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Retired Investment Professional on the side of truth and fairness. Tweets are just my opinions and not advice or recommendations. Looking for 10x in 10yr stuff
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Dec 1 6 tweets 2 min read
If you’re trying to improve your body’s physical and mental health you should start with understanding #mitochondria function and mitochondria #biogenesis

@ChrisPalmerMD book brain energy provides a great overview. Mitochondria is at the core of cell energy and cell maintenance. Every single of the 30+ trillion cells and our body rely on the 10 quadrillion mitochondria they collectively contain.

Our bodies cells communicate and work together using at least 4 distinct ways of signalling.
Nov 16 7 tweets 3 min read
#Gold making all time highs in most currencies and the pos usd will be next. Meanwhile many precious metals stocks are near bottoms. Especially juniors. We are at the cusp of a 5-10 year mega move that will see #preciousmetals metals create generational wealth for early entrants The USA already is dealing with ridiculously irresponsible deficits. Their political system is broken. One side wants endless spending on entitlements and the other continues to choose tax cuts for the wealthy rather than fiscal responsibility. The resulting historical debt levels have it now trapped in a box. This looming recession will have deficits blowing out to $4t plus a year again. Meanwhile we’ll over 10 trillion in existing debt will need to roll over in the next year and a bit at higher interest rates.
Nov 7 18 tweets 5 min read
I find this contract book laughable. Utwitter loves to cheer these $ccj $cco guys on and talk about how bullshit they are. But over the last 3 years they’ve contract like mad and created this dogshit no upside contract book. I can’t understand why this would occur… Image I’m no accountant but are they saying here that $53mln of the quarterly adjusted profit of $137mln came from market to market currency gain basically on the capital to pay for Westinghouse (in usd so it’s not like there’s an actual gain cause they committed to pay in usd) Image
Sep 29 10 tweets 2 min read
Well… looks like a some of the +$4 bln owners of $sput $u.u are trying to take profits here around the historically significant $75/lb level. With out a full buy back program in place it’s very difficult for big players to get liquidity. Again, I think this is an excellent profit taking region in price and time for this leg of the #uranium bull market.

I’ve been scanning twitter a fair bit the last week or so but commenting little. It’s basically looked like a #Uranium bukkake…
Sep 11 15 tweets 3 min read
Gentle reminder. Investing, saving and compounding so you can have a comfortable retirement is important.

But the absolutely most important thing is to invest in your body so that you can have an active enjoyable retirement. I’m trying to train every day to be more fit so I can hike to beautiful places and enjoy energizing activities with friends.

This often means choosing short term discomforts and pushing through pain to get results. This sort of investment generates huge long term gains.
Sep 7 7 tweets 2 min read
This is not what is gonna happen. I know well that there are piles of huge mutual funds and even gigantic pension funds that can’t own physical uranium. The prospectus of many funds like these prevent them from owning future contracts and other exotic ways of getting exposure to #uranium
But they can buy $sput only they haven’t been willing to commit $100 or $200 million or more to physical uranium because of a fear of getting caught and having to sell the shares at a potientially huge discount to market.

But now they will be buyers.
Aug 1 6 tweets 2 min read
The events in Niger will pass and I expect in time stability will return and conventional mining investment will be desired and restored. That said… it’s significant for the #uranium world and another example of why diversification is so important as well as maintaining…… I’ve been burned so many times from political upheaval on single investments but when major producing countries go through strife the returns on a diversified portfolio and the commodity itself make up for the losses.
Jun 25 11 tweets 3 min read
Fyi. I block people who tell me to stick to uranium. It’s rude and insulting. My historical investment success came from simply trying to make my best predictions on how the world is evolving both geopolitically and seeing economic shifts early I also look for not just how supply and demand will effect things like commodity prices but also how capital is likely to flow into various sectors, currencies, and identifying what is likely peaking in bubble valuations and what is likely bottoming and attractive
Jun 5 6 tweets 2 min read
I believe Natgas is definitely Abiogenic and the only question is how quickly some extremely deep deposits can regenerate. I also serious doubt the consensus belief that the H2O that makes up the worlds oceans came from ice rich asteroids.

I lean towards the hypothesis that water was actually produced from chemical reactions within the molten Earth during its very early formation years.
May 31 4 tweets 1 min read
A governments refusal to balance a budget and instead deficit spend and use there Central bank to create new money to ensure successful issuance of the debt is cowardly because its inflation based taxation. The rich easily position themselves to both avoid taxation and benefit from inflation. The poor get fucked and the middle class is continually squeezed. If not for the tech innovations the policies would be a complete disaster. Even still, despite all the mechanical advances…
May 29 25 tweets 7 min read
I can’t say enough how excited I am to be learning all I can with the aid to ChatGPT. It’s truly the most amazing tool I’ve ever had the pleasure using. When it comes to studying medical science it’s like having access to a team of the worlds greatest scientists Only they also have endless patience to take the time to answer all my juvenile questions and help me become educated. They also will entertain all my theories and speculate with me with out being dismissive or putting forth discouraging comments and bias.
May 29 4 tweets 1 min read
In life, make sure you’re sticking to the role of the character you want to be in your heart. It’s easy to fall into the trap of reading the lines you think others want you to portray. Don’t fall into the trap of becoming a bad actor in a B movie that disinterests you. Instead, strive to take a lead role with confidence.

When you’re open to interaction and sticking to your true character you’ll achieve your goals and write the story you want to live.
Apr 5 4 tweets 1 min read
Suspension of Russian uranium supplies to US:
Will cause a price rise to a level that incentivizes 1st world production outside Russia FFS. Is it a bad thing for the USA utilities to pay what it takes to be self reliant? Give me a break!!… Fact is that Russia wanted dependency and because they managed to create significant dependency on both gas and other raw materials they felt they could just take Ukraine and the world would carry on doing business with them
Apr 1 13 tweets 2 min read
Ever notice that some people like to highlight permit/development risks in areas or commodities they don’t own but want to obfuscate the truth in areas they have investments? Fact is ALL mining projects have material permit and development risk. I’ve been blindsided by this many times in my investment career. Current local leader for it.. election comes. Someone runs anti development. Project is toast for another election cycle.
Apr 1 10 tweets 3 min read
This is absolutely huge. Far beyond what the market expects. The Indigenous people of Canada have been pushed around and ignored for a very long time and I expect will make making a major stand finally now… The Province gets its say and so does the Federal government. In due course so will the First Nation people. I expect they will be able to fight for and win the right to get huge piece of all new and mining projects. They have the patience and the will to take their time
Mar 31 11 tweets 2 min read
As this vote continues… all add that the average guy in america doesn’t understand how some of become billionaires via a ‘real property roll over exemption’ that exists in some states I once met a billionaire who explained in great detail how he bought some land from a bankrupt business for the ranching potential at first.. but it turned out that the gas rights that came with it were worth a fortune
Mar 31 4 tweets 1 min read
Billion lbs in Sweden, billion lbs in Elliot lake, billion lbs in Newfoundland.. all would require billions in capex and need $150-200/lb opex. It’s all bullshit lbs Most all of the lbs around will be staying in the ground. Trust me… a lot of these want-to-be producers have to dramatically ratchet up capex expenditures to account for inflation. Plus they have to fund them. Oh. And those that were thinking cheap debt financing. Think again
Mar 31 10 tweets 2 min read
Who steals more? Judging by the initial results the average twitter uses accepts the legitimacy of capital gains. Also clearly doesn’t understand how ‘carried interest’ works for hedgefunds. Plus has no clue how extensively abused write offs are for all levels of businesses
Mar 26 5 tweets 1 min read
Contrary to the narrative this criminal tries to project. A lot of prudent people explored launching crypto products. But when you get sound legal advise you would have been told. Stable coins are securities. You have to do all the same know your client and regulatory stuff Ya can’t just start selling stocks or options or future without following the rules of the countries you want to sell them in. ALL THE PEOPLE the jumped the gun and started selling crytpo knew they were outside the law.
Mar 23 6 tweets 2 min read
Reminder: Fed and Treasury officials will ultimately do what they are told they must do by banks when rate hikes cause desperation. But these people generally never proved themselves or cut their teeth predicting markets and/or investing. The current interest and QE environment will see the markets slide into an abyss. They are trying to avoid saying they will protect all deposits. But even if they did, small banks will continue to see a flight of capital out of their bonds and equities. Things will continue to……
Mar 22 6 tweets 2 min read
Canadian Banks when you buy a home using CMHC:

New job in random sector that provides coverage of a 5 year variable fixed mortgage = no prob!

Market value the home based on current sales comparables.

Buy the Canadian gov provided mortgage insurance and LFG! Canadian banks when you ask for a line of credit on a home where they use there own balance sheet and no mortgage insurance:

Take current rent, divide in half. Value home based on having to pay 5% interest.

Ie. $5k a month rent drops to $2.5k month rent x 12 = $30k income……