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25 Nov
Not content with just making it even harder for refugees to reach British shores, Priti Patel has also snuck in some new anti-protest laws at the last minute.

Get ready for this, they're bloody grim.

A #PritiFascist 🧡

New offences would impose up to a year’s jail on protesters who lock themselves to railings, gates or other objects.

Police would get sweeping new powers to stop and search protesters, even without suspicion a crime was committed.

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15 Sep
How qualified are the new and promoted members of the cabinet?

Let's judge some of them by their own words and actions.

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Liz Truss - Foreign Secretary.

Truss, the former Women and Equalities minister & Secretary of International Trade, was a part of "Britannia Unchained" which called British workers lazy.

She also said that the "UK focuses on fashionable race, sexuality and gender issues."
Nadhim Zahawi - Education Secretary.

Zahawi's musical tie went off during a debate about cutting EMA a Β£30 weekly allowance for poor students.

Attended a men-only dinner club event which saw female staff groped & harrassed.

Claimed Β£5000 expenses to power his stables.
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