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18 Oct
I'm downtown but been running and filming since I got on the ground. Got knocked down by officers 227 from DHS who then shot me up as I retrieved my phone.
Here's that moment when DHS officers rush the crowd, I try to back up while still shooting, get knocked over a photographer, and if you listen closely you may hear the pepper balls shot at my phone as I retrieved it from the ground.
And here's when DHS brought their gas gun/leaf blower/insecticide sprayer out to disperse protesters. Wait for it, it's worth it.
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16 Oct
I'm downtown right now where there's been a bit of a tense situation--it sounds like the new Ribs crew, some call them PirateRibs, has been clearing the houseless camp from near the Justice Center.
An individual was apparently down at the park when the confrontation began says they had a shotgun couches at them by someone representing PirateRibs. I spoke briefly with D'Anthony but I'm working on getting additional interviews before posting that.
Individuals in both sides yelling, engaging in profanity and threatening behavior, additionally streamers who claim to be independent are also ratcheting up the tension, I have to leave now for a previous assignment. @Claudio_Report and @1misanthrophile remain on the scene.
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23 Aug
Couple dozen police vehicles up here on Rte 26 and Rd 27. They will only tell me, "we're investigating a crime, the areas closed until then."
#26rd27 one vehicle leaves the scene, no idea where he's headed except west.
I'll thread from here for now. May not work as I try to upload video clips. #26rd27
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13 Jul
Time for the first #realtalk thread of the night! Let's talk #lesslethalweapons. ~16 years ago these were often referred to as #nonlethal, before #victoriasnelgrove was shot in the eye and killed during celebrations after #redsox won game 7 in 2004.…
#lesslethalweapons have been around for a long time, but surprising as it may be, they weren't used first in the United States, but most notably in Northern Ireland to quell "nationalist riots" during #thetroubles…
it wasn't until after the LA Riots in 1992 that #rubberbullets were more widely used in the US, quickly becoming common. So-called "knee-knockers" were used during 3 events in LA over the last half of 1992… #lesslethalweapons #pdxprotest #blacklivesmatter
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