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Protecting $DIG bag holders from over the top DDS = DIGNITY DERANGEMENT SYNDROME
14 Jan
@AwaySwig @thecryptosalon @BullyXXXL @MaartenCryptoNL @DIGINFODOCS @anichol4 @SteveBrave31 1/ I don't know what CryptoSalon is talking about; I doubt he has an edge more than any other pigeon.

If this is an elaborate exit scam (still or is or was or became), there is no more meat left on the bone; no more money to be made here. So the motives would be to wind the
@AwaySwig @thecryptosalon @BullyXXXL @MaartenCryptoNL @DIGINFODOCS @anichol4 @SteveBrave31 2/ wind the affairs down in a manner that makes them untouchable because they made the money last year and the year before in this elaborate well thought out scam.

I DO NOT BELIEVE THIS! Because there is too much risk, too complicated, the thieves even though they are members ..
@AwaySwig @thecryptosalon @BullyXXXL @MaartenCryptoNL @DIGINFODOCS @anichol4 @SteveBrave31 3/ of the tribe they would not stick together and Kent would be stooping way low in the bottom of the barrel (think Troy or that scumbag Jamie Goldberg). Really them sharing the spoils that were gained off the backs of retail traders? Which is a huge NO NO in today's world in the
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