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7 Oct
Please enjoy the audio version of our LIVE show from Monday.

@KathrynDi and @dwayneheisler along with @taylormlightman and @jordisunshine discussed the Womens' March, messaging around Build Back Better (which produced some difference of opinion)
and finally a fun activity of picking Oscar-esque award show nominations for various protest signs.

Kate saved us from some "ma-wkward" moments of males hemming and hawing about womens' isses (protest, march, etc).

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@jordisunshine is headed to the PA Municipal League conference in fascinating #Lancaster, where a #KelloggStrike is underway. He will report back, maybe from being escorted out if
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14 Sep
You can see last night's live show on FB (…) and YouTube ().

Thanks to @msbrittain524 and @KathrynDi for joining us and sharing their thoughts on the Bloomsburg fair, fried fair food, the fallout from TX abortion case, and this great
article about Shanksville, PA (…).

H/t @Chris_Maag for the article and @lara_putnam for sharing it to us.

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This week, returning champs and guest co-hosts with the most flair, Kate DiPasquale and Jess Brittain join Jordi to talk about fair fried foods and the Bloomsburg fair.
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