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28 Oct


1. I know some of you were bowled over. I agree with certain aspects of the lecture, but I feel there are many omissions which may result in a misleading view of the present restrictions.
2. I'll go through the lecture from start to finish & wherever possible will back up my point of view with facts and/or law on the bits I believe need a differing perspective.

It distresses me that people are being frightened from both ends of the spectrum.
3. We have the health disaster as depicted by the likes of Piers Morgan & we have the totalitarian accusations from others, including Sumption.

My personal view is that Sumption knows how persuade, but he gives the motive/game away at the start of the lecture.
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25 Oct

My weird wildlife week.

1. I saw a pied crow attacking a rook in the neighbouring village. Thought it was a magpie at first, but realised it was much bigger as I drove nearer.
2. Driving to pick up horse feed y'day, I slowed down as approaching kamikaze pheasants on side of road. An almighty bang & there's a wing draped down the driver's side window & talons in the top corner of the windscreen. Stopped but couldn't open driver's door due to wing.
3. Sat there & wing vanished. Just about to get out when injured bird, a huge buzzard, slid down my windscreen, beak open, panting. It's staring in at me through the glass just a few inches away. So I'm sat there watching a fatally injured bird of prey die, in middle of nowhere.
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21 Oct


For ease of use, each tier has been named after an esteemed member of the SNP.
TIER 1: This is the Joanne Cherry Tier.

Members of the public to remain indoors at all times whilst Ms Cherry & Jolyon litigate in the Courts of Session, petitioning SARS-CoV-2 on the grounds of unlawful discrimination because 'it doesn't care about Scotland'. Interdict sought.
TIER 2: This is the Mhairi Black Tier.

Mandatory participation in the Scottish Government's 'Crack Covid' initiative which entails enrollment in various experimental pharmaceutical trials.
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20 Oct


1. Their own Treaty to be precise. And not in a 'limited & specific way' either.

I refer to the latest bailout, the €750 billion Recovery Fund.
2. Article 125 of the TFEU (Lisbon Treaty) is the ‘no bailout’ provision. It prohibits member states assuming the debts of other member states.
3. However, emergency finance is available to a member state under Article 122 in the event of a natural disaster. 'Natural disasters' in international law refer mostly to weather related events such as floods, hurricanes, earthquakes etc.
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6 Oct

1. I do sit & wonder where we are heading politically. After decades of the European Union legislating much of our laws (around 60 - 70%), we have a generation of politicians who have no direct experience of shaping big policy.
2. It's a new skill to them & we all know some of them don't have what it takes to digest complex issues. Many of our politicians have been content to debate trite matters, leaving the heavy legislation to the muscles in Brussels - anything for an easy life of virtue signalling.
3. I thought much of the political reluctance to accept the referendum result was due to fear of being exposed as a political lightweights. We saw it in Parliament - very few taking the time to really get to grips with the complexities of what was entailed.
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6 Oct

1. If Boris thinks he can put a wind farm in my back yard he has another thing coming. My village fought 2 applications for large wind farms a few years ago. At that time the county had enough wind farms to power 500,000 homes.
2. That figure excluded single turbines & solar farms.
The county has circa 350,000 homes and industry is primarily agriculture, so we are producing a surplus of renewable energy, as are neighbouring counties.
3. It's not many years ago when the target was 20% renewable energy by 2020, yet here we are with ever increasing targets.
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16 Sep

1. Michel Barnier's 'Appropriate time' = it's not actionable.
2. The same issue went before the Scottish Court last October in one of Jolyon Maugham's cases. In that case the petitioner claimed Mrs May's WA breached the Taxation (Cross border Trade) Act 2018. The litigation failed on several grounds including:
a) It's a fundamental principle that the Courts shouldn't interfere with proceedings in Parliament, and

b) It was up to Parliament to decide whether a statute be amended or revoked to comply with the WA.
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8 Sep
1. What a shame the Rule of Law is fickle.

It applies when a protester calls a politician a 'Nazi',

But not when a politician calls 52% of voters 'Fascists'.
2. It applies when the UK hints at breaching a treaty,

But not when the EU sticks 2 fingers up at the German Constitution.
3. It applies when a man urinates next to a monument,

But not when others deface monuments.
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3 Sep


a. There's a lot happening within the Government at the moment. As if Brexit wasn't enough to contend with, Whitehall is undergoing enforced change & the old guard aren't going silently or graciously.
b. Then of course there's the pandemic, with the loss of lives and livelihoods.

The media are intent on focusing our attentions on the shortcomings, but beneath the noise of trivia, massive changes are taking place. It's just that we have no journalists to discuss them with us.
c. Since the GE last December the following positive actions have been undertaken by the Government:

1. When China reneged on the One Country 2 Systems promise, we were quick to condemn China & equally quick to offer a home to eligible Hong Kongers.
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1 Sep
short thread


1. Further to my tweet from last night. Listened to most of the debate today. The SNP were playing silly buggers. Their Rural Affairs Minister enthusiastically supported the Bill, but they decided to oppose it in the Commons 🤷
2. Typical showboating by the SNP, just for the sake of it.

Labour on the other hand supported the Bill & I was impressed with Luke Pollard, who put forward sensible & coherent arguments for the amendments from the Lords.
3. I felt Labour were actually doing what they're meant to do. Adding to the debate, flushing out detail & trying to ensure the Bill creates jobs, rather than just feathering the nests of big fishery concerns.
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23 Aug


1. It was always thus. Those who disregarded our fishing industry did so out of ignorance of its importance, for it goes to the very heart of our island heritage & maritime history.
2. I've been anxious about the new Fisheries Bill which hasn't made the progress I'd hoped for. It was stuck at the report stage in the Lords for ages & is currently due for its second reading in the Commons on 1st September.
3. I have a feeling the Bill's sluggish progress was intentional - the delay allowed for flexibility in the Brexit, fishing opportunities negotiations. And that made me nervous.
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8 Aug

1. So:

Probably not a popular policy, but if I were in Government I'd have secure detention camps for illegal immigrants. Make use of military premises: there's a camp 5 miles up the road from me with dormitories for 600 people - hardly ever used.
2. There must be many similar camps nationwide.

People who arrive here undocumented shouldn't be free to mingle with the population. Some come from regimes with very different cultures to ours & some will have deep hatred for the west. Some will just disappear into society.
3. Putting that risk on citizens is negligent IMO. We don't know who they are, where they are from or whether they have a criminal record or hold extreme views.

'Take back control' and mean it.
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15 Jul


1. Something had to give sooner or later. It took a pandemic to force the issue in a most painful manner. The age of excess & the crazy upside down world of make belief.
2. By example, I live near a wedding venue. 20k weddings which you'd imagine are for the wealthy, but many are just low wage earners: shop assistants, cleaners & warehouse workers having their 1 magical day. On the credit card.
3. Rented home, car on lease, a life on the tick. I've heard a few tales of couples getting divorced before the wedding day debt has been paid off. Couples starting out life together saddled with debt & little prospect of buying a place of their own.
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8 Jul


1. Waiting for the grown ups to enter the room.
2. It's been years & the media are still faffing around with gossip & bitch fests when massive events & changes are happening globally. I hadn't followed politics for years until 2 years after the referendum. There was nothing to support - vote for whom you like, get a Blairite.
3. No real difference between the main parties & then boom, it all blew up. Corbyn took Labour further leftwards, the Lib Dems made shrieking noises only audible to cats & dogs and the Tories, finally, after decades of in Party disagreement, answered the EU membership question.
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27 Jun


1. I may of course be wrong on this, but I don't think so. The EU is heading into another 'existential crisis' as they like to call them, only this time I'm struggling to see a viable solution.
2. It's an old problem that never went away. The 2008 crash. Economist & political scientist, Mark Blyth, refers to what happened then as socialism for the banks & capitalism for the population. Member States bailed out the banks (socialism) & we all had to pick up the bill.
3. More than a decade of austerity which saw an entire continent stagnate economically. Lack of investment means we're years behind & instead of seeing the crash as a warning that an economy heavily reliant on services is unsound, we limped along.
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23 Jun


1. 4 years post Brexit & the Blob have reverted to type, labelling everyone they disagree with 'racist'.
2. The Blob think they've got a virtuous case this time. But the Blob are on their way out & might as well throw everything at their cause in a dummy spitting extravaganza of post truth extremism.
3. But they've backed the wrong horse this time. Whilst there were valid arguments on either side of the Brexit debate, the BLM protests don't have validity. Destroying heritage & artifacts without democratic consent, discussion or approval is wrong.
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19 Jun


1. They set you up to fail. An argument that cannot be won. A sensible conversation that cannot be held.

Happened during Brexit, happening now.
2. I was trolled last week from someone purporting to be a PoC. They were race baiting & presented untruths about George Floyd's character & previous convictions.
3. So I'm faced with a dilemma:

a) Ignore the lies & I'm disadvantaged with any sort of debate because George Floyd is being passed off as a person of previous good character,

b) Call out the lies & be called a racist.
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17 Jun


1. Sweden's Covid fatalities in care home settings has accounted for over half of the country's total fatalities.
2. According to Swedish GP & hospital operations manager, Dr Jon Tallinger, people aged 60 or over with pre-existing medical conditions such as diabetes, COPD & hypertension have been denied basic medical care.
3. Instead of the life saving basics of oxygen, antibiotics (for secondary infections) & fluids being administered, patients have been prescribed a palliative cocktail of morphine & midazolam, which suppresses the already compromised respiratory system.
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14 Jun


1. I read the Peter Hitchens article - it's interesting & persuasive, but I disagree with the conclusion that regime change is forthcoming.
2. I think what we've been witnessing is a collective hysteria from the left & they've driven themselves mad. The main agitators are now a laughing stock:
A C Grayling
Guy Verhofstadt
Alistair Campbell
Jolyon Maugham
Greta Thunberg
Carol Cadwalladr
and on and on...
3. They're dangerous insofar as they whip up storms, but fewer & fewer are listening to the thunder. The Guardian has a readership of just over 100k, the BBC must be losing licence fees by the thousands daily, as people 'switch off' from the endless drivel.
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11 Jun

1. It feels like 4 yrs of bottled emotions are coming to a head at the wrong time. Last year was an absolute farce in Parliament when the lunatics took over the asylum & got absolutely nowhere.
2. I expected to see Leave supporting protests at that point, but I think people were so bewildered & confused by the political shenanigans, they just sighed & took the pee out of Steve Bray & Co. instead.
3. I was as perplexed as everyone else last weekend with the violence & destruction taking place. 'Moral outrage' isn't a defence to breaking the law.

'The Rule of Law' is frequently quoted, yet some officers of the law stood back & watched whilst the law was openly broken.
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9 Jun


1. I'm not referring to Covid 19. It's the young people who are a modern pandemic. Those in their formative years, who are easily influenced & easily led astray.
2. I found it really strange last year when Greta Thunberg visited Parliament. There they all sat, grinning like Cheshire Cats: Mrs May, John Bercow, Michael Gove, Ed Miliband, Layla Moran, listening to a cheeky child telling them they had stolen her future.
3. Like most people of a similar age, I grew up in homes with no central heating, no shower & few electrical appliances. Shopping was local, food waste almost non existent & packaging minimal. No mobile phones, no PC's, no tablets.
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