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21 Sep
If you haven't caught up yet on my conversation with @CarolineGoyder, it's a must. She's an expert voice coach, author, and fellow course creator.

If you want to learn how to become the best expert speaker you can, then this is a conversation you'll want to take notes!
Caroline has worked with some of the biggest people, including news anchors, actors, CEO's and even a monarch.

After working as a voice coach for over a decade, her passion for ancient literature and these historical links became incorporated into the way she works today.
One of the most memorable talks she's done is her TEDX Talk: The Surprising Secret to Speaking with Confidence. It's been watched on youtube over 9 million times...check out the talk here it's truly incredible.
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21 Sep
Everyone struggles with presenting

Especially course creators, so @RobbieCrab threw down a gauntlet to my students

~ Be a Performer and a Professor ~

Here's how:
In this 🧵 you'll learn:

1) Your role as a sherpa
2) The top mistake 1st timers make
3) The two personas
4) How to switch between them
5) Planning your course like a journey
6) Ideas for closing on a high
7) Lessons from pop culture

Let's get to it, shall we?
🔰 You Are The Sherpa

Your role as course creator is to be a sherpa

Take your students up the mountain, and back home safely

Some of your students may want to turn back

You need to inspire them to keep going
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19 Sep
Creative thinking

In it's simplest form, there are only 2 steps to developing this skill:
1/ Observation 👀

• take online courses
• read books & articles
• observe & make notes about HOW people explain things

What notes should you take?

Note down new ways of showing a concept that appealed to you

Train your brain to look for this in everything you do.
2/ Practice 🛠

If you really want to get good at it, you need to be writing

Writing is thinking in that it helps you clarify your thoughts

Set yourself the goal to write every day. This can be a journal.

Challenge yourself to explain new things you've learned each day.
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7 Sep
.@heyblake is a goldmine on:

→ content creation
→ audience building

Here's how to create a 5 Step Content Engine on the way to 55K followers:
Thread Contents:

1) The 5 Step Content Engine
2) Where to Start?
3) Engagement Rules
4) Piggy Backing
5) The Cold DM
6) Consistency
7) Personality
8) Pricing
🟢 The 5 Step Content Engine

1) Create an avatar as a filter for the content you create
2) Set end goals for how you will help your avatar
3) Identify content buckets
4) Outline the fuel that drives the flow
5) Outline the wiring for how your buckets connect
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7 Sep
In my latest podcast ep, I spoke with @jmikolay , senior writer and host of a podcast for Gumroad, an online platform that facilitates the sale of products by creators directly to consumers.

This was one of the most insightful conversations I've had. Here's what we spoke about:
1. How Justin has become known on Twitter for distilling the ideas of top creators’ into extremely valuable threads.
2. Demystifying his process for doing this, as well as unpacking the way he’s helped other creators create their courses.
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12 Aug
Ryan knows his stuff about online courses

Like REALLY knows his stuff

Post a question for him here!
Why it’s important to start with live content

There is no better fire than the furnace of a Zoom session on your content
Free live webinar
Paid live course
If people buy, keep going
If people don’t, start at the top
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12 Aug
Your course transformation and vehicle for that transformation shouldn't change

It's built on who you are - your experience, personality, and unique point of view

Your audience can, and should, change though

I call it Checking IDs
The sales side of being a course creator is about finding audience fit.

Often, the best way to do this is to experiment and see what resonates with people.
The way to do this is to:

→ find audiences that already exist
→ tweak your transformation vehicle slightly for them
→ educate them and offer ways for them to sign up for your email list
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11 Aug
I got this idea from interviewing Azhelle Wade, @thetoycoach

The problem we're trying to solve:

we both get dozens of questions looking for advice.

So what does Azhelle do about this?
First, let me say I get it

Content can get you so far, but what you really need is specific advice on the challenge you're currently facing.

That specific advice can unlock stuck energy and get the creativity flowing.
But for me (and Azhelle) it's time-consuming to reply to everyone.

The response exists in a vacuum where only the question asker gets to benefit from the answer.

Often, the advice can be generalized by others to apply to them too.

So what does Azhelle do about this?
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11 Aug
Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing on my podcast @TimStodz , CEO of internet marketing agency Stodzy.

Here are 4 interesting things that I learned: 👇🏼
1. Finding your 'tribe' and identifying the collective that binds people together is so important.
2. How forcing attention to something is one of the worst ways to promote it.
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20 Jul
I ran an online course on how to create an online course

150 students. $350K+ in revenue. $40K+ in scholarships.

And I finally had time to sit down and write about it 😄

Here are 20 lessons I learned:
1. Credibility

Credibility comes from putting in the reps, producing results, and doing this for years to develop mental representations you understand well enough to decode for others.
2. Passion

You have to have a passion for what you teach. If you love what you do, two things will happen. Students will experience the same joy you feel, and you’ll have the energy needed to produce the mountains of quality content required to attract more students.
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8 Jul
.@iMarcioSantos gave a masterclass today in HOW he helped @khemaridh scale SYP over 3 cohorts

Here is how to scale your course to multiple 6-figures:
Khe's starting point:

• Mostly Notion related content
• Consistent content published
• Poor website health
• Stuck at 5-figures (not bad!) after 4 cohorts

The 1st cohort they worked on, the numbers dipped!

But they hit 6-figures in the next 2 cohorts

Here's how...
Always be thinking about Brand vs Performance

All activities should focus on

• high leverage (10K) work
• high quality brand
• high brand
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8 Jul
@willsentance teaches software engineering and machine learning
Uses small groups to teach and learn about his audience
@TheLaurenValdez teaches entrepreneurship for for women, people of color, and disadvantaged communities
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8 Jul
I asked you this question

I got 66 responses

Here they are + 1 lesson from each course creator 📜 👇
Socrates teaches philosophy
Designed the first student-centered courses
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6 Jul
Do you have an email list that's not doing anything for you?

So do a lot of entrepreneurs who want to offer a course.

You have to take care of your email list so it doesn't become a burden.

Here are 4 steps for doing that:
Step 1 - ask them

Find out who's still interested in what you're doing and who isn't, so you can focus on reaching out to people who want to hear from you.
Step 2 - serve them

Provide valuable content and lead magnets (such as daily challenges or a chapter from your course) to keep people engaged, interested in what you're sending them, and hopefully buying your products too.
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6 Jul
You want to take your online course to the next level

It's a journey

Knowing the milestones helps you light the path 💡

Here are 12 key stepping stones 👇
This is a typical course creator journey

As a successful course creator, you'll hit 80% of these at some point

Let's explore what each looks like below... Image
1/ Ideal student profile

You gained clarity on who your ideal student was

The downstream impacts of this clarity are immense
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21 Jun
A lot of people waste a LOT of time creating an online course

Without any students

The reality is that until you have customers who are actually interested in your course then it's just a pipe dream

So how do you validate your course idea?
3 steps:

1) Talk to your customers
2) Listen for their pain points
3) Ask them if they're interested in what you're offering

This way when you create the course they'll see useful information that will solve their problem

• get feedback about who your target audience is before investing time into designing a final product

• if there isn't any interest from potential customers then move onto something else!
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12 Jun
As an alum of ODCC and an accomplished course creator himself, @SKNWilkinson is well placed to opine on what makes a good online course

He delivers in spades in a recent issue of his *free* newsletter

Here is a summary of the 10 lessons he shared 🧵
👩‍🏫 Teaching adults is difficult.

You must be crystal clear on

• what transformation you promise to deliver
• who is going to benefit most from that transformation

As Steven says, at heart, it's a business proposition.
👥 Learning is best done in a group

Steven reflects that this realization "redefines the role of the teacher completely."

That role?

Build opportunities for collaboration and group work into every facet of the curriculum and then watch over the process.
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10 Jun
From Big 3 Consulting to the boundless path, @p_millerd's story is equal parts intriguing and inspiring

🎙 Ep 31🎙 of the podcast is a conversation between friends

Paul and I explore

• freedom
• autonomy
• lessons learned from consulting
• how he built, iterated and runs a successful online course
Listen where you get your podcasts…
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8 May
Who is this Andrew Barry guy?

Glad you asked.

Here's what you can expect:

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to help you grow
your online course business

Ready for threads?👇
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13 Feb
Let's talk about delivering student transformations at scale

How do you ensure 150-200 students all experience a transformation in your online course?

6 things to focus on👇
🔰 Nail your transformation

Before you can do ANYTHING, make sure you get this right

Who are you transforming?

Where are they now?

What will they be able to do differently after your course?

🔰 Beginner's Mind

Once you have the journey of A to B from the previous step, reverse engineer every step of the way

Use a Beginner's Mind to ensure you don't make any leaps of understanding your green students won't be able to make right away

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12 Feb
I'm sooo excited to announce a new founding fellow for On Deck Course Creators

She's an absolute force of nature

Helping young aspiring entrepreneurs kickstart small businesses, she:

- is a TEDx Speaker
- started her first business at 19
- has 340K+ followers on TikTok
I'm talking about the one and only @bysandylin
If you want to join course creators like Sandy, apply now for our first-ever cohort starting on April 4
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