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honey-pot from former soviet republic. not to be mistaken with azra turk.
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20 Jul
Feb 2020 Study: Out of 100 judges who served on the European Court of Human Rights bet 2009-2019, nearly 25% have strong links to George Soros' Open Society Foundation or to linked NGOs

ECHR: Conflicts of Interest Between Judges and NGOs…
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11 Jun
Pervert millionaire CEO Charles Nabit of Baltimore solicited victims of sex trafficking 52 times in two years…
Nabit was listed as board of trustees chairman for Baltimore International College…
Hold on... Charles Nabit aka Chuck Nabit owns a host of Developmental Disabilities Management Services in multiple states…
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26 May
Gold from Clinton WH Archives. “The Bureau for International Communications & Information Policy of @StateDept administers programs for telecommunications development assistance to Newly Independent States of the Former Soviet Union under interagency agreements with the USAID.”
What our vulture government did to Russia after gorby tore down the wall is a monstrosity of epic proportion and destroys Hillary’s Russia conspiracy.

Take a good look at companies involved in this doc…
Your tax dollars at work
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11 Mar
Wow. It all makes sense now.
The MSM led hysterical panic is purposeful.

Did you know that WHO have money riding on #pandemic bonds? Reportedly half a billion hinging on how deadly the coronavirus will be.…
*Funds can only be released from the PEF for non-flu epidemics 12 weeks after the "start of the event," according to a World Bank document (link is now dead). The novel coronavirus strains were first reported on in late December, leaving funds locked up until late March.
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18 Jan
Looks like a second Armenian political arkencide in the last 4 months.
This also happened today. Funding cut to Armath Labs in Armenian schools.… 😬 Some seriously intensive training of Armenian children in high tech
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26 Dec 19
Colonel Tal Dilian arrested in Cyprus for suspected spying activities.
Interestingly, Dilian formerly headed Unit 8100 of the Intelligence Corps Unit of the Israel Defense Forces and is associated with the NSO group.…
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6 Dec 19
Pope Francis names Pedophile George Nader’s co-conspirator Andy #Khawaja an Ambassador Of Peace bc needy children & stuff #sicko
Hillary,, Hillary,, together we are stronger #VoteHillary 😂
With VP Joe Biden and Crazy Nancy
My Heroes #voteforhillary
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1 Nov 19
CiA archives: Sex perverts who work at state department had secret agreements to acquire immunity as long as they signed on to be double agents with the CiA.
Many examples. Here’s one…
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27 Sep 19
Well look at this coincidence. The WH spook whistleblower’s attorney is affiliated with the Ukrainian National Organisation. Wait till you see who was hanging w their political arm: The Ukrainian Congress Committee of America. H/t @LokiJulianus
Sweet. Senator Murphy even received an award.
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24 Sep 19
Ukraine to Reopen Probe of Hunter Biden Firm… via @thedailybeast
What’s this? Sept 24th: Chief of the National Police of Ukraine, Serhiy Knyazev, announces his resignation. - On 9/22 his ex-wife Viktoria Knyazev & her boss Vadym Kahan detained at polish border.…
Poland has opened a money laundering investigation…
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13 Sep 19
Alaa Mohd Abusaad caught instructing an FBI undercover employee on how to send money to the mujahedeen fighters engaged in jihad. Here is what’s interesting... investigation conducted by FBI in Birmingham, Alabama, Cleveland and 👉🏼Toledo, Ohio.
Recall: US man arrested for plotting synagogue attacks in Toledo, Ohio…
Recall: Elizabeth Lecron of Toledo was arrested for plotting a mass attack on a bar was found transporting explosives.…
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21 Aug 19
A few noteworthy Epstein - G👀gel connections. Not sure where this leads.
Serbian born, Harvard educated immunologist & former top Bill Gates advisor - Boris Nikolic -was named in Epstein’s will.…
Editas Medicine is big $$$ Pharma company who’s aims are to develop therapies based on CRISPR–Cas9 gene editing technology @CarrollQuigley1…
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5 Jul 19
2018: US Attorney Huber Indictment 🔥🔥🔥 A $511M Fuel Tax Credit Fraud Indictment in Utah Connects a Polygamous Mormon Cult to Mike Flynn, TrumpRussia, Woolsey and Transnational Organized Crime.…
Executive of Washakie Renewable Energy Indictment for money laundering - the Utah prosecution of polygamous Kingston Group members…
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27 Jun 19
H/t @MissiWhite4 Italian police arrest 18 including medical doctors and psychologists in sting operation “Angels & Demons” for allegedly brainwashing and# selling children into foster care…
😳 The children were allegedly subjected to hours of "brainwashing" during psychotherapy sessions featuring the use of electric impulses which were called "memory machines".…
The mayor of Bibbiano arrested as part of the take down. H/t @passion_ii…
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27 Jun 19
🔥#Mexico: Attorney for Emilio Lozoya, the former CEO of Mexican state oil co. #Pemex insisted ex-president Enrique Peña #Nieto & former Finance Secretary Luis Videgaray should be questioned regarding the instructions him while he was running Pemex.…
“Lozoya is prepared to share what he knows about many topics, including the theft of fuel from pipelines – which generated losses of $3.4 billion in 2018 alone – & “how the Pemex coffers were emptied”
Curiously, Emilio Lozoya hired the same lawyers who are also representing the Mexican Attorney General, Alejandro Gertz🤔…
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18 Jun 19
DHS: 15,000 Kilos of cocaine worth up to 750 ML from seven containers found aboard a cargo ship - MSC Gayane, which recently traveled from Chile, Panama & the Bahamas were seized at Philadelphia shipping yard.…
Trend? 2018: Fentanyl shipment from China worth $1.7 million seized at Philadelphia Port…
More: 3/7/19 - Philadelphia CBP & HSI seize 614 Ibs of Marijuana concealed inside a Shipping Container that arrived from Puerto Rico.…
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