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The Jock of the Family, but only by default | 3rd Yr History at Uni. of Edinburgh | 🇨🇦🇮🇪🇬🇧🇹🇹 (It's complicated ok)| he/him | Host of @QuitStarTrekPod
1 Jan
Thinking about how many QUANGOs the Federation must have
3 Dimensional holographic interactive 1000 word flowcharts for days
Terrifying, truly terrifying
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1 Jan
How have I had tomorrow's episode of Discovery spoiled by the Trek Communist
Could you have waited, like, 6 hours before giving us your M-L take on this ,please
Just for this I'm staying a Social Democrat in 2021

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31 Dec 20
One of the core Interstellar Shitshows of the first half of the 2260s in EoM will be the collapse of the Kingdom of Acamar into a long civil war, which serves as the last big foreign policy incident before the Organian War/Romulan Incursion in 2267
As we know, Bob, the Acamarians are a spacefaring civilisation based on Clans, who, in the late 2260s saw a large amount of their population leave to become "the gatherers" instead of settling down
So In EoM, the Acamarian Kingdom has just managed to bring it's long clans wars to an end in around 2260. While it is surrounded by Federation Territory, it is still not a Federation member.
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31 Dec 20
Do I work on the McCoy + Andorian Med Student Fic, the #StarTrek/#Shera AU Fic, The Star Trek History Book or the #Spop 1930s novel fic
I have a lot of cursed writing concepts, but they're all really fun
Ok here's links to each one
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31 Dec 20
Ok It's New Year's Eve so: 1 like = I cursed screenshot of a conversation from this year
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31 Dec 20
Having Watched WoK last night I think I've figured out the reason the Miranda class is so long lived: it's not a "light" constitution class - it's a "pocket" Connie : same firepower, defences and speed in a small, more compact, less temperamental spaceframe
I suspect when the Constitution was redesigned at the end of the 2260s, the Miranda class was able to take advantage of all the upgrades in a much more radical fashion - in fact, pre 2270s "Miranda's" as seen in the Early voyages comic,might not even be the same spaceframe at all
These two (the USS Cortez and USS Achilles) seem less like Miranda's than a light refit of a Connie Saucer Section (which is probably the least complicated part of the Connie, which is why it's seen in the Miranda, Saladin, Larson etc.) ImageImage
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31 Dec 20
SPOP s5 but only Bow is not a muppet
I originally thought Catra, but then I think Bow having to deal with all the Muppets is funnier
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30 Dec 20
First Contact time! With Concagh the Elder!
The Borg Cube loos like a Westfield after dark
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30 Dec 20
Fuck it, I'm watching Wrath of Khan
THE UNIFORMS, I love the uniforms
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