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May 10 23 tweets 8 min read
Beat The Street Did It Again

SEBI Takes Action Against VARANIUM CLOUD

How Varanium Cloud take away shareholder's wealth and money into Cloud

A thread on SEBI's action and revisit of our Forensic Findings

#VaraniumCloud #SEBI #Forensic #Fraud #Redflag #CorporateGovernance Image Before we move ahead, Beat The Street has been front runner in exposing multiple frauds, redflags and conducting forensic analysis on multiple listed entities

Also if you are looking for bespoke Forensic Analysis and Services please email us to

We have doing it for free so that retail investors can learn

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Mar 14 6 tweets 2 min read
Electoral Bonds in Charts

Who are the King Makers - Who Funded Whom?

A thread BJP got 10 times political funding as compared to Congress Image
Mar 14 19 tweets 5 min read
Copper is the new GOLD

LME Copper prices at 7 month high, above $8840/ton
New York Copper at 16 mth high
Shanghai copper hits 2-year high
Copper prices rose 8% this month!

Let's take a deep dive into Copper Market.
#Copper #HindCopper Image Check out our detailed analysis on Copper in India & across world on @smartkarma

Copper Is the New "GOLD": India's Rush for Rare Minerals

Read more:
Mar 11 13 tweets 6 min read
Since the news of ED freezing Hari Tiberawal - A Dubai based operator's stock holdings has created market panic.

Everybody is trying to find out who are the real owners behind their favourite shares

So here is thread 🧵 - Who Owns What?

How to find real beneficial owners behind your favourite stocks?

#stockmarket #sharemarketImage 1. Basic - Check top 1% SH names on and by click on those names you will be able to find more insight on those Shareholders

For Ex - Gorgi Family (Aarti Group Promoters) used to hold shares of Varanium Cloud
Mar 1 12 tweets 4 min read
A company planned to inflate its valuation from a mere 85 cr to 5000 cr via Manipulation of Share Prices and Volumes

Inflating Valuation in SMEs is very common and easy.

SEBI has caught the one - tells tactics and leaves learnings

A thread #Vmarc #SEBI #redflag #fraud #SME #scam #coImage The case is about V-Marc appointed 16 entities to manipulate and inflate the share price post IPO in April-21

These entities got funds from the company & management for manipulation

Feb 27 9 tweets 3 min read
BGR Energy - Stock Has Fallen by 50%

All because of Corporate Governance Issues It all started when the company's loan accounts were classified as NPA Image
Feb 27 19 tweets 6 min read
Pump and Dump Alert !!!!!!
Corporate Actions now becoming tool to PUMP&DUMP.

A Case Study of Insta Influencers favorite #SALASAR TECHNO ENGINEERING

Pump from 10 Rs Post Split to 34 in Just 1 month(240% 🔼😯)
Then Dump to ~23(40% 🔻in just 1 week)
#Redflag #CorporateGovernanceImage Everything started with ONE CORPORATE ACTION- “BONUS ISSUE”

Date of Intimation- 16-Dec-23

Volumes increased to almost 42x times on Bonus Approval on 20-Dec vs Volume on 13-DecImage
Feb 11 5 tweets 2 min read
Yes Bank is back to its peak market cap of $10 bn but still share price is far away from the peak

Here is why

An important lesson on Equity Dilution..!

A thread 🧵

#YesBank Context - Yes Bank used to trade at a adjusted share price of 300-400 with a market cap of $11bn in 2017

Cut Back to 2024, its market cap is back to its peak of $11bn but share price is still almost 90% down from the peak

Many people are wondering why?
Feb 9 26 tweets 10 min read
Accounting Scandal worth $4.5 Bn by Candian Warren Buffet - Prem Wastva 's FairFax Holdings.

He holds stakes in multiple companies worth more than Billions in India too.

A Long thread 🧵on How he cooked the books and fooled investors...

#CorporateGovernance #Redflag #Forensic Image Why GE of Canada?
In 2018, SEC charged American multinational conglomerate General Electric for $200Mn on using improper accounting methods to increase its reported earnings or revenues and avoid reporting negative financial results.
Feb 8 15 tweets 6 min read
"We initiate position before appearing to media (Zee Business) and Exit positions after giving calls on Zee Business"

SEBI observed Front Running by Zee Business Guest amounting to 7,00,00,000...!!

5 Stock Market Experts of Zee have been banned

A thread

#Redflag #corporategovernance #SEBI #scam #ZeeBusiness #StockMarket #ShareMarketImage Who are these experts?
1. Kiran Jhadav
2. Ashish Kelkar
3. Himanshu Gupta
4. Mudit Goyal
5. Simi Bhaumik Image
Jan 21 10 tweets 4 min read
An Interesting SME company which is raising funds equal to its current market cap

- Promoter Fund Infusion
- Expansion Plans
- Migration to Main Board
- Backed by industry veterans

A thread #SuraniSteelTubes #stockmarket #sharemarket Image Surani Steel Tubes is the manufacturer of steel tubes owned and managed by industry stalwart - Mr. Vijay Singla (JTL Group Promoters)

Note : They acquired this company last year at valuation of 44 per share vs CMP of 400 per share

Aug 3, 2023 11 tweets 3 min read
Hema, Rekha, Jaya aur Sushma!
Sabki Pasand Nirma!

You definitely heard the Ad of Nirma.
But here is the interesting story of its Promoter Karsanbhai who made a detergent company into conglomerate.

A Thread 🧵

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#Nirma Image In the '80s, a catchy tune accompanied the twirling Nirma girl, but little did we know it was the backdrop to an epic business war that gave India an unexpected tycoon. Meet Karsanbhai Patel, the man behind Nirma's rise! Image
Jul 17, 2023 6 tweets 3 min read
Sheela Foam - Kurlon Deal Analysis!

An interesting play with Maha Rashtra Apex Corporation Limited, which owns 38.25% in Kurlon.

Complete Deal Analysis and Special opportunity analysis.

A Thread!

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#Sheelafoam #Kurlon Image Sheela Foam acquired 94.66% shareholding in Kurlon Enterprises Limited(KEL), which is an unlisted company.
Equity Valuation of KEL - 2150 Cr
(2.7x MCap to Sales FY22)

Total Cash Consideration - 2035 Cr (2150 Cr*94.66%) Image
Jul 3, 2023 28 tweets 7 min read
🔍 Unveiling Corporate Deception! 🕵️‍♀️ We have exposed a stunning case of corporate disguise & misleading tactics orchestrated by #Vedanta & the latest twist? SEBI has taken decisive action, prompted by our in-depth investigation

A thread

Like Retweet Follow if you find valuable Background: We have published on @the_core_in an investigative analysis showing how Vedanta disguised investors about its Semiconductor business


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Jul 1, 2023 26 tweets 9 min read
The Sobha Story: A Tale of Luck, Power, and Shady Connections!

A long but interesting story😱
PC Menon, Founder & Chairman of @SobhaLtd,
CM of Kerala @pinarayivijayan &
A Suspicious Man

A Thread🧵

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#Sobha #Redflag…
@SobhaLtd, a gaint in indian Indian realty sector, has recently come under scrutiny due to raids after raids by Income Tax Deptt and ED.

Let's take a closer look at their journey, intertwined with politicians and dubious actors.
Jun 27, 2023 17 tweets 8 min read
❌Idea Forge or Forged Idea? ⚠️

Amid IPO & high-flying narratives 💰 around a thesis, here are some fact-based antithesis on the company.

A thread 🧵 #IdeaForge #ideaForgeTechnology #ideaforgeipo #IPO

Like Retweet Follow if you find this valuable 1️⃣Managerial Remunerations: Profits take a backseat as hefty managerial remunerations, including share-based payments, dominate the financial picture. With approximately 30 crores allocated to managerial compensations, which is almost equal to FY23 PAT
Jun 22, 2023 24 tweets 8 min read
🔎Another Zee Ent in making
🚨 Serious cases of corporate governance issues, accounting frauds, & 💼 promoter fund diversion have been exposed by SEBI in Eros International Media.

Deep dive into eye-opening investigation!

A thread!

#redflag #corporategovernance #sebi #eros The Co who made Bajarangi Bhaijan, Bajirao Mastani Movies now under scanner due to fund diversion
SEBI passed interim order against EROS on fund diversion in 2019-20

Impairment on Content Advance - 1553 Cr
Trade Rec Write off - 520 Cr
Jun 21, 2023 7 tweets 3 min read
⚠️SEBI has imposed a penalty of INR 20L 💰 on Sangam India for delayed ⏰disclosures with respect to Promoter Share Transactions ⛳️❌

A Thread 🧵

#SangamIndia #SEBI #redflag #corporategovernance 1. Promoter bought 4.55% stake but disclosed it after delay of 1926 days Image
Jun 20, 2023 7 tweets 2 min read
10-Year Forecasts for Major Asset Classes

Let's explore 10-year annualized forecasts for major asset classes using Vanguard's Capital Markets Model (VCMM).

A thread 🧵
#investing #stockmarket While there’s no way of predicting the future, quantitative models can help us come up with a general idea of how different asset classes may perform in the future.

One example is Vanguard’s Capital Markets Model (VCMM Image
Jun 19, 2023 7 tweets 3 min read
SEBI bars IIFL Securities from onboarding clients for 2 years due to the misappropriation of funds

A thread #sebi #investing #iifl #IIFLSecurities #redflag #corporategovernance During inspections, it came to light that out of the 45 client bank accounts examined, a staggering 26 were not titled as "client accounts." This despite a prior warning from BSE.

Violated provisions of the SEBI 1993 Circular
Jun 14, 2023 7 tweets 4 min read
📢 Attention Investors! 🚨

🔍 Dive into the latest bombshell from SEBI regarding Brightcom. This time, it's about the Promoter's alarming and unusual trading behaviour.

Let's dive into the details 🧵! 📈

#Brightcom #SEBI #redflag #corporategovernance The background : Promoters are purportedly disregarding regulations pertaining to their trading activities⚠️🤯 Image