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The Official Twitter Account for Bernard B. Kerik, 40th Police Commissioner of the New York City Police Department, and NY Times bestselling author.
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8 Jul
#BlackLivesMatter fundraising handled by group with convicted terrorist on its board... ⁦@nflcommish⁩ ⁦@NFL@FORD@Delta⁩ are all contributing to this radical Marxist terrorist group Dead set on overthrowing the US government.…
#BlackLivesMatter Susan Rosenberg today, and Susan Rosenberg, me and US Marshal’s in 1985 Leaving the Newark Federal Courthouse after her #terrorism conviction. @Ford @nflcommish @NFL @Delta
How does the @NFL @nflcommish @Delta @Ford and other US firms support a radical militant revolutionary group like #BlackLivesMatter, that’s founded and run by admitted Marxists, and uses convicted terrorists as fundraisers?
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29 May
For once and for all, there needs to be a federal investigation into these paid left wing radical groups like Antifa, Black Lives Matter and others that are responsible for extreme violence against innocent civilians, looting and arson, through command and control.
They have military grade communication systems. Who is funding them? Who pays for their bail and fines when arrested? Who transports them? Who else are they communicating with around the country? Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Houston, New York city, and more. Who is responsible?
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16 Mar
The response and rescue for the attacks on 9/11, Anthrax - 30 days later, and the crash of American Airlines Flight 587 killing 260 - 30 days later... I have handled a few crises in my career. Today's cowardice and indecisiveness in governors and mayors is frightening!
Where is the unity, calming of fears, leadership, and the message that we as a country are going to get through this? President @realDonaldTrump is the only leader in the whole damned country! The rest are instilling fear, and are going to push 30% of the country into poverty!
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23 Nov 19
There is only one remedy for the arrogance and insubordination by the @SECNAV, and that is to be removed for cause. Not only did he defy the order of President @realDonaldTrump, but he allowed the WAR COM admirals to unethically and illegally target Chief Gallagher.
Why weren’t the other 10 SEALS in the photo charged with a crime? Why hasn’t the prosecutors that illegally eavesdropped on Gallagher’s defense team, been charged with a crime? Why hasn’t the subcommanders been charged with undue command influence?
Why hasn’t the @RealNCIS agents been brought up on charges for misconduct and incompetence? The @USNavy judge determined that Chief Gallagher‘s fourth, fifth, and sixth amendment rights were violated… At what point is there accountability by the @SECNAV?
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17 Nov 19
You and your administration set free a traitor, a terrorist, and a member of the military that stole and leaked classified information. You allowed a US ambassador and three Americans to be slaughtered in Benghazi, and sold arms to Mexico, later used to kill a federal agent.
Your comments concerning President @realDonaldTrump’s pardons demonstrates either your ignorance, or just plain stupidity. Prosecutors in the Gallagher case were found by a US Navy judge to have engaged in unethical and criminal conduct. Witnesses lied!
Gallaghers only conviction was taking a photo with the dead terrorist, as did 10 of his teammates including his supervisor yet none of them were charged! He was imprisoned double what the punishment called for...
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