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22 Feb
Per source, Young Pharaoh is being removed from program at CPAC and will no longer be speaking there
Worth noting Young Pharaoh was scheduled to appear in a late Sunday afternoon time slot that was traditionally very sleepy but now was scheduled for only an hour before Trump's appearance
He is now not on the agenda
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2 Sep 20
Two Kanye West electors have officially filed suit in Virginia to remove the rapper from the ballot claiming their oaths were obtained under false pretenses. Among the lawyers listed on their brief representing them is @marceelias from Perkins Coie
@marceelias The suit claims that at least 11 of West's 13 elector oaths are invalid.
Another issue cited in the lawsuit is that the notary for eight of the elector oaths was also listed as an elector as well
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10 Aug 20
Kanye West's presidential campaign has filed a response to the challenges to its signatures in Wisconsin…
The legal brief contains a verifiably false claim that West has campaigned in multiple states
Most of the statements from those who gathered signatures are notarized in Montana which has an August 14 filing deadline. I reported last week that the state was the next target of Kanye West's efforts to get on the ballot
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5 Aug 20
Lane Ruhland, the Wisconsin lawyer who dropped off Kanye West's presidential filing at the Wisconsin Board of Elections represented Donald Trump's presidential campaign exactly one week before in federal court
.@cam_joseph has been owning this mini beat of the Kanye beat as well and first reported her identity…
@cam_joseph Ruhland signed on to a motion filed in Donald J Trump for President v. Northland Television LLC where the campaign is suing a Wisconsin TV station for airing a TV ad for Priorities USA
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