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Feb 3 12 tweets 10 min read
Now Labour 's motion Stop people being priced out of our City: Ban the sale of new homes as second homes.

Communities are suffering because of skyrocking cost of homes and the second home market is part of this says Gill Williams. #LDreporter #Brighton #Hove The gas works development is going to be marketed at the investment market which does not provide homes for local people says Gill Williams.
#Brighton remains unaffordable for many says Savils. One in 77 homes are empty 2,083 are second homes #LDreporter #Hove
Feb 3 17 tweets 16 min read
Now @Gary4Hove presents the motion on council services. He receives many complaints about short comings to rubbish and recycling, parking permits and keeping the streets clean. The city problems are made worse by the government. Systems fail our residents #LDreporter #Brighton People are angry with the state of the city. The council is failing to get the basis right and Labour wants a cross-party working group to sort out the mess says @Gary4Hove Issues stretch back over a number of years #LDreporter #Brighton #Hove
Feb 3 13 tweets 12 min read
First up is pension investments on fossil fuels subject to a protest outside #Hove Town Hall this evening.
@hannalytical speaks about the fossil fuel non-proliferation treaty. #LDreporter #Brighton #Hove The Green motion put forward by @hannalytical but there is a bit of a curfuffle over her volume and Conservative councillors speaking over her #LDreporter #Brighton #Hove
Feb 3 20 tweets 20 min read
Arrangements for council meetings is now up. @ShanksSue Asks about the Conservative amendment #LDreporter #Brighton #Hove Restrictions to council meetings are brought in to protect councillors. officers and members of the public. We have 1,200 cases today in the city says @ShanksSue There are people at risk and are vulnerable including councillors who are concerned #LDreporter #Brighton #Hove
Feb 3 13 tweets 11 min read
Now proposals to review the council's constitution. #Ldreporter #Brighton #Hove The constitution can only be fully amended by full council says @hannalytical Each group can submit two motions and joint motions are restricted to one, unauthorise encampments move to ETS, planning committee decides criteria for site visits #LDreporter #Brighton #Hove
Feb 3 8 tweets 8 min read
There was national horror after the death of Sarah Everard says @steffingtonheg She is upset it was at the hands of a serving police officer, someone she was told was a trusted person as a child. Violence against women and girls has increased #LDreporter #Brighton #Hove The affects of abuse last for years says @steffingtonheg It can result in death. Today there are reports a 19-year-old woman was killed by a 23-year-old man. #Brighton and #Hove has a commitment to White Ribbon UK and supported the #16daysofactivism2021 #LDreporter
Feb 3 5 tweets 5 min read
Dawn Barnett asks for a proper pedestrian crossing at Hangleton Way schools as promised when the Kings School moved to the area. A red patch on the road is not a crossing. The community feels ignored. She invites @WithdeanGreens to visit the site #LDreporter #Brighton #Hove Yes says @WithdeanGreens
Dawn Barnett says the schools are concerned about inadequate signage. Drivers are not aware they are entering a school zone. Can signage be improved?
Steve Davis says he will bring a traffic officer with him
#LDreporter #Brighton #Hove
Feb 3 4 tweets 5 min read
Properties are left empty by private landlords when families struggle to find somewhere to live says @Gary4Hove How are these homes coming into housing stock. @davidinhanover Officers continue to work to reduce private empty homes #LDreporter #Brighton #Hove We have a target and a team working on housing and homelessness to increase empty homes back into use. Last year 145 came back into use says @davidinhanover This year has a higher target #Ldreporter #Brighton #Hove
Feb 3 4 tweets 4 min read
How much new money from external sources was raised in 2021 for the restoration of Madeira Terraces - and which grants, HNWs and other funding
pots will the council be targeting in 2022? asks @bridgetbythesea #LDreporter #Brighton #Hove There was a bid from the Levelling Up fund and potential for further bids from the same fund this year. Also bids to Heritage Lottery. @MartinOsborne_ has no number at the moment #LDreporter #Brighton #Hove
Feb 3 6 tweets 6 min read
Parking office is shut, houses empty, and residents and representatives cannot come to meetings, there is a theme of putting the interests of councillors above residents how can this be justified says @robert_nemeth #LDreporter #Brighton #Hove Parking office is shut, houses empty, and residents and representatives cannot come to meetings, there is a theme of putting the interests of councillors above residents how can this be justified says @robert_nemeth #LDreporter #Brighton #Hove
Feb 3 5 tweets 4 min read
#Brighton’s Clock Tower is the third-worst location in
England for Nitrogen Dioxide this is absolutely vital. Less short journeys in cars would be
good for those who have no choice but to drive, like essential workers, tradespeople, delivery
drivers and those with disabilities. It will also make a huge difference to families, who are facing the worst cost of living crisis since the 1980s. @DivideClass wants #Brighton and #Hove City Council to:
1. Commit to providing free bus travel policy for all residents under 17 by April 2023. #LDreorter
Feb 3 4 tweets 4 min read
.@arrisdan is concerned special arrangements are a "stealth power grab" and a "paranoid response" to covid. He asks why there was no consultation.
@Phelimmac says the ideas of public engagement is to keep council open. Meetings are still open #LDreporter #Brighton #Hove Covid is not weakening or the pandemic over is mistake says @Phelimmac We do not know when covid is behind us. We have a civic duty to ensure the health and safety for everyone. We should have the legislation to keep meeting remotely but cannot anymore #LDreporter
Feb 3 5 tweets 4 min read
In light of the latest delays to the restoration of Madeira Terrace, Does the council believe that Madeira Drives' primary purpose is that of a car park and should lost revenue from spaces be allowed to delay the redevelopment of the Terrace any further? asks Alan Tower The council is committed to Madeira Terraces says @MartinOsborne_ A public consultation took place late last year and is moving forward. Parking revenue is vital to the council's funding and worth £10million for bus services. #LDreporter #Brighton #Hove
Feb 3 5 tweets 5 min read
Nicole Anderson now asks @MartinOsborne_ & @steffingtonheg what plans there are to redevelop or replace the King Alfred which has reached the end of its lifespan. #LDreporter #Brighton #Hove .@MartinOsborne_ is sorry to hear of her experience. For 20 years public funding has updated the King Alfred to keep it open. Changing rooms and toilets are refurbished. The building is near the end of its life and needs replacing #LDreporter #Brighton #Hove
Feb 3 4 tweets 4 min read
David Trangmar asks @AmyHeley if there is any movement on traffic calming measures or other options for Bristol Gardens such as a consultation. He asks for an update #LDreporter #Brighton #Hove The reply from @WithdeanGreens The early proposals were put on hold due to the pandemic to deliver the emergency active travel plan. When resources are available there will be consultation #LDreporter #Brighton #Hove
Feb 2 5 tweets 5 min read
Now 10 Roedean Crescent. @bridgetbythesea has to leave for this debate as she previously spoke against the application #LDreproter #Brighton #Hove The application was deferred for a site visit from January's meeting. #LDreporter #Brighton #Hove
Feb 2 13 tweets 12 min read
Next up is Rockwater in #Hove and to retain its six beach huts for three years #LDreporter #Brighton #Hove It is not permanent permission and is recommended for approval. @chrishenryman has written in support. The shacks are now a feature of #Hove seafront and are popular with walkers and residents #LDreporter #Brighton
Feb 2 7 tweets 6 min read
Next up 45-46 Trafalgar Street #Brighton with an objection from @LizzieDeaneBton #LDreporter An in-fill house is proposed for the site, which is on Over Street. The application is recommended for approval #LDreporter #Brighton #Hove
Feb 2 23 tweets 21 min read
Now we have removal of conditions on the development at Coldean Lane. There are late representations on removing trees at the entrance and for a foul water pipe #LDreporter #Brighton #Hove Cars would not be able to enter the site by making a right turn.

A further 19 trees in addition to the 43 trees removed from the site, are recommended to go. Some of the trees are diseased. #LDreporter #Brighton #Hove
Feb 2 4 tweets 3 min read
First up Lewes Road flats #LDreporter #Brighton #Hove Carol Theobald thinks the development provides low-cost housing. @MCQ_cellos welcomes the 100% affordable housing. Both say it is a huge improvement on what is there.