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5 Apr
In two weeks, I turn 30.

From debt to financial independence, corporate job to entrepreneurship, anxiety & self-doubt to inner peace

24 lessons I've learned about life, money, & time in my twenties:

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1. Money won't make you happy, but it can give you the freedom to figure out what does.

Money is just a tool.

What we're really are after lies under the surface.

Control of how we spend our time, where we spend it, and who we spend it with.
2. Fake it until you make it is bulls%$it. FACE it until you make it.

"Real confidence- that is, not a mask of confidence or phone bravado, but a true sense of one's own skills and character- arises not from ego, but from humility"

- John Hennessy, Chairman of Alphabet
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30 Mar
Digital Turbine ( $APPS ): The Largest On-Device Media Platform

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📚 History

+ $APPS was founded in 1998 and is HQ'd in Austin, TX. The company only has about 160 employees yet does almost $550K/employee in revenue

+ They started as a mobile ad agency business, but in 2014, signed a key agreement w/ Verizon to pre-install apps on its phones
✅ Basics

To summarize what Digital Turbine does today in one sentence-

+ They operate a cloud-based app distribution and curated content platform that connects wireless service providers, smartphone makers, and publishers with app developers and advertisers
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22 Mar
✈️ Airbnb & the Future of Post-Pandemic Travel ✈️


✅ The Basics ✅

$ABNB was founded in 2008 by Brian Chesky & Joe Gebbia, who when faced with a 25% rent increase, responded by converting their tiny San Francisco apartment living room into a bed & breakfast with the help of an air mattress in order to help cover their costs
+ By 2009, their small idea had more than one thousand customers and was able to secure a seed round

+ By mid-2011, it had more than one million customers

+ Today, $ABNB has more than 7MM listings in 100,000+ cities
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22 Mar
21 books that will make you a millionaire this decade 📚

...And a happy one. ☀️

Pair with action; knowledge without embodiment is useless

1. Atomic Habits, @JamesClear

“Every action you take is a vote for the type of person you wish to become.

No single instance will transform your beliefs, but as the votes build up, so does the evidence of your identity.”
2. The Daily Stoic, @RyanHoliday

“Never be so tied to your former acquaintances and friends that you are pulled down to their level.

You must choose to be loved by these friends and remain the same person or become a better person at the cost of those friends”
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16 Mar
18 Quotes & Lessons from "The Psychology of Money" by @morganhousel

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1. No One's Crazy

"Your personal experiences with money make up maybe 0.00000001% of what's happened in the world, but maybe 80% of how you think the world works."

Everyone's money story is unique.

Respect and welcome other investing viewpoints and stick to your own strategy.
2. Luck & Risk

"Nothing is as good or as bad as it seems. Luck and risk are siblings."

Sometimes it can be difficult to pinpoint whether skill or luck played the primary role in a successful outcome.

So be humble or be humbled. Failure is often a better teacher than success.
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14 Mar
23 lessons I learned on my path from $0 to $2M in 8 years

1. “Play long term games with long term people” @naval

Anything that provides instant gratification is probably bad for you and your wealth.

Anything that provides delayed gratification is likely good for you.

There’s no such thing as “get rich quick” or “overnight success”
2. “Focus on the $10K+ questions, not the $5 ones.” @ramit

Spend time focusing on the big decisions like asset allocation & building good credit rather than the $5 Starbucks decisions.

Set an hourly rate for yourself.

Outsource everything that’s under that rate to save time.
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25 Feb
Next Monday, Lemonade will announce its 4Q earnings

Global premiums from P&C and life insurance amount to $5T, making up 11% of US GDP

12 of the Fortune 100 are insurance companies, with an average age of 125 years old

Let's talk about the new kid on the block $LMND

Lemonade is attempting to disrupt the legacy insurance industry with an AI & tech-enabled platform targeting Millenials

The company has soared from its IPO last summer

Co-founder @shai_wininger also co-founded the young freelance marketplace company, Fiverr $FVRR
Their start began in renters' insurance, but they have now quickly grown into a savvy full-stack, digital insurer, now offering homeowners, pet insurance, and term life insurance (auto soon!?)

Lemonade just does things differently, somehow making insurance cool again? 😎
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22 Feb
Real estate is the largest asset class in America

At $33.6T, it’s nearly as large as the GDP of the two largest global economies combined

Over $1.5T of residential real estate changes hands each year

Let's compare the big three real estate disruptors


Over the next ten years, these three companies will reinvent the process of buying, selling, and financing residential real estate

The market is highly fragmented with 2M real estate agents and has been relatively undisrupted by digital transformation so far
1) Zillow $Z

- A real-estate media tech giant, founded in 2004

- The largest of the three by market cap by far

- Think of Zillow as the “Google” of online real estate search, making most of their revenue selling ad space and leads to realtors and property management companies
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22 Feb
Matterport- $GHVI

Allows customers to produce, store, and distribute 3D virtual property tours and 360-degree models

Transforming the $230T global building stock that remains largely offline into valuable data that can provide property insights and analytics

Total Addressable Market-

Real estate is the largest asset class in America

There are 4 billion buildings globally and over 20 billion spaces

At a conservative $1 per space per month, the opportunity could surpass a $240B total addressable market
The Opportunity-

The “digitization of real estate assets"

They're in the business of turning offline physical space into online digital space

This may just look like a virtual tour or 3D camera company, but this is about turning physical space ➡️ data

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18 Feb
Current Stock Portfolio (in order of position size)-

*BTC not included here (~10% of net worth)

1. $TSLA
2. $NVDA
3. $TDOC
4. $SHOP
5. $SQ
6. $PINS
7. $RDFN
8. $EXAS
9. $CRWD
10. $SE
11. $TWLO
12. $SPOT
13. $ETSY
14. $LMND
15. $APPS
16. $ABNB
17. $DMTK
18. $FVRR
19. $TTD
20. $MELI
21. $PLTR
22. $ROKU
23. $AMZN
24. $AAPL
25. $PENN
26. $DKNG
27. $GRWG
28. $VRM
29. $ENPH
30. $GHVI
30. $GDRX
31. $ADBE
32. $PTON
33. $NVTA
34. $RNG
35. $OPEN
36. $IIPR
37. $NVTA
38. $FTHM
39. $DOCU
40. $PRCH
41. $UPST
42. $CRSP
43. $TWST
44. $AFRM
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