at 1PM ET, I will live-tweet the @COVIDOversight hearing on ensuring a free, fair and safe election during the #COVID19 pandemic.
Witness list below⤵️

@CourthouseNews Image
Today's hearing follows the opening of a probe by chairman @WhipClyburn where the committee requested info from George, Texas, Florida and Wisconsin officials on their plans to eradicate existing barriers voters may face this Nov given the issues those states had during primaries
What US lawmakers are asking state officials to do is observe the CDC's own guidelines for voting during a pandemic.
These guidelines call for:
- Increased polling locations
- Early voting and extended voting
- Provision of in-person voting alternatives…
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1 Sep
The WH, HHS, CDC and HUD joined together to implement a *temporary halt to evictions* because widespread evictions that lead to homelessness pose major health risks during an existing pandemic.
I'll have more info on this in my story coming up for @CourthouseNews.
This temporary halt on evictions and foreclosures will be officially published into the Federal Register on Sept. 4 but the unpublished version for you to peruse is online here: and a searchable PDF here:…
The Dem-passed CARES Act covered only federally-backed rental units but the CDC order covers “any rental unit in the United States so long as the tenant or homeowner meets the requirement,” an official from the CDC said in a phone call today.
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1 Sep
Today at 1PM ET Treasury Secy @stevenmnuchin1 testifies before the @COVIDOversight Committee on the Trump administration's response to the economic crisis triggered by the pandemic. I will have the report for @CourthouseNews.
The hearing will get underway soon.
You can catch a live-stream of Secy Mnuchin's testimony today courtesy of the @COVIDOversight Committee here:
And you can watch it on CSPAN here:…
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30 Aug
As a local born and raised out here, a reporter that spends most of her time in DC and a person in D.C. 24 hours ago: this is not how D.C. has felt to me.
Factually I should point out as well: The city has not been "destroyed by protesters." I stood in a socially distanced line outside for an hour on Thursday night by the MLK Jr. library to get press badges for the March on Washington. Besides the heat, otherwise a nice night. Image
I saw some new ply boards erected on a few store windows on Thursday night ahead of Friday's committment march. Mainly that was for high end fashion brands (I.e. watched them board up Ferragamo the other day and noticed Tiffany's still remained uncovered)
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28 Aug
Rev. Anika Wilson-Brown, PhD:
As a black woman, as a faith leader, as a mental health counselor, I have witnessed impacts of generational pain and intolerance. The way it has impacted us, it is has taken a toll on our community. We can be honest and say we are exhausted.
She continues: In the words of Famie Lou Hamer, I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. The recurring crisis of having to fight, to win a game that is rigged against us is detrimental to the soul but we stand unmoved and unshaken.
"In the voice of our great beloved mother Maya Angelou: We shall rise. We are at the right moment of history but we are being called to creatively imagine what Black life can look like without systemic oppression, without police brutality without gentrification & displacement."
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24 Aug
TODAY: Postmaster Louis DeJoy and Postal Board of Governors Robert M. Duncan testify before @OversightDems starting at 10AM. Live-tweet session kicks off here with a full report to follow. Join me!
For a bit of context, check out my coverage from this weekend on a related House vote on legislation that approved $25B for USPS and included language barring DeJoy formally from operational changes and cutbacks that have slowed service.…
Over the weekend, new data from USPS showed a significant slow down in postal services since DeJoy's appointment. We'll get into this later today but for now, you can flip through the slides here:…
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22 Aug
Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night has stayed these couriers from making their rounds, US Virgin Islnds Rep Stacey Plaskett says this morning in the opening of the final debate on H.R. 8015, invoking the Postal Srvc creed. "Let it not happen on our watch," she adds
.@RepDebDingell says from the House floor, Postmaster DeJoy is running a "sabotage campaign" that is hurting everyday Americans, seniors and is an attack on the Constitution and our democracy.
The Delivering For America Act legislation available here:…
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21 Aug
The president's suggestion that you need an ID to "get into" the convention is confusing because the convention is virtual and people are watching from their homes with TVs and computers and phones and maybe an iPad....
I am not sure what the president is talking about.
So either the president is unaware the convention is virtual.
Or his Twitter handler is unaware.
Or it is an attempt to confuse those who dont know what is truth from fiction.
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13 Aug
REPORT: Dr. Anthony Fauci isn’t happy. All told, the United States could see up to 300,000 deaths from Covid-19 by the end of the year, and six months in the entire planet has seen 750,000 deaths from the virus.
His thoughts today on ending the pandemic:…
“We certainly are not where I hoped we would be."

"We are in the middle of a very historic, serious pandemic and the numbers speak for themselves."

“Bottom line: I’m not pleased with how things are going."…
Echoing his own assertions and that of health experts the world over, as well as assessments made by the @COVIDOversight regularly: Image
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12 Aug
.@SenKamalaHarris: This is a moment of real consequence for America. Our economy, our health, our children, the kind of country we live in. It's all on the line.
.@SenKamalaHarris: We're reeling from the worst public health crisis in a century. The president's mismanagement of the pandemic has plunged us into the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression and we're experiencing a moral reckoning with racism & systemic injustice...
.@SenKamalaHarris "We don't have to accept the failed government of Donald Trump and Mike Pence. In just 83 days, we have a chance to choose a better future for our country. "
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11 Aug
.@realDonaldTrump says of @SenKamalaHarris tonight during the WH presser: "She was extraordinarily nasty to Judge Kavanaugh. She was nasty to a level that was just a horrible thing. The way she was. The way she treated justice Kavanaugh and I won't forget that soon."
POTUS has referred to the duly elected Senator as "nasty" no less than three times by my count tonight.
The president on why he prefers his VP Pence: "I would take him over Kamala and the horrible way she treated Justice Kavanaugh. It was terrible for her, for our nation, I thought she was the meanest, most horrible, disrespectful person of anybody in the US Senate."
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11 Aug
INBOX: From the WH press pool - Image
h/t to @elizabethcrisp on more quotes from @VP Pence to the Arizona Police Association Image
And point of order - in my OP I said WH press pool - I misspoke, its the VP pool, to be exact.
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11 Aug
We will be underway shortly.
Sidney Powell begins: Judge Sullivan petition for rehearing must be flatly denied. The judge has no injury or standing to seek release of this court's ruling on Flynn.
Judge Sullivan has "so invested himself in his own prosecution," he should be removed from ruling here.
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6 Aug
Join me at 2PM ET as I live-tweet the @COVIDOversight Cmte's hearing with education and public health experts examining challenges to the safe reopening of K-12 schools.
You can catch the live-stream here:
We begin with @WhipClyburn remarks.
Trump threatened to cut funding to states that won't open schools. Trump said the virus will just "go away." Trump is basing his push to open schools not on science or safety but politics and "wishful thinking."
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31 Jul
🧵inside. Story ⤵️

Over 150K Americans are dead of the novel coronavirus and the infection rate has soared to astounding heights in just a few short months with cases jumping from 0 to 4M+.

Fauci met w/Congress on the need for a nat'l strategy.

FAUCI: “If you look at what happened to Europe when they went into shutdown or lockdown mode, they did it to the tune of 95%,. In the U.S., even though we shut down, we only functionally shut down about 50%, in the sense of the totality of the country.”…
Our initial transmission baseline was hard to beat, he continued, and those difficulties only continued when more states started to reopen in May.
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31 Jul
Today at 9AM ET, the @COVIDOversight Cmte hears testimony from Dr. Fauci, Admr. Giroir & CDC dir. Redfield on the need for an effective national strategy on Covid-19.
I will live-tweet. Join me!
Some notes on what we can expect to hear today:
•As of 7/23, CDC has obligated $12.1 billion toward contact tracing
•100k tracers needed acc. to Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security Study
•Health dept surveys show 37k are currently in place…
Critics of contact tracing say it less effective at this point because of the exploding daily case & asymptomatic rates which make tracking more prohibitive outright. It is kind of like trying to outrun an avalanche.
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30 Jul
Ratcheting up his attacks on mail-in voting, President Donald Trump pondered openly on Thursday about delaying the November election many polls show him destined to lose.

Spoiler: He can't do that.
UPDATED. @RepRaskin told me today Americans must be vigilant against any attempts to corrupt the November election and that includes "piercing the fog of propaganda" Trump holds up as he floats the idea of moving the election - something he cannot do.…
The inherent danger of Trump’s tweet also alarmed @NormEisen who served as counsel to Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee when Trump was impeached last year.
He told me: Image
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