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16 Dec 20
This is important. Make sure you click through and read to understand what I’ve been on about for the last 6yrs wrt modular NIH funding.

With no adjustment for inflation in two decades, we now have 55.5% of the purchasing power that we had in 2001 for biomedical research grants.
The implications of this are huge.

1) Scientists are having to hold *multiple* R01 grants just to keep on the treadmill.

2) This increases the risk of losing a grant non-linearly, resulting in destabilization of the discovery process.
3) Junior scientists applying for their first R01 need to understand that they *cannot* do the same amount of work that their mentors/predecessors did on the same grant mechanisms 20 years ago, or even 10 years ago.

4) Study sections need to recognize this and adjust accordingly
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14 Dec 20
Dealing with someone trying to get a COVID test here in Utah this morning...

The hoops they are having to jump through, just to try and get the test scheduled reveals precisely why our COVID case numbers are waaaaaay lower than my models suggest they are.

This is nuts.
We should be testing to saturation here, particularly given that we *know* people can be asymptomatic and still shed virus.
I hear from colleagues at @UCLA that employees on campus are getting screened twice/week whether they have symptoms or not.
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5 Oct 20
How does one normally handle a sociopath?

Should it be different, that the sociopath is the President of the United States?
P.S. Who put on his makeup for this outing? He clearly has makeup on.

Is it self applied? If not, who is the makeup person risking their life for this?
Trump was not discharged from medical care. He was transferred to the White House with a still active and raging COVID infection.

Think of all the people that work in the White House. Cleaners. Food service workers. Valets.

These people do not have infectious disease training.
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5 Oct 20
I will say that personal experience with dexamethasone was interesting.

After blowing out my back and getting surgery to decompress nerve roots, my doc said: “you’re gonna feel really good. I’ve loaded you full of dexamethasone... so be cool. Take it easy and don’t be stupid”.
Looks like the dexamethasone is kicking is kicking in…
Watching the video of Trump re-entering the White House makes me wonder if his physician has noted that Trump is not following advice.

I don’t know what the dosage is, but Trump is going to run into dexamethasone crash, and if it coincides with COVID viral spike, it could be bad
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4 Oct 20
The more I think about it, the more this makes me sad.

It is absolutely pathetic that the *image* of strength of competence is what this administration keeps pushing.

A beloved leader who sacrificed for his nation would be able to be seen in pajamas and taking it easy to heal.
Instead, we get fake images or propaganda scenes where the appearance of getting work done is more important than the actual work getting done, or of honesty in leadership.

One way or another, lies are being told here. The President has COVID, or he does not. It’s bad, or not...
I’d love to have a chat with the photographer, Joyce Boghosian, and get her perspective on all this...
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3 Oct 20
I find it curious that the President is taking *TWO* experimental drugs in response to his COVID-19 diagnosis.

That feels… odd to me.
The Regeneron monoclonal antibody cocktail is truly experimental, and has only been used in a few hundreds of patients.

Using that, in combination with an anti-viral drug, Remdesivir that has *some* indications for efficacy.
And studies involving BOTH of those drugs at the same time, are effectively non-existent to my knowledge.

This feels… desperate.
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2 Oct 20
<eyebrows raised>
I can think of all sorts of reasons why one might lie about being COVID-19 positive. Upcoming debates, losing election fears, wanting to generate sympathy.

Maybe it’s real. I hate to be this cynical, but I guess we’ll see.
If it is real, then Trump shared a stage with @JoeBiden just yesterday.

Think of all the other people that will have been exposed because Trump does not wear masks and encourages super spreader events.

This is awful if its a lie. It’s awful if its the truth.
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28 Sep 20
This is precisely why, when applying for a security clearance, your finances are investigated.

Do you have any debt?
Do you pay your debts?
Do you pay your debts on time?
What is your credit rating? (Seriously)
Do you have any financial exposure to foreign entities?
Remember: Kushner was ONE BILLION DOLLARS in debt, and leveraged the power of the United States State Department to help secure a deal for himself.

See below link.
Did Kushner give up intel on Jamal Khashoggi to Saudi Arabia to help broker a deal?
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27 Sep 20
This tweet, made back in 2016 is looking to be absolutely precient:
There is always a tweet… And for a president who we now know has paid no taxes for the last decade, this one seems about right:
The Trump taxes are interesting because the taxes ARE. WHAT. TRUMP. HIMSELF. REPORTED. to the IRS.

If he denies the content of these tax returns, then he is acknowledging that he lied to the IRS.
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21 Sep 20
What happened is the Trump administration got played.

As a consequence, the Trump administration just did lasting damage to American interests. This is the worst possible outcome for privacy, and completely complicates the world for American companies like Google, Apple, etc...
The world is complex for a reason…

Protocols are typically in place because of *good* reasons. It’s fair to revisit them from time to time in a careful manner to ask if the protocols still are relevant, but destroying policy wholesale is dangerous.
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16 Sep 20
Did this go through an Institutional Review Board?

Facebook seems to do lots of “studies” like this with no consideration of ethics or the rights or welfare of the human research subjects recruited (willingly or otherwise) into these “studies”.
I mean… If this sort of thing happened without an IRB review in academia, people could be barred from funding, lose their jobs, or end up in jail.

And yet...
It is an important consideration, actually to understand that algorithms designed to manipulate human behavior *is* human experimentation.

And that the results of this human experimentation are altering behavior, moods, with real outcomes for society.
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14 Sep 20
This. Is. Completely out of control.

All those in the science community who hassled me for being “political” in the early days of this administration… look at this. Just, look.

We are seeing dangerously out of control interference in science and science policy by these people.
People are *dying* because this administration not only does not value science, but is actively working to undermine science, and make claims that further endanger the science infrastructure and those who work within it.

This is authoritarianism, writ large.
This is what dictators do… undermine those who have claims to expertise that would complicate the narrative that they want to maintain to preserve and expand their power.
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8 Sep 20
Power is out at our place in SLC.

Massive downslope winds raging through the valley.
Tree branch broken, and beating against our 100 yr old house... not safe to climb up and try to cut it away.

2020 keeps on giving.
The beatings will continue, until morale improves.
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4 Sep 20
I am *very* pro vaccines, that have made it through stage 3 safety trials.
Generating an immune response from an injected antigen is trivially easy. Come up with anything that your body has not seen before and inject it into the blood stream, and you’ll get an immune response and antibody production.
What makes vaccines work best is finding the right antigen that matches the desired outcome. It may also involve adjuvants to create a stronger immune response.

But... the safety studies are critical. Those should not be rushed or circumvented.
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3 Sep 20
I am imagining a world without Trump… And it makes me smile.
61 days y’all. Get out the vote.
59 days, y'all.
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2 Sep 20
The most fun I ever had in science was when I was a trainee… Notably a post-doc.

The best time it seems for *anything* I’ve done, is when I was an amateur, if you will.
Therefore, I’ll try and make it my goal to make sure that I am as constantly in that “trainee” space in my head as possible. Even though I’ve gotta balance the responsibilities of doing other things…
I never want to lose that sense of… “what am I doing”? and “Oh! That is cool”.
It has been my experience that the best opportunities present themselves when you are in that headspace.

It also rewards itself with the delight in realizing: “What am I doing *HERE*?”

There have been a few moments like that which can often present as imposters syndrome, but...
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1 Sep 20
A photo of you, @strobist in January 2020, without imagining what could come. Image
@strobist A photo of you, @mwichary in January 2020, without imagining what could come. Image
@strobist @mwichary A photo of you, @ECDonovan01 in January 2020, without imagining what could come. Image
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28 Aug 20
This is dangerous and predatory harassment by Russian troops on US forces, recorded by the Russians and broadcast with impunity.

Trump has yet to say anything. Why?
I’m curious. Genuinely curious about the perspective on this incident (and the bounties on US troops) of all those Trump supporters who give much lip service about supporting our military.

Where do they stand on this?
What’s it going to take before we hear from our POTUS on these issues?
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23 Aug 20
Anticipating that the “breakthrough” that Trump is going to announce this afternoon is in fact, convalescent plasma, you should brush up on what it is, what the issues are and whether or not it is effective.

Start here with this @jetjocko article:…
@jetjocko Whether or not it is appropriate for a sitting POTUS to make a breakthrough announcement,if it is actually a “breakthrough” is unconventional to say the least.

We don’t know yet, so anything other than “we don’t know” is hype.
@jetjocko No peer review has been done on convalescent plasma yet and it is likely/clear that Trump is using this as political fodder for the GOP convention this week.

Also, it is notable that he is making the announcement on a Sunday night, *BEFORE* market futures for Monday open...
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18 Aug 20
1) Just seeing the landing strip would be difficult.

2) Holy… major pucker factor.

3) Someone get me a rotary wing aircraft for something like this.
@ebastian_me LOL… The ants crawling on the pilots headset.

Also… that is some serious bouncing on an unprepared landing strip. Keeping the nose up to avoid a prop strike would be on my mind there…. Yikes again.
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