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Medical Doctor at G+ with interest in chronic pain. Writings on Discussions of true cause of Fibromyalgia, IBS, Endometriosis
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22 Jul
GASTROPARESIS THEORIES: the diagnostic list that accompanied the occurrence of Gastroparesis in this study overlooked the association of Gastroparesis & Hypermobility Spectrum Disorder (HSD).
My clinical observations have included that persons with HSD, mostly women, have a functional scoliosis while upright and a straight spine while prone. Spine disks are no more than ligaments; more flexible in those with HSD.
Thoracic scoliosis might functionally, asymmetrically, & mechanically strain soft tissues of the autonomic nerve system, which includes the Vagus Nerve.
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22 Jul
Most thinking people have unacheivable ambitions. “Coping skills” exist in eye of the beholder. “Somatic complaints” are common in the 4+% of women, who suffer from Fibfomyalgia, non-restorative sleep (attendant depression), & the constellation of dysautonomias that ....
follow upon the multitude of joint subluxations found in women with connective tissue variations named Hypermobility Spectrum Disorders; normal morphologies selected by evolutionary pressures for more effective birthing.
That leading virologist miss the associations between tissue variations, musculoskeletal functions, & nervous system disharmonies is understandable. But they should not assume a negative, “somatization”, & a phantom diagnosis that eludes scientific proof.
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30 Apr
CROHN’S & TMJ: A patient asked if these disorders are causally related? The answer is “no”. However, in my opinion, there is an association based on underlying genetically-determined tissue disorders.
Hypermobility Spectrum Disorder tissue variations seem to potentiate evolution of these conditions: TMJ=spinal flexibility ➡️ asymmetric shoulders ➡️ unilateral Masseter m. (TMJ etiology). I consider Crohn’s a dysautonomia; aroused by lax-SIJ impingement of the presacral plexus.
A common association is TMJ (Temporal Mandibular Disorder) & IBS in same patient. Tie-in is Hypermobility Spectrum Disorder (HSD). Ligament (connective tissue) laxity exposes upright body tower to gravitational stress deforming the tower; lose joints sublux & impinge nerves.
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20 Apr
COVID-19: U.S.-onset history lesson. I will park this here for ease of access & ability to send history revisionists a reasoned discussion of recent facts, & thereby gracefully bow out from attempts to engage me in discussions of the subject.
At least I will park the information for enough time to create a number of tweets worthy of a threadreader unroll, which I can then convert to a pdf & download to my email for archiving; in this way keeping, as I have long intended, political imprints off my Twitter stream.
My other interest in placing the topic here is to see how many people unfollow me for merely posting this elected official’s public recounting of recent factual information; a sorting mechanism of sorts.
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14 Apr
FIBROMYALGIA & COVID: my clinical data, based on hundreds of patients with Fibromyalgia, postulates that many COVID survivors will develop Fibromyalgia. The pathological dynamics described provide etiology of Fibromyalgia. These ideas will manifest as this thread advances...
My dozens of essays on subject of Fibromyalgia (see my threadreader library) detail etiology of this disorder. Common to the multifactorial disorders of Fibromyalgia are Hypermobility Spectrum Disorders (in women) & mechanical injury to the pelvic girdle (common to both sexes).
Once stability of the pelvic platform has been compromised, gravity imposes mechanical burden upon the upper body tower that elicits musculoskeletal compensations to preserve medial station of the body mass center of gravity.
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11 Apr
VITAMIN C & COVID-19: there is a collection of worthy published studies that have demonstrated the value of IV Vitamin C for pulmonary sepsis of ARDS, which is a deadly disease. These reports go back decades.
Chinese doctors have been reporting this for weeks related to COID-19. The Orthomolecular Medicine Society has been reporting this information for years. The information has been reported in respected medical journals like JAMA (Dr. Fawell).
So a few weeks ago I attended a tele-meeting put on by Hilo Hospital in Hilo, HI (lots of department heads) where one of the prominent hospital internists pontificated about hand washing, distancing, & folly of taking vitamins (standard orthodox pap).
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9 Apr
“TODAY in #AmJGastro:
48% of patients w. #COVID19 presented w. #GI symptoms first.
They did worse/had delayed admission (⬆️ community transmission?). Do we need broader testing criteria. #GITwitter remember to keep in mind when seeing new-onset GI symptoms”
Dr. Badgley, M.D. Response:
GI SYMPTOMS IN COVID-19 INFECTION: the described symptoms suggest that parasympathetic dysautonomia might be result of the coronavirus pathophysiology.
Anosmia and headache are also reported as common premonitory symptoms, and these bespeak of central neurological dysfunction; perhaps at brainstem level.
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5 Apr
@medical_express. “Hope for millions of #IrritableBowelSyndrome sufferers as research identifies cause of #pain as 'gut itch'”. (1/5/20).
Primary physiologic mast cell receptor/activator found, & it has a higher density in IBS sufferers. Perhaps this is clue to cause of IBS. IBS is commonly associated with Hypermobility Spectrum Disorder
Physiologists know that mast cells and nerves touch & communicate, & that stretched tissues elicit mast cell activation. Because of estrogens, women have more elastic soft tissues than men.
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5 Apr
CHRONIC PAIN “IS REAL” says a Professor of Pain Medicine at Stanford. It is the most prevalent “disease” in the world he implies.
Dr. Sean Mackey, MD, PhD, made this assertion for PainNews. It would seem that a world-class University Medical Center offering this proclamation would also have a world-class Plan for defeating/curing this disease.
Absent public pronouncements reviewing a Stanford “Manhattan-Project-like Plan” for significantly treating Chronic Pain, I am not aware there is a “Plan” even in the development stage at Stanford.
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4 Apr
ASSOCIATION OF hEDS & RHEUMATOLOGICAL DISORDERS: some doctors have regarded a relationship; my comments about this association:
Either there is genetic linkage between these disparate Syndromes or there is not. I searched for physiologic relationships, but I find no ready theories for associations amongst these diseases & tissue disorders.
The environmental dynamics that explain these relationships (associations) are sedentary lifestyles that beget weak bodies & chronic pain that forestalls ongoing pursuit of daily locomotor confrontations with the ambient gravitational field.
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3 Apr
IMPORTANT REVELATIONS IN ERA OF COVID-19: “Several widely used medicines, such as antipsychotics, antidepressants, opioids, anticholinergics, PPIs, & corticosteroids can increase the risk of pneumonia by 1.2 to 2.7 times.” Elderly more likely to receive several of these drugs
The widespread use of anti-psychotic medications in long-term care facilities, nursing homes, is one manifestation of this danger for promotion of pneumonia.
Another medication implicated in potentiating pneumonia is Gabapentin (Neurontin); widely used by physicians in chronic pain patients; a phenomenon of recent years & which likely mirrors doctor’s fear of official condemnation surrounding use of opiates for chronic pain.
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2 Apr
COVID Pandemic Exposes the Ugly Secrets Hidden in America’s Healthcare System:⁦…
A next phase of overlord usurpation is further discounting Physician control of patient care; to enlist Physicians’ quasi-competitors, Nurse Practitioners, who commonly inform patients that they can do “whatever a Physician can do.”
Nurse practitioners are being groomed to be the “truly caring providers” that Physicians “are not”, what with their hasty digital ching$ching encounters; necessitated in part by astronomical CEO salaries.
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2 Apr
COVID-19 IMMUNE SUPRESSION? COVID-19 has a genetic segment identical to HIV & which in HIV infection facilitates human cell attack & destruction of T-4 lymphocytes with CD-4 receptors. Whether same cells are destroyed by COVID-19 (kills lymphocytes) has not yet been studied.
Some scientists speculate that infection with COVID-19 might have long-term consequences for immune system functions. Only time will tell. It is certainly a time to maximize immune system functioning through diet.
IMMUNE SYSTEM STRENGTH is a direct function of dietary choices. The evidence is in. Overburdening the body with concentrated sugars actually changes the status of genes that control strength of the immune system.
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2 Apr
COVID-19: NOVEL THERAPY SUGGESTED. Clinicians have discovered that the pathophysiology of COVID-19 and High Altitude Pulmonary Syndrome (HAPS) overlap. This includes pulmonary functions, blood measurements, Histology & Radiographic findings.
Treatment of HAPS has been well studied. Phosphodiesterase inhibitors (Viagra), Acetozolamide, & a calcium channel blocker (Nifedipine) have proved useful to increase tissue oxygenation & to reduce pulmonary artery hypertension & pulmonary edema.
As with the Hydroxchlorthiazide + Zithromax combo, this HAPS therapeutic protocol costs pennies compared to the cost of intensive hospital care; not always successful.
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30 Mar
VIRAL CYTOKINE STORMS IN HIV & COVID-19; RENAL & CV CONSEQUENCES. The evidence for these phenomena is presented within this thread.
Hypertension, Heart Attacks, & Arterial Thromboses are common in COVID-19 mortalities. People who are hypertensive prior to caronavirus infection are at greater risk for mortality. Hypertensive cardiovascular disease is known to be an inflammatory process.
Amongst persons with hypertension, immediate drivers of this disorder are salt & Angiotensin II (AT-II) secreted by kidney. In brain, AT-II induces super oxygen free radicals that damage blood peptides & create antigens foreign to humans.
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30 Mar
PATELOFEMORAL SYNDROME: a person with FM, EDS, POTS, IBS has underlying Hypermobility Spectrum Disorder, and likely had Genu valgus or varum. This potentiates Patellofemoral Femoral Syndrome (PFS). See my threadreader library for a thread about PFS.
“I have fibro, EDS , POTS,IBS, pernicious anemia. Currently struggling with knee pain to side of kneecap on inside of right leg. Any tips on how to help myself during lockdown. I've been trying heat its from overdoing it 3 weeks ago. Any exercises to try?”
Patelofemoral Syndrome is an asymmetric posture of the knees whereby either the medial compartment or lateral compartment becomes more burdened by upper body weight, & associated collateral ligaments become similarly bio-mechanically stressed & pained.
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30 Mar
SATIVA AND INDICA CULTIVARS have been a long-term distinction within the Cannabis world. I believe there are authentic clinical reasons for these herbal varieties.
@drmikehart “We need to stop using the terms Indica and Sativa and replace it with what’s in the medicine, specifically cannabinoids and terpenes”.
MY RESPONSE: the two divisions, Indica & Sativa, are distinct phenotypes as cannabis botanists know. Sativas derive from generations of human selection and inbreeding by human cultures in the near-equatorial regions.
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30 Mar
CHRONIC LOW BACK PAIN RELIEF: relief of pain generated by a dysfunctional sacroiliac joint (SIJ) is a major accomplishment because this pain is so severe. Studies have shown that the SIJ is responsible for pain generation in 13-30% of people with chronic low back pain.
@painmednews 3/29/2020
“Two-thirds of patients receiving radiofrequency ablation for sacroiliac joint pain gained nearly 3 months’ pain relief, & half reduced opioid use by 30%”.
Radiofrequency ablation of nerves responsible for SIJ pain involves treating afferent dorsal medial branch nerves that serve nociceptive pain transducers within sacroiliac joints & which exit the sacrum via dorsal sacral foramina.
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24 Mar
“I posted this yesterday and while it is interesting and tracks to SARS 1 also, just wanted to reiterate, this does not mean O is invulnerable and you should go lick people’s faces. Plenty of Type O get severe disease”. (See tweet 3/18/20)
BLOOD TYPE & COVUD-19: That the study was performed does seem odd. Yet, I seem to remember studies performed years ago wherein average native intelligence of racial groups was found to be associated with blood type.
Intelligence is considered to be dependent on a variety of genes & all of which are generally found in all humans. Penetrance of intelligence seems to be a function of the peculiar gene mix that an individual inherits.
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21 Mar
“EMPOWERED PATIENTS” in pain is a powerful marketing message. But where is data that Stanford’s Pain Program delivers? How does Beth Darnell’s program separate out placebo effects and magical thinking?
Comments that opiates have a place in pain management seem authentic. Didn’t Mother Nature magically place plants on earth that absolutely relieve pain? Those benefited by opiates seem universally opposed to unproven contrarian testimonials of opiate dangers.
Unfortunately, we have entered a time warp wherein bureaucratic pressures & governmental policies are focused on denigration of scientific principles of opiate & cannabinoid efficacies for chronic pain management.
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19 Mar
BLOOD TYPE & COVUD-19: That the study was performed does seem odd. Yet, I seem to remember studies performed years ago wherein average native intelligence of racial groups was found to be associated with blood type.
Intelligence is considered to be dependent on a variety of genes & all of which are generally found in all humans. Penetrance of intelligence seems to be a function of the peculiar gene mix that an individual inherits.
The dynamic of genetic inheritance includes associations of traits in constellations peculiar to racial groups; hair texture, color, & etc. A natural principle that intelligence genes are inured to pressures of natural selection amongst humans seems an unsettled issue.
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