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26 Apr 20
I had found a few historical references too, dating back to 1600's as "Cinchona Bark", "Jesuits Bark" & "Jesuits Powder"....

An intersting history of #Quinine #Chloroquine #Hydroxychloroquine

I started here;
"The Nine Lives of Hydroxychloroquine"…
This article, from the British Medical Journal, states the history goes back to 17th century, brought to Spain by Cardinal Juan De Lugo.

"350 Years of the Peruvian Fever Bark"…
I searched "Cardinal Juan De Lugo Jesuits powder"…
Take a few mins to do some of your own research, but this is what I found;

A book titled;
Taking the Medicine: A Short History of Medicines Beautiful Idea, and Our Difficulty Swallowing It
By Druin Burch
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12 Mar 20
Here are a few clips from yesterdays Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on
"Tech Industry and Online Child Sexual Exploitation"

Find the entire 2 hour hearing at… Image
The hearing opened with Sen. Judiciary Cmte Chairman & Senator @LindseyGrahamSC

" 1998, the NCMEC cyber tip-line was first created, there were just over 4,000 reports of online sexual exploitation.
By 2014, there were 1.1 MILLION reports a year.
2019=17 MILLION/yr"
Senator @LindseyGraham, "What's the role of the Congress? To provide the help, to find a balance btw business, free-thought & expression, and protecting children who are being filmed, daily, their abuse and everybody who watches it is part of the abuse. This has got to STOP!"
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4 Feb 20
"Horrific mountains of child pornography" on the server in #Ukraine
~"E." @EzAsCoWa (suspended)


Thread (links shown in video)
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26 Feb 19
Thousands of migrant children report they were sexually abused in US custody

"The allegations go back to the Obama administration." 😡😡…
Let's not forget... 400 Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC's) a DAY were crossing our southern border during @BarackObama administration and Joe Biden wasn't satisfied, he wanted MORE...…
More than 2 MILLION parents were deported, leaving behind children who ended up in the child welfare system and separated indefinitely.

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23 Dec 18
You didn't fail.
It wasn't the right time
You KNOW timing is EVERYTHING.
Eye is a very special patriot in that he loves his country beyond ordinary patriots.
You didn't fail, your vest did when you were shot point blank.
2) Notice The date June 3rd, 2018…
3) Notice the date June 3, 2018
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28 Jul 18
Q just posted about the missile launch again...…
"The Trident II D5 missile is the most fearsome weapon in the entire U.S. military arsenal, which makes it a very effective tool in deterring aggression."
An anon posts this in response to Q.…
Another anon adds this…
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25 Jul 18
I saw these screen shots on 8chan, thought I'd share them…
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