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17 Jan
El Paso Times becomes 3rd major Texas paper to call for Cruz to resign. His actions contributed to “a violent uprising against the U.S. government... We call on law enforcement officials to thoroughly explore Cruz's role in inciting the insurrection.”…
The El Paso Times demands that “Congress police its own and vote to expel Cruz.” If your Senator has not yet committed to voting to expel Hawley and Cruz, you can reach them through the Capitol switchboard: 202-224-3121.
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13 Jan
I cannot recommend this article enough, especially to members of Congress on this important day. 1/9
“An elected institution that opposes elections is inviting its own overthrow. Members of Congress who sustained the president’s lie... betrayed their constitutional mission. Making his fictions the basis of congressional action gave them flesh.” 2/9
“Post-truth is pre-fascism, and Trump has been our post-truth president... When political leaders such as Ted Cruz or Jim Jordan spoke like this, what they meant was: You believe my lies, which compels me to repeat them.” 3/9
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12 Jan
We’ve borne the brunt of your cruelty & understand the cost & consequence of your administration better than most. 23 murdered in an El Paso Walmart by a gunman incited by your comparison of immigrants to “animals,” to an “invasion,” to an “infestation.”…
Children ripped from the arms of their mothers; kept in cages; 6 dying in our country’s custody; hundreds still separated from their parents years later.
So many dying of Covid due to your failure to respond to this crisis that border communities like El Paso have set up multiple mobile morgues and called in the National Guard to help move the dead.
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30 Aug 20
I’ve known Joe Kennedy as a friend, as a colleague in Congress and as a champion for the values we’re most proud of as Democrats. But it’s the times I’ve seen him in Texas that have made the biggest impression on me, and why I proudly endorse him for U.S. Senate. 1/5
One of the first times I saw Joe in Texas was after Hurricane Harvey hit Houston & surrounding areas. Some had lost their homes, others had lost everything, and they needed help. Joe was on the ground working w/ local leaders to connect them with federal and state services. 2/5
He later came back down to help us campaign against Ted Cruz. The conventional wisdom said we had no shot. But he believed in our grassroots campaign & lent a hand at a time that we really needed it. I saw him do that for countless Congressional candidates across the country. 3/5
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13 Aug 20
Three years after Hurricane Harvey, it’s past time Texas elects leaders who will take climate change seriously - and create good-paying jobs while doing it. Luckily, 10 of the worst climate voters in the Texas House are running in flippable districts. (Thread)
Climate offender no. 1️⃣: Matt Shaheen (HD 66, Collin County). While in office, Matt has placed clean energy job growth on the back burner. Instead of focusing on jobs, he’s made it much harder for local communities to take on illegal polluters.
We can flip this seat. Challenger @Sharon4TX wants to diversify the renewable energy mix in TX. HD-66 already has 1000+ clean energy jobs -- let’s elect a leader that will keep that number growing. Help elect Sharon:…
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16 Jul 20
Thanks to all of the amazing people stepping up to volunteer, we will expand our voter registration & contact efforts statewide. Working w candidates, @texasdemocrats & @TexasHDCC we will contact every Democrat in every county of Texas ahead of November.…
This means Democratic candidates running at every level will be armed with a list of confirmed voters & their phone numbers in every single district in Texas, including tens of thousands of new voters we’re adding to the rolls during the most important election of our lifetimes.
At a time when our candidates are unable to knock on doors, hold rallies & town hall meetings & are totally dependent on phone-to-phone field work, they will have the benefit of millions of voter contact phone calls made on their behalf by thousands of PxP volunteers.
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10 Jul 20
Texans are dying because Abbott listens to pollsters instead of doctors. If he’d done the right thing from the start, we’d probably be re-opening by now. But he didn’t, and so instead we’re seeing record cases, deaths and hospitalizations throughout Texas.…
“[The] choice, to embrace partisan politics & a fringe populist backlash over common sense & sound medical advice from his own advisers, condemned the Lone Star State to the circumstances we face today: Hospitals near the breaking point. Nearly 3,000 Texans dead — and counting.”
“This isn’t the same as ... clownishly calling the Texas State Guard to monitor a federal military exercise because some right-wing conspiracy theorists on the internet were convinced Jade Helm 15 sounded like a government plot to take their guns.”
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29 May 20
To put the Texas Supreme Court’s craven, chickenshit ruling on mail-in ballots from this week in perspective — it helps to understand some of the history of voter suppression in Texas. (They’ll tell you it’s about voter fraud, but I think we all know what’s happening.) ...thread
Those in power in Texas have ALWAYS tried to keep blacks and Latinos from voting. 1902 poll tax requirement in order to vote in Texas “to prevent voter fraud” but the intended goal was to keep blacks, Latinos and poor whites from voting, and it worked.…
In 1918, Texas targets immigrants through legislation that bans interpreters at the polls and forbids naturalized citizens from receiving assistance from election judges unless they have been citizens for 21 years. (“To prevent voter fraud.”)
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20 May 20
Under the cover of the chaos it has created, the Trump administration is rushing vulnerable kids back to the places where they were raped, beaten or saw their parents killed. This is against the law.…
“At least two children deported in recent weeks have been tracked down by international refugee agencies after U.S. counterparts asked them for help because the minors face such danger, including a 16-year-old Honduran girl who had been raped back home.”
In another case Trump’s ICE is trying to deport girls who are only 8 and 11 — despite the fact that they have a parent in the U.S. ready to receive them, and no one in their home country to care for them.
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21 Apr 20
An attempt to distract us from his total mismanagement (43,000 of our fellow Americans have died so far - 20,000 more than next closest country AND we’ve tested little more than 1% of U.S.). But will still have terrible consequences for America. We should take it seriously.
So many of the doctors, nurses and cleaning staff in the hospitals that are literally saving this country — despite how badly bungled the President’s leadership has been — are immigrants. They came to this country for a better life and to make us a better America. And they have.
Who the fuck do you think is working on the farms and feed lots, in the packing houses and processing plants at a time where we are struggling to feed ourselves? Who is in the kitchen? Who is picking, preparing, serving the food we eat and cleaning up afterwards?
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17 Apr 20
Republicans will turn a blind eye & too many in the press will focus on “tone.” But history books will say: In April of 2020, when the pandemic had already claimed 35,000 lives, the President of the United States incited people to storm their statehouses with AR-15s and AK-47s.
History books will connect the dots, pointing out that this happened less than 9 months after a man inspired by Trump to repel an “invasion” and “infestation” of immigrants killed 22 people in a Walmart in El Paso with an AK-47
They’ll point to the growing trend of armed white men “protesting” with military weapons and battle gear at town hall meetings, state legislatures, state capitals, in an effort to intimidate lawmakers and subvert our democratic institutions and the will of the electorate.
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4 Feb 20
This is the most moving description of what is at stake for this country in the impeachment trial of the President and the most compelling argument for the President’s conviction and removal from office. It’s 26 minutes and worth every second.
“I put my faith in the optimism of the founders. You should too. They gave us the tools to do the job, a remedy as powerful as the evil it was meant to constrain: impeachment. They meant it to be used rarely, but they put it in the constitution for a reason.”
“For a man who would sell out his country for a political favor. For a man who would threaten the integrity of our elections. For a man who would invite foreign interference in our affairs. For a man who would undermine our national security and that of our allies...”
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27 Jan 20
What do you call someone who uses fear and terror, who publicly threatens opponents with violence, in order to increase his power and escape responsibility?
‘Trump... told a private group at a hotel Thursday morning that the people who gave information to the whistleblower were "close to a spy," and said the U.S. should "handle" them like it did "in the old days" — a veiled reference to execution.’ 9/26/19 (NBC News)
Three months before a man opened fire in a white nationalist rage against immigrants - killing 22 people in El Paso - Trump asked a MAGA rally how he could stop the “invasion” of immigrants. When someone yelled back “shoot them!” he laughed and smirked.
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1 Nov 19
Our campaign has always been about seeing clearly, speaking honestly, and acting decisively.

In that spirit: I am announcing that my service to the country will not be as a candidate or as the nominee.…
I am grateful to all the people who made up the heart and soul of this campaign. You were among the hundreds of thousands who made a donation, signed up to volunteer or spread the word about this campaign and our opportunity to help decide the election of our lifetime.
Let us continue to fearlessly champion the issues and causes that brought us together. Whether it is ending the epidemic of gun violence or dismantling structural racism or successfully confronting climate change, we will continue to organize and mobilize and act.
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27 Aug 19
Every year, nearly 40,000 human beings lose their lives to gun violence. That number is so incomprehensibly large—so tragic—we lose sight of the individual lives lost. So tonight, I want to focus on one city, where an 8 year-old and a 15 year-old were shot dead this weekend.
Since April, at least 12 kids in St. Louis have lost their lives to guns. Kayden. Kennedi. Xavier. Jurnee. Eddie. Charnija. Derrel. Sentonio. Myiesha. Jashon. Kristina. Jason. Here's a bit about who they were.
Kayden Johnson, 2 years-old. Think about that. 2 years-old.

“He was uplifting,” Kayden’s father said. “He was always smiling.”
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16 Aug 19
On August 3rd, my hometown of El Paso, one of the safest cities in America, fell victim to one of the deadliest mass shootings in our country’s history—the result of guns and of hatred fueled by online radicalization, propaganda outlets like Fox News, and a racist president.
Today, we are releasing our plan to prevent atrocities like these from happening again—a plan which would not only reduce gun violence, but also combat the spread of hate and white nationalism taking place through online radicalization.
We have, by far, the most ambitious plan to end the epidemic of gun violence in this race. In addition to requiring universal background checks and banning assault weapons, we would also create a nationwide gun licensing program—and enact a mandatory buyback of assault weapons.
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6 Aug 19
22 in El Paso this week. Nearly 40,000 in our country each year. The numbers are heartbreaking, but they don't capture the tragedy of each & every one of those deaths. That’s why I am sharing the stories of all those who lost their lives in El Paso this weekend.
Jordan Anchondo. 24 years-old. She went to Walmart to buy school supplies—and decorations for her daughter’s 6th birthday party. When the gunman entered, she shielded her 2-month-old son. Jordan didn’t make it, but her son did.
Andre Anchondo. Jordan’s husband. 23 years-old. They married last year. He’d just finished building their family a home. Saturday was going to be the first time family & friends would see it. But he, too, was killed—while shielding his wife, who was shielding their son.
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24 Jul 19
For the sake of our economy, democracy, and future, we need to ensure every student—no matter who they are, what they look like, or where they live—has access to a quality education. Here’s my plan to do it:
At a time when too many educators are working a second or third job just to make ends meet, our plan will ensure they're finally paid a professional wage across the country. And we're going to immediately forgive their outstanding student loan debt. Tax-free.
As president, I will also fully fund the IDEA, devote $100 billion to addressing physical and digital infrastructure in schools, and take specific steps to address structural inequities in our education system.
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22 Jul 19
On this day 75 years ago, Dr. Lawrence Nixon walked into El Paso's Fire Station No. 5—two decades after first being turned away from the very same polling place—and cast his vote, ending the all-white primary and changing the history of voting rights. I want to share his story:
Born in Marshall, TX in 1884, Nixon attended Wiley College and then received his M.D. in 1906 from Meharry Medical College in Nashville. He began practicing in Cameron before 500 members of the community stormed the jail and lynched an African American man named Alex Johnson.
Concerned by Johnson’s public murder and the number of lynchings occurring across central and east Texas, and perhaps fearing for his own life, Nixon moved west to El Paso, where he became involved with civil rights work and established a successful medical practice.
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13 Jul 19
We need everyone to spread the word. Tomorrow, #ICERaids will begin—with the goal of deporting and terrorizing immigrants across our country. If YOU need help during these raids, this thread tells you who to call in YOUR city. (h/t @AILANational)
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30 Jun 19
I walked across the Paso del Norte bridge and into Mexico this morning to meet with kids and families who came to our country seeking asylum but who have been turned back by this administration's unlawful and inhumane policies.

This is who we are keeping out:
I spoke with a mom who faced violence, kidnapping, and threats to her 10-year-old's life in Honduras. They traveled atop, not inside of, a train known as La Bestia and fell off on the journey. They've been in Juárez 4 months and don't have their U.S. court appointment until Sept.
She had a business in Honduras, a home, and a school her daughter liked. She didn't want to leave -- she had to. She made the decision that I would make it if I were in the same situation with Molly, to come here and seek safety. I think it's what any parent would do.
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