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Look man, I'm going as facts as I can RISE!!! No Drama Zone
17 Oct
Let me help you out.

'there is no indication Garland is investigating trumpf'

Correct, because HE is working on Voters Rights, Election Fraud, cleaning up the mess at the DoJ Barr and trumpf did, Police reform, Several City Police Departments, including mine...
And as we have seen if we are paying attention, so much more but here's the thing. He oversees the Justice Department, The FBI and so on,

There will be No leaks on His watch.
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16 Oct
When America figures out it's the Koch's, we can right this ship. 🤷‍♂️
President Biden Knows😉
His very first 2 moves when taking office were on the Koch's. He sent them a message and so many missed it. I didn't.
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15 Oct
Capitol Police Officer has been Indicted on Obstruction Charges.

He was flipped on by a Rioter.


This is a wild story.
He will be in court this afternoon.
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