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SEBI HAS EXPOSED MORE DARKER SIDE OF BCG - Misleading disclosures, profits, shareholding patterns, CG issues

Thread 🧵

#brightcom #brightcomgroup #bcg #sebi #redflag Preface SEBI order covers
1. Misleading Promoter SHP
2. Undisclosed & Non - audited subsidiaries FS
3. DAUM Settlement
4. Misleading Disclosures
5. Statutory Auditor & Indep Director - inelligible
6. Accounting irregularities

This order is one of the best, give it a read
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How to read and analyze Order Book ? A quick thread 🧵

Dont get fared away by fancy statement Current Order book is X times of TTM revenue

#investing #curatedread #StockMarket Most of stakeholders get flown away with big order intake or order book size which is XX times of TTM revenue. This is ❌️ approach

Always see the timelines of revenue realization of order book which will give you clear picture of potential future annual revenue from order book
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The latest Q3 Results of EKI Energy has uncovered a dark truth : non-compliance with IndAS 115, Revenue Recognition.
Auditor Walker Chandiok (Grant Thornton) today issued a qualified report.
Is this just the tip of the iceberg?

Like & share for max reach! Reported Figures for 9M-
Revenue - 1384 Cr
PBT - 347 Cr
PAT - 260 Cr

As per Auditor -
Revenue - 1194 Cr (-14%)
PBT - 237 Cr (-32%)
PAT - 177 Cr (-32%)

Generally company also have Concall post results,this time there is no mention of concall.
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How related Mauritius based entities have played significant role in Adani Enterprises FPO?

Sebi is investigating relationships b/w Adani and two Mauritius-based firms

PS : These entities were not previously reported by Hindenburg

A thread🧵

#AdaniFPO #AdaniEnterprises As per WSJ, 7 Mauritius companies collectively would have held 19.43% of the offering,

Let’s delve deeper into each of these entities and their connection
Jan 30 9 tweets 3 min read
Hindenburg Reply on Adani’s Response - before CFO Media Interview!

“In terms of substance, Adani’s ‘413 page’ response only included about 30 pages focused on issues related to our report.”

#adani #AdaniGroup #hindenburg #ADANIENT #AdaniEnterprises #Hindenburg The remainder of the response consisted of 330 pages of court records, along with 53 pages of high-level financials, general information, and details on irrelevant corporate initiatives, such as how it encourages female entrepreneurship and the production of safe vegetables.
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Weekend Investing Resources Vol 25

1. Secret of Amex Rewards

2. Adani enterprises eligible for fpo?

3. Investing Mistakes by utpal Seth

4. Story of bear attack on relIance

5. Why f&o traders loose money ?

6. Curated Reads

#investing #curatedread Image The secret behind American Express Rewards @CNBC

Jan 28 15 tweets 6 min read
Whether Adani is eligible for raising money via FPO

Rule says you cannot if SEBI investigation is ongoing

A detailed thread on the eligibility test of Adani Enterprises FPO

#AdaniFPO #AdaniGroup #AdaniEnterprises #ADANIENT Image The law

As per regulation 155 of SEBI ICDR Regulations company cannot bring the FPO if investigation by sebi is ongoing or show cause notice has been served and pending Image
Dec 30, 2022 20 tweets 13 min read
“Good corporate governance is about 'intellectual honesty, not just sticking to rules & regulations, capital flowed towards co that practice good governance'

Mega thread 🧵 of Corporate Governance issues, frauds exposed by us

Like Share Retweet Follow if you find valuable Before moving ahead if you want to know who is behind Beat The Street and What exactly Beat The Street does?

Here is thread

All thanks to the team behind the stage @SudzzBTS @nimishshp
Dec 30, 2022 4 tweets 2 min read
Shareholding gaffe at Glenmark Life: Focus shifts to Sebi new rules…

Company promoters bought shares even when they held more than 75 per cent

Brilliant analysis by @This_khushboo @bsindia

A quick thread 🧵

#glenmark #corporategovernance #redflag Glenmark Life Sciences, 100% subsidiary of Glenmark Pharma, launched IPO in July 2021

Post-IPO, stake of promoter group fell from 100% to 82.84%

Sebi rules provided three years to reduce promoter stake to 75%
Dec 28, 2022 6 tweets 2 min read

Reliance Naval - Garbage Stock which soon erode shareholders wealth as NCLT has approved the Resolution Plan of Hazel Mercantile & Swan Energy

Why Exchanges / Regulators have allowed it to trade? Can't they suspend trading just like other cases They will pay around 2k crore against debt of 9k crore

Nothing left for existing equity - delist or equity write off

So be cautious if you are buying Reliance Naval just because Swan Energy & Hazel Mercantile are buying and stock is in upper circuit
Dec 28, 2022 7 tweets 4 min read
Navkar Corp : A interesting smallcap company can be wealth creator on mutliple thesis points

A quick thread 🧵on covering thesis and anti-thessis

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#NAVKARCORP #NAVKARCORPORATION Image Business & Financial overview ImageImageImageImage
Dec 19, 2022 8 tweets 2 min read
The domestic automobile sales volumes grew by 20% y-o-y in November 2022. The growth momentum
continued due to wedding season, offers, a low base. Image On the other hand, exports are expected to decline by 12-15% in FY23 on account of ongoing geopolitical
tension, globally high inflationary and interest rate environment.
Dec 18, 2022 21 tweets 3 min read
Let’s try to understand the new theme -
Coal Gasification - India can substantially change the way how coal is used currently.

What is CG?
Why India is investing heavily in it heavily?

Like and retweet for maximum reach. Image On 3 Nov, FM Nirmala Sitharaman launched the biggest-ever coal mine auction of 141 mines in India as 6th round of coal mine auction and asking for greater investment on Coal Prod and gasification due to increasing natural gas prices globally.
Dec 17, 2022 12 tweets 4 min read
Sebi need to bring some regulations around company's media interaction & investor communication via concalls

A thread 🧵on recent case studies of How concalls / media interactions were used as device to disguise investors?

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#investing Image Case Study 1

Gland Pharma lied about syringe shortage to hide their permanent covid related biz which has gone off now..!

This has led to giving safe exit to one insider at higher price
Dec 16, 2022 9 tweets 6 min read
⚠️The curious case of GMM Pfaudler⚠️

"Commitments made in Concalls were never Implemented & company continue to lie. "


A thread 🧵

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#GMmpfaudler #redflag #corporategovernance The backstory in Aug-2020, GMM entered into complex transaction involving GMM pfaudler, promoter, DBAG buying out their international parent whuch owns international business

Details of which are summarized below
Most importantly read highlighted in red that stake is locked
Dec 14, 2022 8 tweets 2 min read
What is going on in Cotton/Yarn Exports?

Lets understand this-
Cotton prices cooled down to ₹65,000 per candy in October as against a peak price of ₹1.10 lakh per candy, the rates are still higher than pre-Covid levels. Cotton yarn exports are expected to record a degrowth of 28-30% in FY23 due to high cotton prices and weakening export demand.
Exports declined by 59% in H1FY23 to 2.89 lakh tonne (6.95 lakh tonne in H1FY22).
Src- Care edge report
Oct 31, 2022 17 tweets 5 min read
Can India still outperform even world economy slows?

FII had finally become net buyers in Indian equities in July and August, after selling stocks for nine consecutive months.

Numbers and facts supported the idea that India was recovering rapidly. India’s retail inflation was lower than that of advanced economies like the US and Europe.
Oct 29, 2022 9 tweets 3 min read
What Exactly is "Beat The Street"

A thread on who we are and what we do..! Beat The Street was found in July-20.
Founded by @SudzzBTS @nimishshp.

We both are Chartered Accountants having experience of 5+ years in financial markets.

That's the only team which works behind everything on Beat The Street
Oct 28, 2022 13 tweets 9 min read
Weekend Read Investing Resources Vol 18

Stock from Sunrise Industry
Gland Pharma Lies, Disguise & Insider Sell
Microcap Investing Lessons
Valuation Lessons
Sensex to hit 1L, When?
Branded Spices Report
Crypto Explained

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#investing Image We have launched a dedicated channel for reports.

Now you can find daily news updates on this channel but at same time Research Reports on the different channel in a clutter free manner.

Join now and share with your friends as well.
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⚠️⚠️ How Uttam Galva's promoter exited the company by dumping garbage stock on Retail Investors just before equity write off and delisting ? ⚠️⚠️

A classic case where defaulting promoters make 10x return and still have control over the co History of Uttam Galva

In 2010, ArcelorMittal entered acquired 30% stake in Miglani's Uttam Galva Steel for ₹ 500 crore.

tooj just 5 mins to seal the deal. It was group chairman Rajinder Miglani’s long association with M L Mittal, father of Lakshmi Mittal, that swung the deal
Oct 9, 2022 11 tweets 5 min read
Weekend Investing Resources Vol 16
A thread 🧵 on what to read / watch

- Gas Sector Analysis
- Banking Sector at cusp of growth
- Smart pormoters new way of making money
- Carbon Credits
- AR Insights
- Chart & Data

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#investing Deep Dive into Gas Sector in India

Gas Sector Value Chain Analysis
Gas Sector Dynamics
Indian companies around Gas Supply Chain
How to make money in Gas Sector
City Gas Distribution Companies and Peer Analysis
Peer Analysis of all Gas Companies