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16 May
Unlike the Astors, Carnegies, Guggenheims, Rockefellers, Morleys, Dutts and other noble people, Elon is an imbecile and self centered fiat parasite. With his fiat fortune and ability to influence, he could have accelerated Bitcoin to global adoption shaving years off the wait.
Instead, he ias relegated himself to the cavalcade of eccentric and dangerous irresponsible unserious playboy losers who is self centered, mind blind and destructive. He will leave behind nothing of value that he built himself, and will be a footnote in history if he's lucky...
...and a cautionary tale to future generations about the dire consequences of failing to see the future, like Kodak and the other industries that died in order that society could have greater prosperity. Now that film is essentially dead, trillions of photos are taken annually.
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16 May
Why does Elon Musk really hate Bitcoin? If he is intelligent and well informed, it should be obvious to him that Bitcoin is superior in every way to Doge. Why is he so against it? The answer might lie in his Tesla experience. Elon wants to be the hero, and Bitcoin won't let him.
In Bitcoin there are no rulers and no one is the boss. No one is the hero or figurehead. Everyone is a peer, and an equal. To someone like Elon, who is habituated to being lionized and the center of attention, it may be too much of a demotion to take his place under Saylor.
Elon became the face of Tesla by ousting Tesla's creator in a boardroom coup. He is now the face of another man's work. This cannot happen in Bitcoin. He cannot, "Because it's me" suddenly become the centre of attention and, "Cult Leader of Bitcoin".
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16 May
Once again, this shows that Musk doesn't know what he's talking about and is an ignorant, computer illiterate with a shallow understanding of Bitcoin. These are the same block size arguments from years ago that have been totally resolved in the Block Size War and with Lightning.
Renegade Investor has a series of blisteringly impactful videos on Bitcoin that, if the ignorant Musk watched them, would dispel his ridiculous notions about Bitcoin.…
That Musk can be so ill advised and ignorant in the age of the Internet is a staggering indictment of his ability to lead with full information. The question is then, "Who is really running Tesla and SpaceX"? Watch this video to know what Elon doesn't!
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15 May
There’ll be no...

Cutting off of people’s right to spend by evil people.

Censorship of “unhealthy spending”.

Dumb spending limits.

Corporate surveillance.

Unpersoning or Blacklists.

Change doesn’t mean “creating the world that I want”. It means a disorderly shifting power.
The Californian Silicon Valley ideology of Social Media companies will not be able to control the flow of money in a Bitcoin mediated world. “Cancel Culture” will be extinguished forever. There will be no way to censor people or payments. This is a FACT.
The Silicon Valley SJW crowd that cheers on Bitcoin have no idea what they’re rooting for. Bitcoin means the absolute end of SJWism, Cancel Culture and the ideology that spawned it. It means the final end of any variant of Socialism. It means a dramatic diminution of the State.
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14 May
This clearly shows Musk has no arguments of his own, and as I explained before, mimics the opinions of whoever is in front of him as a coping mechanism to interact with others, since he is Mind Blind and can’t empathise with other people. All other people are imaginary to him.
He calls for a “carbon tax” because he has been told that taxing is how you solve problems. He has no problem solving ability of his own, or insight into any problem or fact that pivots on other people and their needs, as they are nothing more than images on a screen in his head.
Elon can’t understand anything that involves the context of other people. He’s like a sci-fi AI that can’t understand why humans react the way they do. Bitcoin will constrain men like him by neutralising his ability to leverage democracy to accumulate and manipulate power.
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13 May
Elon Musk is...
Wrong about Bitcoin's electricity use.
Wrong about the nature of Bitcoin.
Wrong about economics.
Wrong about why Bitcoin was created.
If you listen to Musk, you're a fool.
It's as simple as that. Image
Elon Musk has no idea about how anything really works or why people do anything. His inability to empathise with other people allows him to behave in abnormally reckless ways, which is good for taking entrepreneurial risks, but very bad for telling the truth or helping people.
The problems Bitcoin solves are deeply profound and require empathy with other human beings. Without it, you cannot understand why poor people could possibly be helped by Bitcoin. Shocking images of poverty mean nothing to Elon, because other people are not real at all to him.
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7 Apr
The CCI is the DCG 2.0. it's a regrouped, re-branded anti-Bitcoin association from the 2017 Block Size War, with the same bad characters and actors trying to co-opt Bitcoin by virtue of their wealth. If Bitcoin succeeds, they will and must fail again.…
It is clear that the bad actors have learned nothing over the last 4 years. What they're going to do this time is fork Bitcoin to prevent the coming improvements to it and kill the adoption of Lightning which will change everything. This is why they're not building on LND.
Coinbase and the other bad actors use ordinary database operations to move balances between users, leaving onchain for large consolidation. They use databases to replace onchain sends between users. In a CCI Blockchain Consortium, they could all use one database, and not LND.
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6 Apr
No government will ever be able to challenge Bitcoin. They're so addicted to power, it is literally impossible for them to let go of it and allow the economy to run under Natural Law. China's government will never defeat Bitcoin, and will suffer an ignominious humiliation.
Always remember; the Chinese people are not the same entity as the Chinese government. Chinese software developers and engineers are brilliant at Bitcoin, and the only thing stopping them from total global domination is the Chinese government. That's a fact.
The Chinese government, in a properly functioning world would be a guide to all western governments of what not to do; they would at every turn, take the opposite route. China bans Bitcoin? Make it legal. China has Social Credit Score? Make it illegal. That way, the west wins.
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6 Apr
Stallman should stay or go?
"These sorts of beliefs have no place in the free software, digital rights, and tech communities." This is totalitarianism. If you don't look like, think like, and act like us, you are to be removed and destroyed. That's exactly what the racists did to blacks. Sorry, NO $SALE.
"We cannot continue to let one person ruin the meaning of our work. " The only meaning software has is the result of execution. It has no other meaning. Anyone can use it, no matter what they believe or think. That is what freedom is.
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6 Apr
This is amazingly stupid, and shows how economic illiteracy is widespread amongst software developers. The "Many Monies" theory (Brave's BAT and now MOB) is nonsense, and with Lightning, there is no excuse for multicoinism. Telegram is also guilty of this.…
Facebook made the same mistake with its worthless LIBRA project, bungling the market opportunity Messenger and Whatsapp present. There is no instant messenger on a global scale that is thinking correctly. Signal's misstep is more perplexing, since they're ethics/privacy focussed.
I've posted several threads on this subject from as early as 2014, about LIBRA, ZCoin, WhatsApp and Twitter adopting Bitcoin. Here is one:
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6 Apr
No one who has a passport and the right to live in another country will put up with this. Many States in the USA are abandoning the CORONA mass hysteria. Britain will become a "Plague Nation" that everyone either avoids or wants to escape. Pitiful and Pathetic...and Pints!
And bear in mind also; now that everyone understands that it is possible to do all your work from home, no one will chose to move to Plague Nation Britain when they can either move HQ to Florida, Sweden or any other place that isn't run by madmen. Or use distributed teams.
All the stupid and worthless dreams of "Silicon Glen" and "Silicon Roundabout" are now dashed against the rocks of CORONA HYSTERIA, and the idiotic British government has brought it all upon its own head. Had they taken the route of Sweden , none of this would be happening. SAD!
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5 Apr
Larping Dingbats will never change the world, by definition. They will always be sideliners, destroying people's time with worthless chatter that is never turned into software. Unlike philosophers who educate you about how things really are LD idiots Virtue Signal. GARBAGE.
You can spot Privacy LARP by whether or not they promote businesses and services that are private by default. If they don't do this, they're Playing at Bitcoin and not actually interested in protecting anyone. All they want is to be SEEN as cutting edge.
Whatever the latest inaccessible software tool is, they want to be seen to be using it, and the more complicated, hard to use, obscure and far from production, the better for them That's the way they maintain their worthless positions as cognoscenti.
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5 Apr
The Lightning Network looks very much like other global infrastructure, because that's what it is; a global payment infrastructure built on the bedrock of Bitcoin. Image
This is a diagram of Undersea Internet Cables, providing network access to every continent. Image
World Sugar Trade. Image
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9 Jan
Rufo is not very intelligent. He says "we" need legislation. All branches of government are now Socialist, and will reward the companies that helped them win. Who EXACTLY is "we" that you're going to enlist to control those companies? It's incredibly blinkered and un-American!
If someone calls Rufo's house "the new public square", presumably he would complain that people were trying to enter his property. Make no mistake; Rufo and his Socialist buddies will say that your Bitcoin is part of the "Public Square" and try to violently force changes in it.
You may not like it that Jack has amassed incredible power for himself, but HE TOOK THE RISK TO BUILD TWITTER, and it's HIS PROPERTY, and you have NO RIGHT TO STEAL IT. If you don't like it, go to Gab. Why don't these users go to Gab and donate there? Because they'd rather STEAL.
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6 Jan
What Bitcoin demonstrates is that in the end, the American people have all the power in their country. If the productive people all refuse to use the dollar, then an illegitimate Congress and spineless Senate have no options. America runs on the consent of the governed. Image
"Consent" means, "willing to pay for it". If no one is willing to pay for Socialism, Socialism can't establish itself. In the end, it is money that kills Socialism. The productive minority that creates everything, including all jobs and innovations, must volunteer to prop it up. Image
Without the entrepreneurs at every scale, a country cannot survive. Countries need the market to run; the Socialists can squeeze, but not too much. What America's New Socialists are proposing is USSR level pressure on the market. California is a signal of what happens next. Image
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6 Jan
Wait a minute. Reuters (and many other MSM Fake News Liars) is now saying Bitcoin is legitimate, but previously said it it was for "ideologues" and "scammers". What changed? Bitcoin has remained exactly the same, so why are they now not calling Bitcoin a tool for criminals? ImageImage
Now all of a sudden, Bitcoin's attributes are all positive and legitimate. It is "an investment", a "hedge against inflation" and "an alternative to the dollar". Why is it all of these things now, but not in the past? It makes no sense whatsoever.
Obviously the earlier you "invest" in Bitcoin the better the returns would have been. If you had listened to Reuters in 2013, you have missed one of the greatest investments in the history of the world. Why are they all of a sudden "getting it"? Where are the negativity and lies?
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20 Aug 20
Harris is right. America is at an inflection point. It either turns away from lying as the fundamental element of policy to the truth, or it doesn't and returns to business as usual; profligacy, mass murder, lying, bitterness, subsumption into the global government and Socialism.
Barack Hussein Obama represents the pinnacle of the worst characteristics of 20th century America. A liar, a murderer, a traitor, and head of an administration that increased the US debt more than any previous president, entangled the US in foreign treaties and, “Obamacare”.
Trump isn't perfect. He doesn't have to be. All that he is required to be is better than the other choice. And he's different because he's much better than the normal “other choice” and he's proved it. The deregulation alone would be sufficient cause to elect him again.
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13 Aug 20
All of a sudden, very pedestrian thinking Wall Street types are suddenly endorsing Bitcoin. Why? Why now? What has changed between now and, say, five years ago? Bitcoin hasn't what has changed? They've been convinced by something. What is that thing? What did it?
None of these people are from the Austrian School (they hate Bitcoin in any case…) none of them can programme. What EXACTLY has flipped them and caused them to accept Bitcoin as a group? It's insanely interesting; like an itch you can't scratch!
One thing is for sure; these people STILL don't understand. They're fully immersed in their cloister, and have no real exposure to the ideas behind BTC. It doesn't matter. As BTC spreads globally through the efforts of people at the coal face, the feedback loop will continue.
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13 Jul 20
The self righteous and fantastically rich people in the west who have the power to solve these problems many times over are not at all concerned with the plight of other people, and are satisfied with pontificating and endlessly describing the same problem over and over. PATHETIC
Thankfully because Bitcoin is software and software can't care about who writes it, the problems of fiat will be solved by people who can describe a problem, think, and who aren't Virtue Signalling, playacting cowards. This work is happening without their permission or knowledge.
Buying Bitcoin to make payments is going to be the number one use case on Earth. It's going to be done with Pine wallet, Blue Wallet and Azteco as the means of getting Bitcoin. I'm not speculating by the way. Mr. Jabesi is 100% correct. He can see this thanks to his perspective.
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6 Jun 20
These sorts of reaction show the police actually believe they're above the law, even in the face of a sickening assault like this. For every one that resigned, there are thousands that can't because they need a salary. These people are in a cult like gang, and not a service.
They've all been seduced by and swept up into a cult mindset where they're above the public, and even senile septuagenarians are "the enemy" to be pushed back, clubbed down and harmed. The only way to solve this is to break up the cult forever, and give them new jobs.
The militarised, cult-like police should be entirely replaced by private security where the employees are ordinary citizens operating inside the law and not exempt from it. "But who will police the private security?" This is a very stupid question. WHO IS POLICING THE POLICE NOW?
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12 Mar 20
Governments around the world are unleashing a tsunami of stimulus in the form of fiat. That means there will be more fiat chasing the same amount of Bitcoin, the number of which cannot be increase except by the design of the programme. If you're selling Bitcoin now you're insane.
Selling Bitcoin because of Chinese Flue is litterally madness. What you're saying is that the Chinese Flue will never go away, the economy can never recover and it's all over. That's irrational. That's stupid. That's nuts. You don't know your history, are hysterical, and DUMB.
The Spanish Flu pandemic of 1919 killed many people. How pandemics work is well understood, and recovery always happens when the disease runs its course. These are statements of fact. Nothing has changed between 1919 and 2020, save that prophylaxis is much better. Image
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