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15 Sep
Immune System creates anti-AE2 antibodies (AB) (vs. C19 spike receptor epitopes) which blossom epitopes somewhat homologous w. AE2 receptor antigen proteins; itself becoming a 2nd generation AB with weak pathologic epitopes vs. AE2. Take out these epitopes.
METHOD: use vertebrate species to create hyperimmune biological fluids dense with antibodies; aroused by vaccinating animals with mRNA vaccines. Dried powders of these fluids = food grade & can be dusted on body orifices; defeating C19 as it attempts to assault the body.
Animals with these natural antibody dense fluid substances are available. It would seem that natural law allows people who own an animal to freely consume products of that animal.
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14 Sep
@dysclinic @carolbinks @BPSOfficial Deluded fantasies that body functions & disorders are singularly mental creations amenable to psychological definitions & cerebrally focused healing techniques. Cute ideas dangerously supported by quasi-scientific dribble having a sloppy counterfeit patina of academic prowess.
@dysclinic @carolbinks @BPSOfficial MAJOR CONCRN: all References used to support the @NICEComms Guidelines should be redacted of any and all studies that merely theorize efficacy of the BioPsychoSocial model to explain etiology and correction of ME/CFS disease.
@dysclinic @carolbinks @BPSOfficial @NICEComms If the gods set up Creation correctly, they would never elect the weakest human tissue, the brain, to be dependably protective & conserving. Survival of the species necessarily requires genes to prevent depression (⬆️ Dopamine) & ⬇️ Pain (Endocannabinoids & Endorphines).
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1 Aug
@indepdubnrth FAILED COVID CARE? Doctors have always been members of an hierarchical guild wherein lack of clinical inquiry & absence of thoughtful patient care reflect faulty group standards whereat adequate practitioner conduct is measured by proficiencies of the least distinguished members
@indepdubnrth Medical guilds rule by perceptions of the most influential members, who gain station mostly by political sway. Individual guild member prosperity relies on adherence to current medical practice fashions. Revolutionary clinical announcements threaten guild member fortunes.
@indepdubnrth Empirical observations by doctors in the medical trenches worldwide have discovered marvelous lifesaving COVID therapies; which are being banned by guild leaders, by media outlets, & by gov bureaucrats who overlord & threaten guild authority.
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23 Jul
Hypermobility genetic/primary. Injuries/illnesses ▶️ sedentary status/induce loss of soft tissue tone. Muscle spasms induce entheses. Joint subluxations induce autonomic dysregulation = depression, restless sleep, fatigue, ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia. Hormone Relaxin 🔼 ligament laxity.
Based on my 20+ years studying patients with Fibromyalgia (see my several threadreaders), I believe those with Hypermobility Syndrome (genetic) are predisposed to ME/CFS & LONG-COVID (I call “wasting diseases”). Treatment is prophylaxis:
PROPHYLAXIS for Hypermobility Syndrome avoidance of “wasting diseases”: avoid obesity, multiparty, & back injuries; keep soft tissues toned; maintain nutrient dense diet; sunlight; Vit C & D, Mg, Se, Zn.
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18 Jun
Fibromyalgia is a multi-factorial disorder with a variety of causes: femaleness, Hypermobility Syndrome, pelvic girdle injury, sedentary & reclusive lifestyles, low Vitamin D, non-restorative sleep, & severe incapacitating illnesses.
A unifying factor is instability of pelvic girdle joints that lead to a slightly tilted upper body tower & wherein multiple muscles that support the upright body tower incur asymmetric mechanical stress that differs from one side of the body to the other.
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15 Jun
MIGRAINE is common in FIBROMYALGIA: THE ETIOLOGY is readily explained. Let me explain:
Hypermobility is a tissue variation found in about 15% of women. The connective tissue laxity impacts flexibility to body parts and especially to the pelvis, thereby providing for easier childbirth.
A common concomitant of greater ligament flexibility is a functional scoliosis. The vertebral disks are ligaments that connect the vertebral bones. The spines of hyper-mobile women are often scoliotic when these women are upright, but straight when reclined. The reason is ….
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22 May
THORACIC OUTLET SYNDROME: Classic case of imbalanced muscles. Let me explain:
(Anatomy & Etiology)
Thoracic Outlet: anatomic space in proximal subclavicle region; traversed by a neurovascular bundle & brachial neural plexus.
Superior trapezium is plural
Superior trapezius is singular
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14 Mar
VITAMIN D HOW MUCH? Recent studies in men who work year around without shirts in Hawaii produce 6,000 units of Vitamin D per day; likely a dose selected by Darwinian evolution and likely non-toxic. Maybe even optimum.
My undergraduate biological sciences professor (1963) discounted need for supplemental Vitamin D & firmly proclaimed walking “15 minutes” outdoors “between classes” was sufficient daily sun exposure; a pompous proclamation in retrospect.
VITAMIN D & COVID-19: Epidemiological evidence has demonstrated ability of Vitamin D to inure human organisms to full onslaught of COVID-19. Anyone who is not maximizing Vitamin D might be missing an opportunity.
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13 Mar
ALTERNATE EXPLANATION OF CFS/ME/LONG-COVID: Best studies of physiologic commonalities of these disorders have measured metabolism, genetics, hormones, cytokines, mitochondrial respiration, & etc. The only common phenomenon that correlates with occurrence of these disorder is ....
The common thread of CFS/ME/LONG-COVID is the measured intensity of the initial insult; as in days of bedridden status & severe locomotor inactivity. What does this measurement reflect?
Astronauts returning from weightlessness are unable to support their upright musculoskeletal towers. Studies have shown that 2 weeks of strict bedrest result in profound loss of muscle mass and strength.
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27 Jan
CFS MYSTERY FURTHER UNSOLVED: CFS is function of “severity” of acute infection, but not of psychologic or measurable physiologic parameters, and for a variety of viral disorders. Huh! How can this be? Impossible! Why?
Well, let’s look at what import “severity of illness” has for a host that evolves chronic fatigue. In the study, chronic musculoskeletal pain was common amongst CFS suffers, but the pain generators were not studied. Soft tissues are the most likely explanation.
Persons beset with musculoskeletal pain commonly seek a sedentary status in order to avoid arousing musculoskeletal pain transducers.
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30 Dec 20
BOTOX FOR MIGRAINES: Key to success is depositing the Botox in the best tissue: mid-body & occipital insertion site of the most spastic Superior trapezius muscle; chronic spasm of which induces chronic muscle tension headaches and reflexive Migraine.
Way to discern spastic unilateral Superior trapezius muscle: look in mirror, view your auto driver license photo, & to pinch leading edge of each Superior trapezius to determine which leading edge is painful to pressure & also thicker; from supporting a chronically tilted head.
Looking in the mirror enables the person to view which shoulder is lower. The head usually tilts toward the lower shoulder side; causing Superior trapezius muscle on the higher shoulder side to be spastic from chronically supporting a tilted head (weighs about 10#).
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28 Dec 20
The exercise program is only for persons with less severe forms of Hypermobility (those who are still physically active) & who have not advanced to Fibromyalgia/ wasting disorders (who should begin an exercise only in warm water & until they are ready for walking on land).
My theory how persons with Fibromyalgia, wasting diseases & severe fatigue should exercise is that they should start with very gentle activities whereat gravity is negated & then through gradations of activities whereby exposure to gravity is gradually increased.
The first phase of exercise for persons with Fibromyalgia & wasting diseases should be similar to what was done with polio in the 1900’s: Warm water relaxes spastic muscles & enables joint range of motion exercises with gravity relatively negated.
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28 Dec 20
CORRECTION OF FUNCTIONAL SCOLIOSIS IN CASES OF HYPERMOBILITY SYNDROME: Recently, I had a young woman with scoliosis and Gastroparesis ask me what to do about her scoliosis.
This followed upon her reading about my theory that functional scoliosis is etiologic for Gastroparesis. Functional scoliosis is my name for a mild scoliosis that seems to occur in young women with Hypermobility Syndrome.
My theory is that a curved spine affects the autonomic nerves that travel next to the spine. I believe
that Gastroparesis is a dysautonomia.
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19 Dec 20
FUNCTIONAL SCOLIOSIS was a post of 12/5/20, & wherein I discussed etiology & exam for what I call “functional scoliosis”. I showed how this disorder, common in women with Hypermobility Syndrome, potentiates evolution of Costochondritis.
Functional scoliosis also underlies etiology of many dysautonomias, such as Migraine, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS), POTS, Panic Attacks, Hyperventilation, & Gastroparesis. In this essay, I will describe my views of the pathophysiology of these disorders.
In my opinion, dysautonomias of the lower body, such as Interstitial Cystitis (IC), Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), & perhaps Endometriosis, arise from neural impingements affecting autonomic nervous system tracts that regulate the tissues of these organs.
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11 Dec 20
MICROBIOME AERODYNAMICS & SEDIMENTATION RATES are studied & known. Who would have guessed that studies would uncover cloud formation & precipitation phenomenon as function of bacteria ubiquity & size.
Korean scientists quantify lift off, descent, & propagation of various bacteria “species” in the atmosphere & as high as 1,000 meters. These micro-spaceships average about 8 micrometers (if I got that right).
Atmospheric density of bacteria particles relates, in part, to their ability to nucleate with other airborne particles. Scientists can even differentiate the aerodynamic properties of these bacteria from larger (factor of 10x) pollen spores & larger fungal spores (factor of 5x).
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8 Dec 20
SACROILIAC JOINT DISORDER causes people to sit like this. In a threadreader I published yesterday I discussed the reason people choose to sit like this.
These are exact postures chosen by hypermobile patients with unilateral sacroiliac joint disorder & low back pain on that side. One leg bolsters the other so as to hold up the hemi-pelvis on side the SIJ is subluxing; because it hurts to sit on that buttock.
Another posture that attends unilateral sacroiliac joint disorder in hypermobile people is the Trendelenberg posture. This is to sit flexed forward with elbows on both knees. When brought to their attention, many are apologetic, “I know I shouldn’t slouch”.
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8 Dec 20
HYPERMOBILE YES! These are exact postures chosen by hypermobile patients with unilateral sacroiliac joint disorder & low back pain on that side. One leg bolsters the other so as to hold up the hemi-pelvis on side the SIJ is subluxing; because it hurts to sit on that buttock.
Another posture that attends unilateral sacroiliac joint disorder in hypermobile people is the Trendelenberg posture. This is to sit flexed forward with elbows on both knees. When brought to their attention, many are apologetic, “I know I shouldn’t slouch”.
The Trendelenberg posture is in fact the wisdom of the body finding the most comfortable position; in this seated bent over position the femurs leverage each sacroiliac joint into an anatomical neutral station; so joint ligaments are not stretched.
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6 Dec 20
COSTOCHONDRITIS is common (mostly women) in Hypermobility syndrome. Costo- means rib (bone). Chondro- means cartilage (connective tissue). Each rib is joined to the sternum by cartilage, which is a place where biomechanical stress is focused. Set up for stress begins in the spine
The spine of most women with Hypermobility I have examined (thousands) has a functional scoliosis: curved when upright & straight when reclined & sitting. This is easily examined in the exam room, but of course better discerned when person is unclothed.
Reason for the functional scoliosis is that spine is, in great part, cartilage; each disk is a specialized ligament. In women with Hypermobility, the pelvic girdle, platform for the upright spine, is commonly unstable & tilted. Gravity evokes the functional scoliosis.
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5 Dec 20
Idea that Fibromyalgia is a myth persists. In 2009, I published (“Practical Pain Management”) announcement of cause. I sent Dr. Tennant, editor, a manuscripts entitled “Fibromyalgia-Finally The Cause”.
Dr. Tennant chose to change title to, “Sacroiliac Joint Disorder”; I was a country doctor without academic credentials. The article continues on-line. Gratefully, Dr. Tennant did not change the article content. He sent me a note, something like, “you will help many”.
I suspect the world medical community continues of one mind that the cause of Fibromyalgia is unknown, & that many doctors continue to question authenticity of such a disorder. Naysayers are simply ignorant.
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30 Nov 20
RESTLESS LEGS: the question becomes, why would the autonomic nervous system evoke involuntary leg movements when people are reclined and drifting into sleep; in those with POTS?
POTS highly associated with connective tissue Hypermobility & manifests as hypotension/tachycardia upon sudden upright posture; as body blood column descends. Perhaps Mitral Valve regurgitation is involved + laxity/sluggishness of autonomic-driven constriction of vein walls.
Blood returns from legs to heart vis superior-directed propulsion of lower blood column by means of leg muscle contractions; restless legs provide such muscle contraction propulsions par excellence.
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29 Nov 20
BEIGHTON CRITERIA VIDEO: is somewhat disappointing because the model could not perform all the demonstrations. Her elbow hyperextensions were great.
The model was older, and when people age they lose their youthful ability to do all the hyperextensions. I would say that some of the degrees of the various hyperextensions degrade starting after 30 years old.
Another factor that must be taken into account is that Hypermobility can present as a mosaic in some persons. Their knees well demonstrate Hypermobility, but not the elbows.
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