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Tagaungkat ng past sa bawat pa-🍵. Tweets are mine, wag assuming. #TheChroniclesOfAssholes
Nov 27, 2021 10 tweets 9 min read
Please allow me to give my understanding & implication of this art [THREAD]
This political art was made as response to the contradicting statement of VP Leni re. NTF-ELCAC. As a result, it triggered mixed responses from those who have seen it, the good & the bad. @theskinsensei Some interpret it as form of red-tagging and they are offended. Others use it as a way to be more critical to a Robredo presidency esp. by those who have spoken against the caravan, lugaw (feeding project), etc. @jmchos @ColmenaresPH @SirRenzSaavedra @lilyoftheveil17
Nov 26, 2021 5 tweets 10 min read
Marhay na Leni at Kiko mga #TROPA na #Kakampinks. I will budol you for a good cause naman po. My ordered just arrived today from #MayaniPH. (I wasn't paid to promote them. I just learned about them while I was checking my @gcashofficial) [THREAD]
mayani.ph/collections/no… Let's support our farmers and agri-preneurs #AGRItayo! #FoodSecurityMatters #LeniKiko2022 @kikopangilinan @AttyMatula @carmenzubiaga @lilyoftheveil17 @mrsunlawyer @theskinsensei @rryyyaaaannnn @qvolleybelle
Nov 25, 2021 4 tweets 10 min read
Bakit #LeniKiko2022? #LetLeniLead2022 #LetKikoHelp2022 #KinaLeniAtKikoTayo
I wrote this piece as a draft for the lyrics to a song. Sharing it w/ you all [THREAD] @lenirobredo @kikopangilinan @leahnavarro @isabelmerana @lakwatsarah @pauloMDtweets @iamtix95 @oslecjunior Songwriting is not my forte so I asked other #TROPA na #Kakampinks to help out. We haven’t finished it yet.
(the background music is not mine, courtesy to its owner, hypeddit.com/keysofmoon/the…) @yogawithben @bethangsioco @docrjnaguit @nuelleduterte @momblogger @mrsunlawyer
Nov 14, 2020 6 tweets 9 min read
What contributes to the flooding in Cagayan? A thread #CagayanNeedsHelp
1. There is rampant illegal logging
manilatimes.net/2020/06/23/new… 2. DENR downplays the illegal logging in the region. #CagayanNeedsHelp @m_adelie @ToniSpeakEasy @purplepoetry88 @mrsunlawyer @juanelyas @papalbadass @serrano_rene
Nov 13, 2020 8 tweets 18 min read
#TitoThePlagiarist, a thread
#TitoTheEnabler is a man of blunders & he never ceases to make us cringe. During Taguiwalo’s confirmation hearing, he insulted her, calling her as “na ano lang.” @serrano_rene @mrsunlawyer @ricci_richy
At the #RHLaw debates, #TitoThePlagiarist copied Kennedy’s line w/o proper citation & he made excuses to belie plagiarism accusations against him. @ProDeoEtPatria7 @ToniSpeakEasy @CigarettesAstro @juanelyas @NakaupoAngTuta @iAmSuperPissed @kikorustia
Nov 4, 2020 17 tweets 36 min read
#EpalNaGo’s loyalty to #DuterteInutil is the strongest bond that they share so whatever happens he will remain loyal to the #PoonNgPOGOs, a thread
#DuterteInutil trusts #EpalNaGo that his words are as good as his. Perhaps Honeylet must be jealous of this dynamics. @ricci_richy @claudiopoy @serrano_rene @kikorustia @ProDeoEtPatria7 @juanelyas @guingonabart @jekki_oppas @m_adelie
Nov 3, 2020 8 tweets 12 min read
The presidency is a 24/7 job & the head of state must be on top of everything especially during a calamity. A thread
@alluregandako @m_adelie @shiela_mangahas @ToniSpeakEasy @peachybrets @akatsukichan2x @ProDeoEtPatria7 @juanelyas @papalbadass @serrano_rene @noynoyaquino made an address to the nation to warm people against Yolanda. #TheTaleOfLeadership @MyRizalPH @ArchMobius @makeapoint690 @IdentikitThom
Oct 27, 2020 8 tweets 20 min read
#RememberMarawi as a vibrant and thriving place before it was reduced to rubble. A thread @GutocSamira @lenirobredo @HatamanMujiv @amir_mawallil @BangsamoroGovt @ZeeAlontoAdiong
#RememberMarawi when some residents got a close encounter with the extremists intimidating residents before the carnage. @serrano_rene @ProDeoEtPatria7 @supernegatrona @chiarazambrano @iAmSuperPissed
Oct 26, 2020 5 tweets 6 min read
Let's go to know #MarcosEnabler Jeff Ortega, a thread
1. He is from a #PoliticalDynasty in La Union whose members ran against each other to cling on power. #MarcosTalo #LeniIsTheVP
2. La Union is #OrtegaDynasty’s stronghold. #NoToPoliticalDynasty #MarcosTalo #LeniIsTheVP manilatimes.net/2019/05/20/new…
Oct 17, 2020 16 tweets 21 min read
As we continue our review of #DuterteInutil’s promises, let’s talk about corruption. A thread
@serrano_rene @ToniSpeakEasy @peachybrets @NakaupoAngTuta @ProDeoEtPatria7 @SaltAndReality @finnukyunukyu @MeisterVhin @MeisterVhin Image #DuterteInutil vowed zero tolerance versus corruption promising to get rid of it in 6 months. Anyare?
Sep 24, 2020 15 tweets 23 min read
We continue our tale of another Tulfo parasite, #BlackEyedMon, the eldest, who insulted construction workers calling them lazy & slow. #TutaNiPooh

@supernegatrona @akatsukichan2x @serrano_rene Being the eldest, he should have set an example to his siblings but he is not different from them. The rotten fruit didn’t fall far from its tree. #DDSMon #MonTheTroll #BlackEyedMon @PunchTheLies @JohnronP @BKwago @MyRizalPH @legallyzen Image
Sep 23, 2020 7 tweets 12 min read
Why #ResignMartires? A thread about #NonTransparentMartires
“A lack of transparency results in distrust and a deep sense of insecurity.” - @DalaiLama
@jcpunongbayan @MaamSyj @supernegatrona @PunchTheLies @ChelDiokno @macoydubs1 @ToniSpeakEasy @raymondnaguit @rryyyaaaannnn Image 1. He didn’t stop the illegal dismissal of Deputy Ombudsman Carandang who was investigating #InutilNaPagong’s unexplained wealth. #MartiresIsDDS #ResignMartires @makeapoint690 @imkerwinking @iamkarendavila @mariaressa @hotmanila
Sep 20, 2020 20 tweets 44 min read
#MarcosNotAHero's Martial Law, a thread about #MLMythsBusted #StopHistoricalRevisionism
1. PH's economy was good at the start but didn't last.

@lourddv @Xiao_Chua @jcpunongbayan @ToniSpeakEasy @indayevarona @erintanada @indiohistorian @supernegatrona FALSE CLAIM: The peso-dollar exchange rate during the administration of #MarcosNOTAHero was at P1.50 to P2 per dollar. (1965 forex rate - P3.91 per dollar; 1986 forex rate - one dollar was equivalent to P20.46) @rapplerdotcom #MarcosSinungaling
rappler.com/newsbreak/fact… ImageImage
Sep 19, 2020 15 tweets 27 min read
The beautiful island of Cebu has a long history & part of it is the long reign of #PoliticalDynasties including #GwenTrapo’s Royal House of Tuob. A thread

@claudiopoy @serrano_rene @raymondnaguit @MiguelPCaro #GwenTuob is one of the parasites plaguing the island. Her lust for power is troubling for she is vicious to anyone who dares to oppose her rule. #GwenTheSugboDictator
@supernegatrona @PunchTheLies @Doc4Dead @bansheerabidcat @jaicabajar @giasison @akatsukichan2x @ToniSpeakEasy Image
Sep 17, 2020 11 tweets 13 min read
#DuterTIWALI na kamo? A thread
1. Birds of the same feather corrupt together #TheTaleOfTheThreeStooges and #TheChroniclesOfAssholes (this is a loooong thread)
2.1 Appointing unqualified people to key gov't posts #DuterTIWALI #TheTurtleGeneral #PhilHealthMess, another thread
Sep 15, 2020 13 tweets 25 min read
JK Rowling is trans-phobic, a betrayal of Harry Potter's message. #RIPJKRowling means the author who brought us hope is dead, not the person. She's a death eater. A thread @HarryPotterFilm #TransLivesMatter
Dumbledore's message:
1. Sorting Hat Ceremony Significance
@EmmaWatson @DanJRadcliffeNL @TomFelton @rupertgrintnet @wbpictures @warnerbros
#RIPJKRowling but #HarryPotterLives
Sep 14, 2020 12 tweets 25 min read
Part 1
A tale must be told about the siblings branding themselves as clean but pure lies. We shall begin our story w/ #ErwinDDSTroll. A thread
@ogie_rosa @HelloTimTim @leisbeth_recto
@ToniSpeakEasy @PunchTheLies Image #ErwinDDSTroll’s mouth has always put him in trouble because he is a staunch #InutilNaPagong ally. He insulted a former general when the latter declined his interview request. He earned PMA's wrath. #BadMouthErwin