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16 Jan
2/ "At the residence about 200 guests — donors, Cabinet secretaries, White House physician Sean Conley, TV boosters @DiamondandSilk, and other VIPs — gathered for the official election night party. They munched on beef sliders. Most did not wear masks."
3/ "The Trump campaign's senior-most officials aggressively texted anchors @marthamaccallum and @BretBaier. Throughout the night, a number of Fox commentators friendly to Trump — including @TuckerCarlson — questioned the Arizona call on the air."

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7 Jan
Fox News invites @SarahPalinUSA who implicates ANTIFA

PALIN: But, @marthamaccallum, keep in mind we don't know who all were the instigators IN this of these horrible things that happened today. I think a lot of it is the ANTIFA folks!


De-platform @FoxNews now. ImageImageImageImage
2/ Because, Julie, @FoxNews is a #FakeNews propaganda network — but we are 💯confident you knew that, @marthamaccallum knows it, and everyone knows it.

3/ Do not allow @FoxNews to spread these lies. ANTIFA had nothing to do with the Capitol Assault.

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6 Jan
I'm confused — as Warnock/Ossoff appear poised to overtake Loeffler/Perdue, why is @FoxNews broadcasting from its D.C. and NY studios when it spent tons of cash constructing a massive remote TV studio outside @MBStadium in Atlanta?

@BillHemmer and his 'Bill Board' are MIA!
2/ As Warnock leads and Ossoff ties their races, @FoxNews has abandoned coverage of the Georgia Senate Special Runoff and has moved on to shouting about the vaccines.

3/ Now the dumbest U.S. Senator is on @FoxNews, apparently angry after learning she will now be a member of the minority Party
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23 Dec 20
2/ “She used to be the Larry King of the business world, but I think she saw the ratings for the likes of @TuckerCarlson and @seanhannity and even @LouDobbs, and she saw that the way to survive at @FoxNews is to go all-in for Donald Trump.” –@joelockhart

3/ “There is a lot of eye-rolling,” said Ted David, a retired 20-year veteran of @CNBC who anchored alongside @MariaBartiromo. “Maria was always considered to be a principled professional. She’s losing a lot of respect from her fellow journalists.”

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29 Nov 20
1/ DR. SIEGEL: I'm gonna impress you, @willcain, with my sports knowledge. @SanJoseStateFB is also in Santa Clara County. They have an unbelievable miracle season going on…they were supposed to play @BroncoSportsFB today…it got CANCELLED because of the Santa Clara rules

2/ @SanJoseStateFB & @BroncoSportsFB were scheduled to play YESTERDAY in BOISE, not at San Jose State. The cancellation was due to a Covid–19 outbreak on the Boise State team.

@DrMarcSiegel should stick to medicine, where he also spreads Fake News.

3/ @foxandfriends

CAIN: Look at you! Are you a Spartan, @DrMarcSiegel?
SIEGEL: No, I'm not. I'm just watching from afar and I love that part of the world.

What Dr. Siegel loves is spreading Covid-19 misinformation and cozying up to Pres. Trump.

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29 Nov 20
TV is a visual medium. So why is Pres. @realDonaldTrump appearing on @SundayFutures via telephone? ☎️

#WeReportYouDecide | @AbbyGrossberg
2/ "Fox News has just announced that Trump will be giving a live phone interview to Maria Bartiromo on Sunday" –@Mediaite…
3/ This @SundayFutures "interview" is just more Foxpropaganda, with @MariaBartiromo shaking her head in agreement with the disembodied phone voice of President Donald J. Trump shouting about "glitches," "fraud," "dumps," and "this election was rigged."

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28 Nov 20
Because it's Fake News, @SenMastriano (R–PA), and your @Twitter account should be terminated.

"Mail-in ballot requests pass 2.6M in Pennsylvania" –@PittsburghPG

2/ Look what havoc you've wrought now, State @SenMastriano (R-PA). You've got the President believing your faulty electoral math.

The numbers you are referencing are from the primary election, not the general (below).

3/ State @SenMastriano (R–PA) believes if you say "shenanigans" two times in two minutes, you can overturn a lawfully certified election. You don't actually have to show any shenanigans.

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26 Nov 20
These service men and women had to stay up in the middle of the night to talk to a president who is more interested in talking about himself
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21 Nov 20
Dear Jenna,

You and your 'Elite Strike Team' are losing, repeatedly.

The Media
3/ Careful, @JennaEllisEsq — don't get any splinters in the woodshed.

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21 Nov 20
1/ Tucker's evil laugh is one thing, but also — what's his problem with @Yamiche's grammar? It sounds fine!
2/ You want to see some bad grammar, Tucker. Here you go. EAT IT!

3/ Oh, you want some more bad grammar, @TuckerCarlson? GET SOME!!

'PA School District Wants Fourth Graders To A READ BOOK [sic] Claiming Their Parents Are Likely Racist'

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20 Nov 20
Here's Kayleigh actively dismissing a reporter who pays her salary. Getting rid of this bitchiness from the WH podium will be one of the best things about Inauguration Day.
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19 Nov 20
Rudy's Dyegate 👀 Image
This is how I feel every day watching @FoxNews 🤦‍♀️ Image
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18 Nov 20
"Should the Board of State Canvassers toss out Wayne County's election results, Michigan would flip and become a Trump pickup. Today's decision puts the Trump campaign on that path." –@eb454

Michigan will NOT flip, Jenna. Bookmark it.
2/ “That is not going to happen,” Thomas said about the claim Wayne County voters would be disenfranchised.

The former state elections director said he doesn’t expect the state board, which features two Republicans and two Democrats, to deadlock.…
3/ The @GOP is enabling this overt attack on democracy. Never forget it.

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15 Nov 20
Rudy looks constipated, Mr. Outgoing President. Maybe Maria can administer Metamucil. Image
2/ Rudy is now pointing at "goons" in Pennsylvania. Maria looks like she's having a great time. Image
3/ We've now reached the point of the Rudy interview where he's wildly gesticulating. I don't think this is what Outgoing Pres. Trump had in mind with "wonderful lawyers and representatives." @SundayFutures

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9 Nov 20
Really, @RickSantorum (R-PA)? Tell us more.

“President Trump plans to brandish obituaries of people who supposedly voted but are dead — plus hold campaign-style rallies — in an effort to prolong his fight against apparent insurmountable election results” –@alaynatreene
2/ He’s not giving up. He’ll never give up.
3/ Thank you, @CNN, for continuing to employ this former GOP Senator who uses his vast media platform to radicalize Republicans while offering little insight and dwindling credibility
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