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Jun 26 12 tweets 3 min read
From my memory of what I learned from my father on ISRO and @NambiNOfficial

The day the news came out in Kerala Newspapers calling NN a traitor, my father said a person like him can never be a traitor. Something with that name too.

Political vendetta and CIA behind this. 1. Rajiv Gandhi wanted India to develop cryogenic engines in India. CIA as expected said no.

They didn't leave it at that. When Russia was willing to help India, CIA wanted to ensure this did not happen.

2. Antony and Ummen Chandy were conspiring against K Karunakaran, the last
Jun 19 27 tweets 10 min read
The tale of how the celebrated 'right wing' unity collapsed - My reflections

After @narendramodi 's victory in 2014, many sahayāthrika on social media announced that they will now be fulfilling the function of opposition and will be the biggest critics of Modi. @narendramodi I told them, this was their chance to join hands with Modi in nation rebuilding. From ruins. There was a lot to do.

Some remained like me, trusting His decisions largely, and researching where we found information wanting, sharing success incessantly.
Jun 17 15 tweets 8 min read
My views on WHY Agni Path and its Fake Protest.

I know some protests start on genuine grounds and soon get hijacked by the enemies of the state,

but this violent protest that too from the so called 'aspirants' who are yearning to lay their lives for the country is an oxymoron. We see the pattern. We know the template.

Any country will not want to explain their decisions on defence. This includes a scheme like Agni Path.

Here is what I think is @narendramodi 's plan and why I think this protest is 100% fake.
May 22 25 tweets 9 min read
Thread for girls (of all ages) - The 'Why' of our Dos and Don'ts -

Part 2: Mendhikā (Mehendi, Mailanchi, Maruthani, Goranta)

Short thread, but long preface to the 'scientific' minded so that others can peacefully read and apply critical thinking.
Request to those who ask for 'scientific' evidence - just don't bother with this thread series (although this part has research backing).

1. Your western Gods have NO interest in researching India's age old traditions.

Reason: they cannot commercialise them
May 8 14 tweets 3 min read
Thread for girls (of all ages) - The 'Why' of our dos and don'ts - Part 1.

Over the past few generations, our elders had lost the wisdom of dos and don'ts for us.

As a result, they couldn't explain the 'why' behind all that. This week on, I am writing a series of short threads on various topics for girls. You may follow these or pass on to your daughters.

Part 1

Why are we not allowed to sit cross-legged?

Practice of sitting cross-legged will create pressure in internal organs inside waist area.
Apr 18 26 tweets 5 min read
For those who blame @AmitShah and @narendramodi for every stone pelted at Hindus.

~ This is a global phenomenon
~ You should know something about this communist warfare to study GOI's response or actions

Read the following communist techniques and think if you see a pattern. Aim of communists - world conquest.

Weapon - propaganda and mobilisation (read my pinned thread for mobilisation part)

How does it work?

In liberal democracies, ethnic races, nationalists, and good leaders are targets.

US Army exposed below techniques several decades ago.
Apr 10 11 tweets 2 min read
On this happy Rāma Navami Day, I want to share some thoughts on naughty questions by leftists and their friends.

Both material and esoteric answers.

1. "Sree Rāma forsake his wife, so how can he be called maryādā purushōttam"

It was Trētā Yugam where good and evil resided in different continents. Rāma Rājya and Rāvana Rājya.

Unlike Kruta Yuga where evil and good resided in different worlds (Asura lōka and Dēva lōka).

In Dwāpara Yuga, they resided in the same family - Kourava and Pāndava.

In Kali, they both reside in one person.
Apr 7 16 tweets 4 min read
After Modi, I respect @AmitShah the most. The solo force behind Modi for 40 years, through thick and thin.

Have studied Shah since early 2000's. Intrigued as a mitabhāshi like him was playing the big game of politics and winning every time.

A simple yet tough man of many hues. Master strategist and excellent footwork.

The magic of capturing rural Gujarat by tantra of creating party architecture, mantra by taking the message to people, then yantra by delivering tools people and institutions needed.

Adapting to each state and making its own version.
Apr 3 15 tweets 3 min read
My notes on Geopolitics - 3

What is India doing to have gained so much attention from the otherwise haughty West who think there is no electricity in India, people still ride bullock carts and do snake charming for a living?

Why are we suddenly in the limelight? Is it to force India to take their side? What difference will it make? Is it just about India buying crude from Russia paying in Ruble?


It's a little deeper and broader than that.

The West (America + Europe) want a unipolar world. What did they do for that?
Mar 30 8 tweets 2 min read
Arnab Goswami is a nationalist businessman. However, at times, he can demonstrate distilled idiocy.

He questions the timing of correction of Tipu's whitewashed history.

My ancestors have were witness to the atrocities of Tipu's onslaught in Malabar. As a child, I refused to study two topics - a book on B R Ambedkar, and the parts in history where Mughals, British, and Tipu were glorified.

I scored lowest marks in Social Sciences. My father congratulated me for the spirit.

My family teaches its young these lessons our ancestors witnessed.
Mar 27 12 tweets 3 min read
My Notes on Civics - Part 2

I hear people increasingly blaming Hindus for not creating a stronger community-service environment to stop our people converting or accepting left narratives.

We should stop being harsh on ourselves and focus on what will change this situation. There are two reasons why Hindus in need don't get help from fellow Hindus.

1. Hindus as a community is financially behind organised communities like Christianity. They don't have means to help their own.

Just meeting their own life's needs takes a lifetime.
Mar 20 25 tweets 5 min read
I am busting Rahul Gandhi's Happiness Index today.

Western societies have destitute pasts, so their happiness lies in the future in materialistic progression. RaGa is also from one of those countries.

First, busting quantitative side.

~ Sample for each country is just 1000 India - 3000 people. This is 0.00023% of India's population. Yes you heard me right. Just 3000 people.

Who are these chosen 3000 people, how were they selected? Will RaGa explain?

~ The sample survey is manipulated with complex mathematical formulae including GDP,
Mar 17 11 tweets 3 min read
My post on #KashmirFiles has instigated some interest in the upcoming Malayalam Film on Moplah Riots in Malabar in 1921.

Here's some info for you:

Name: 1921 Puzha Muthal Puzha Vare - from river to river. I guess the director means rivers of blood.

Release: in a few weeks Director: Rama Simhan (before Ghar Wapsi: Ali AKbar)
Funding: Fully Crowd Funded

Movie: not fiction, based on blood curdling facts.

We have all heard the peddled story of the pregnant woman whose womb was pierced by a Trishul during Gujarat riots.

Mar 16 11 tweets 3 min read
If speaking the bare truth is Islamophobia, then the brotherhood and their stooge communists ain't seen nothin yet.

In Kerala, a movie is coming on the infamous blood curdling Mopla Riot in 1921 where over 22,000 Hindus were butchered.

#KashmirFiles Over the reign of the cruel Mughals whom Nehru dynasty glorified in our text books, an estimate of over 120 million Hindus were slaughtered.

Over 40,000 temples were destroyed, deities desecrated.

Hundreds of thousands of Hindu women were raped and subjugated.
Mar 6 25 tweets 5 min read
My musings on UP elections

Psephologists say BJP will lose 50 - 70 seats. I am trying to understand this.

First, I will look at what I see as positive factors and then discuss adverse factors.

1. UP voters have shown acute political awareness in the past 2. UP has shifted from selecting 'Best of the Bad Bench' to choosing development oriented Dharmic government

3. In 2017, @myogiadityanath was a star campaigner. He made such an appeal with people that he became the CM.

4. This time, Maharaj is sitting CM, not star campaigner.
Feb 20 29 tweets 6 min read
My Notes on Democracy - Part 3

In this thread, I am exposing the real motives for the recent Hijab/Burqa issue.

Why burqa? Why now? Why the court case? Who is doing this? Did they succeed?

What was the role of the Saffron response?

This is a multidimensional template. Read on First of all, WHY BURQA? Why not any other Muslim issue?

~ First major election after the Triple Talaq where Muslim communities have seen a huge landslip with Muslim women supporting @narendramodi

~ The state with major share of M population is going to elections, and the
Feb 15 10 tweets 2 min read
My Notes on Geopolitics - 2

~ In my view, Putin has no interest in Ukraine as made up by the media

~ As always, his interest is in the Black Sea. Putin does not have paranoia. If he believes NATO is trying to gag Russia's Mediterranean hold, it must be true. Especially as NATO managed to station their missile defense system in Romania and with Romania and Bulgaria joining the Western Alliance working clandestine with Turkey who is out to consolidate Muslim population in the Eastern Europe.

This in addition to the economic sanctions.
Feb 13 19 tweets 4 min read
I am sick of this propaganda. Let me burst this.

1. Literacy

Kerala had 47% in 1951, 6 years before Communist party formed their first government. This is thanks to the efforts taken by the Kings of Kerala especially southern states.

India's national average then was 18%. Distant second was Maharashtra with 28%.

Fast forward to 2021. Kerala is 96.2 and India - 77.95%.

In terms of percentile increase, Kerala despite a head-start from the rest of India made an increase of 49.2 percentile points (pp), and India made a jump of 59.95pp and MH - 55pp.
Feb 4 9 tweets 2 min read
Can't believe Stalin and DMK fell straight into the trap of BJP with this NEET business.

Rahul Gandhi and DMK were planning to make NEET a big weapon against BJP for the local body elections. Idea to stop BJP making any progress.

BJP managed to make it a fight against Hon Gov. They knew DMK's bigger headache was the Governor's presence in the state.

Exactly when the forces (church) behind Stalin started their multi-pronged agenda in the state, an ex-Special Director of CBI, Ex-DepNSA, Ex-interlocutor to Naga peace process appeared in the field.
Jan 24 14 tweets 4 min read
My Notes on Civics Part 1

Veeramruthyu of Lavanya - what it teaches Tamil Nadu

1. Like the millions before her (120 million Hindus were slaughtered during the Mughal invasion - CSPI), she stands tall as the symbol of upholding Sanatana Dharma.

#JusticeforLavanya TN as a society is primed and conditioned for over 100 years since Pope and Caldwell and ignited by EVR

Tools - deracinating, confusing with beliefs of roots, and a general detachment for the collective identity of Hindu or Indian

British enhanced the cause by empowering CSI
Jan 8 23 tweets 6 min read
PM security breach in Punjab – why did this happen?

My analysis.

First, I don’t think this was an assassination plot. If it were, some attempt would have been made. There is no motive to assassinate @narendramodi just before the state elections.

I think this is caused by Modi’s surprise act of repealing Farm Laws.

We know this is signature Congress move. They are desperate too.

Punjab is their last standing bastion. With elections round the corner, its position is very weak.

On one side they don’t know the impact of Captain’s departure